Candidate Forum Tonight.

After you get your pumpkin (see below) you might want to take the time tonight to stop and listen to the candidates who are running for office this November 4th.


It is always good to get answers from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) rather than relying on ads in support or against a candidate.

Hope to see you there.

Share the Hoecakes

Punkins’ From Heaven.

Pumpkins The folks at the Satellite Beach United Methodist Church are having their annual “Punpkin Patch” sale. The sales benefit the youth programs of the church.

They have pallets of pumpkins of small to large which will are great for carving as well as for making your grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe. Decorative gourds are available for given your home or table that fall feel and look.

What we like about this endeavor is that the kids for are out selling the pumpkins. This is not a handout. The kids are working for the sales and will not only help you with the sale, but will help you load that special pumpkin into your car.

Satellite Beach United Methodist Church is located at 450 Lee Avenue. A better landmark is that the church is directly across the street from Satellite High’s athletic stadium on Grant Avenue. The pumpkin patch is located on the western edge of the church property at the corner of Lee and Avocado or Grant and Avocado and is opne Sunday – Friday 12 PM – 7 PM and 10 AM – 7 PM on Saturday.

If you are looking for the Great Pumpkin, he might be hiding amongst the pumpkins at the Satellite Beach United Methodist Church.

More On Civil Forfeiture.

While funny at points, this is another discussion on the horrible practice of “civil forfeiture” where one (and one’s property) is considered guilty until proven innocent.

Did you know police can just take your stuff if they suspect it’s involved in a crime? They can!
It’s a shady process called “civil asset forfeiture,” and it would make for a weird episode of Law and Order.

More Stupidity From Educators.

Mobile-Schools-Crayons-ROHEach time we read something ridiculous happening in a public school, we keep thinking “it can’t get any worse than this.”

Each time we have been wrong and find that yes, the idiocy in some schools knows no bounds.

For our latest adventure, we head up to E.R. Dickson Elementary School in the Mobile County, Alabama School District where a five year old was forced to sign a “Mobile County Public Safety Contract” after a little girl drew what appeared to be a gun in class and then pointed a crayon at a classmate and said “pew pew.”

5-year-old Elizabeth was sent home after school officials made her take a questionnaire to evaluating her for suicidal thoughts, then had her sign the safety contract promising to contact an adult if she was thinking of suicide or homicide. This all happened while her mom waited in the lobby to pick her up, the upset parent told WPMI.

According to her mom, Elizabeth didn’t know most of the words on the contract she signed. “Suicide,” in particular, was a new one for her.

“Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” Elizabeth’s mother [Rebecca] says she asked.

It gets worse.

My child interrupted us and said, ‘What is suicide mommy? Daddy what is suicide?” said Rebecca. “As a parent that’s not right. I’m the one should be able to talk to my child and not have someone else mention words like this in front of her at all.”

Rebecca is pushing to have the incident removed from her child’s record. She said school officials have requested Elizabeth see a psychiatrist.

She believes that is unnecessary.

For their part, the school district said they would look into the incident and the policy.

Trust And The School Tax.

Brevard-Public-Schools-Chalkboard-ROHOne of the more contentious and discussed items for the upcoming election is the vote by Brevard County voters on increasing the sales tax by 1/2 a percent. The additional money would go to schools and be applied to various projects.

Here is the text of the referendum:


One-Half Cent Sales Surtax for Critical School Facilities Renewal, School Security and Technology Upgrades.

Would you support the School Board levying a one-half cent surtax on sales in Brevard County beginning 1/1/15, for a period of six years, to be used exclusively for critical school facility renewal projects, school security and technology upgrades? A needs based prioritized list of projects has been published and expenditures will be monitored by an independent citizen oversight committee.

In a faery tale world where everything was perfect and people could be trusted, this would be a no brainer. Who doesn’t want the schools to be the best they can be? Who doesn’t want kids to be taught in schools that are well maintained? Who doesn’t want to believe that the money raised from this tax increase will be used to prevent and solve issues?

In that perfect world, everyone would stand, shout and agree “it’s for the kids.”

But this is not a perfect world and there are many questions to be raised about this sales tax increase.


The Chemistry Of Pizza.

Whether it’s a plain cheese, a deep-dish stacked with meats or a thin-crust veggie delight, there’s just something about pizza that makes it delicious. There’s a lot of chemistry that goes into everything from dough to sauce to toppings to, of course, cheese. There’s also a very specific chemical reaction at work on every single slice, no matter what toppings you choose.

It’s called the Maillard Reaction, and it’s what causes the browning of the dough and toppings, as well as the release of some delicious compounds.

Fanning Debate Flames.

You may have seen that Florida was in the news for a debate between Governor Rick Scott and Governor Charlie Crist being delayed because over a fan.

CSpan has a video on what happened:

CNN described the issue as this:

Washington (CNN) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to go onstage for the first seven minutes of a debate Wednesday night, because his opponent had a fan.

No, not a rowdy supporter in the audience. An actual electric fan.

Scott’s Democratic challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, had set up a small fan underneath his podium, apparently trying to keep himself from sweating under the Broward College stage’s lights. Scott saw the fan, a prop that often accompanies Crist at public appearances, as a violation of the debate’s rules and said he wouldn’t participate.

There was a great deal of confusion on this but the organizers of the debate, Leadership Florida, has issued press release clarifying what happened.

Irony Alert!

hillaryclinton-cropped-ROHSome things you cannot make up.

Hillary Clinton appeared at a fundraiser for the University of Nevada Las Vegas Foundation in which she decried the costs of a college education and said that the government should increase support for students wishing to attend college.

Higher education shouldn’t be a privilege for those able to afford it,” Clinton told a crowd of approximately 900 people. “It should be an opportunity widely available for anybody with the talent, determination and ambition.”

The former secretary of State said that many students are affected by student loan debt “that can feel like an anchor dragging them down,” and praised President Obama for increasing federal Pell grants by $1,000.

For her speech, Clinton was paid $225,000.

So the woman who was talking about the high costs of college was paid an huge sum of money to speak on the subject.


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