NASA: No Name Of “Jesus” In JSC Newsletter.

NASA-Grid-ROHHere we go again.

NASA’s Johnson Space Center has an employee newsletter named “JSC Today” that is distributed electronically to employees. The newsletter has events at JSC, what is happening in other NASA locations, updates on NASA programs and projects, etc. It also allows for clubs sponsored by and for JSC employees to advertise their clubs, meeting times, etc.

Since its founding in 2001, a club called the “JSC Praise & Worship Club” has been meeting on employees’ own time during lunch to pray and sing Christian praise and worship songs. The club, like many others, ran announcements in the “JSC Today” newsletter.

For example, the announcement from the May 28, 2015 edition of “JSC Today” read:

Join with the praise and worship band “Allied with the Lord” for a refreshing set of spring praise and worship songs on Thursday, June 4, from 11:15 a.m. to noon in Building 57, Room 106. (The theme for this session will be “Jesus is our life!”) Prayer partners will be available for anyone who has need. All JSC civil servants and contractors are welcome.

Following that edition, the club received a call from Rebekah D. Reed, an attorney from the NASA JSC’s legal office, saying the club could no longer use the name of “Jesus” in their announcements. The club could still say they were meeting, but any mention of the name “Jesus” would be censored and removed.

NASA’s concern is that by allowing the name in announcements, NASA would be appearing to endorse a specific religion. That makes no sense as NASA was allowing any club – including religious clubs – to announce their gatherings. The club offered to put a disclaimer on their announcements saying the club was not affiliated with NASA, the Johnson Space Center, or any government entity.

Not good enough. NASA said it would continue to censor “Jesus” in the announcements.

NASA’s position is baffling on many fronts.

The Supreme Court ruled in the case of Good News Club v. Milford Central School that a religious club had the right to meet after school and use school facilities just like every other club saying that no one would think the club was sponsored by the school and to deny the club the same facilities because of their religious beliefs was unConstitutional.

NASA’s position is even stranger when this is considered:

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It’s Easy To Hate This Florida Gator.

Hate-er-Gator-ROHThere are very people in the world that we hate. Hate is such a strong word and so we try to use is sparingly. In the case of University of Florida Professor Jennifer Lee, we don’t know if we hate her, but we certainly do loathe her.

What brought this contempt for Lee on?

According to the Daily Caller:

In the syllabus for her “Creativity In Context” class — a required course for any student pursuing a minor in Innovation — UF professor Jennifer Lee

informs students of her four paragraph long classroom “communications policy” that she says will enforce “ethical conduct” in the classroom.

“The following policies and guidelines will be followed in this course,” the policy begins, followed by a bullet point instructing students to “Use inclusive language.” The policy mandates that students “[s]peak in a way that does not make assumptions about others based on “norms”, stereotypes, or one’s own identity or experience.”

The syllabus explains that this means replacing the words “boyfriend”/”girlfriend” with the more inclusive “partner” or “significant other.” The rule applies to conversations about married couples too: saying “husband” or “wife” is forbidden. Even the words “mom” and “dad” have a more “inclusive” alternative — students are told to use the word ‘family” instead.

It gets worse:

Hillary On Wall Street.

Once again from the mind and pens of A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect.


The back story:

Hillary Clinton spent an hour talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and a handful of New Hampshire voters in a town hall on Wednesday night. For 59 minutes of it, she was excellent — empathetic, engaged and decidedly human. But, then there was that other minute — really just four words — that Clinton is likely to be haunted by for some time to come.

“That’s what they offered,” Clinton said in response to Cooper’s question about her decision to accept $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in the period between serving as secretary of state and her decision to formally enter the 2016 presidential race.

Danger Will Robinson!

Warning-Sign-ROH Yesterday we went to a store and procured an item. After bringing it back home, we noticed the warning label on the back:

To prevent serious injury: 1. Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and heavy-duty work gloves during use. 2. People with pacemakers should consult their physician(s) before use. Electromagnetic magnetic fields in close proximity to heart pacemaker could cause pacemaker interference or pacemaker failure. 3. Position batteries in proper polarity and do not install batteries of different types, charge levels or capacities together. 4. Inspect before every use; do not use if parts loose or damaged. 5. Use as intended only. 6. The brass components of this product contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. (California Health and Safety Code 25249.5)

What monstrous, evil, huge device could warrant these warnings?

Answer below the fold.

John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead To An Orwellian Nightmare .

John Cleese takes on political correctness.

The essence of comedy is being critical, says Cleese, and that means causing offense sometimes. But we shouldn’t protect everyone from experiencing negative emotions by enforcing political correctness, he says.

The transcript is below the fold.

Gun Carrying Student Escorted Out Of College Classroom.

Darton-College-Badge-Gun-ROHDarton State College in Georgia is apologizing for the actions of a teacher who had a student carrying a gun escorted from their classroom.

The instructor was “uncomfortable” with the gun in the classroom.

Darton State’s policy on weapons reads:

Students are prohibited from possession of firearms in or on college property except by law enforcement officers, judges and district attorneys. The possession or use of any other offensive weapons is prohibited.

So why is the school apologizing?

Because the student who was escorted from the classroom was a police officer in full uniform.

You can’t make this stuff up.

You would think that a teacher would want a law enforcement officer in their class in case something did happen, but the fear of a gun attached to the hip of a police officer overrode any logical thought process the teacher had – if they ever had a logical thought process to begin with.

The college issued a statement saying:

Palm Bay: Update.

Palm-Bay-Pothole-ROH-smallThe Palm Bay City Council got what we think they expected last night – a lot of people commenting on the so called “Human Rights Ordinance.”

The issue started around 8:05 PM and it started with a bang. Councilwoman Michele Paccione was the person putting the ordinance forth. She decided to change the ordinance and allow an exemption for churches and all schools. Because of the change, Mayor Capote said that the ordinance should have been workshopped before coming to the Council. It is a good point and a point that would be heard later. Paccione had arranged, with Mayor William Capote’s blessing, to have a the first speakers give a presentation on why the ordinance was needed and the legal issues behind it that was going to last 15 minutes, well over the 3 or 5 minutes other speakers were going to have. Deputy Mayor Jeff Bailey raised the point that by allowing some speakers more allotted time than others, the Council was effectively limiting the speech of some. Because Paccione had packed the front of the speakers with supporters while the people against the ordinance were not accorded the same opportunity, Bailey called for a vote on the time limits.

His motion to limit all people to 3 minutes was passed by the Council and immediately decried by Paccione who kept yelling “you don’t want to hear the truth!”

Interestingly, she kept yelling that while other Council members were trying to speak, thus depriving the of the same right to be heard that she was demanding.

With that, the public speakers took off.

The Return Of Racial Segregation.

UConn-Segregation-ROHWhat if we were to tell you that a state university was going to build a new dormitory that housed only white males.


We sure would be.

Judging and separating people by race in education is something that thankfully went out of fashion years ago. Segregation is wrong on so many levels it is difficult to list them all so we won’t.

But back to that dorm at a state university……

The University of Connecticut is building a new residence hall that will segregate black people away from the general student population.

The new, segregated, all-male residence hall at the taxpayer-funded, flagship state school will be called ScHOLA²RS House, reports Campus Reform.

The awkwardly long acronym ScHOLA²RS stands for “Scholistic [sic] House Of Leaders who are African Amercian [sic] Researchers and Scholars.” ScHOLA²RS House will be among seven distinct communities at UConn’s $79 million,

Why isn’t there outrage at the segregation of young black males?

How is this being received?

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