Jerrold Nadler: Elected Idiot.

Jerrold_Nadler The picture to the left is of Representative Jerrold Nadler. He currently represents the 10th District of the State of New York and is a Democrat.

Nadler is allegedly an attorney and has been an elected official in some capacity at either the state or federal level since 1977.

He is also an idiot.

While taking part in a House Judiciary Committee on the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, Nadler (the idiot) made this statement:

“The Constitution was enacted to strengthen government power to enable central government to lay taxes and to function effectively. We put limits on that through the Bill of Rights, but the Constitution was enacted for the opposite purpose,” said Nadler.

He said that after former assistant U.S. attorney and self described conservative

constitutionalist Andrew McCarthy argued during his testimony that the “principal purpose of the Constitution is to limit the power of government to intrude on the liberties and suppress the rights of the American people.” Nadler said he wanted to make that “historical correction” because he hears people saying the contrary and “it really bothers me.”

While it can be said with all certainty that the Articles of Confederation were too limited in scope to be effective to run a nation, the Constitution was still founded on the principles state in the Declaration of Independence:

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BREAKING: Netterstom To Run For Clerk Of Court.

From the Florida Today:

Former Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom on Thursday became the fourth candidate for Brevard County clerk of courts.

He will be listed on the ballot as running with “no party affiliation.”

Didn’t see that one coming. After all, when Netterstrom resigned from his position as Mayor of Cocoa Beach, he wrote:

All good things must end and unfortunately that time has come. I must stop playing and get back to work. At the end of the year, I will resign my position as Mayor (a job highly

recommend) so I can clear my mind and focus on new opportunities. As many of you are aware, I’ve been purchasing distressed properties and flipping them to new owners. As the economy gets better, my business model is changing (bad for me, great for everyone else) and 2016 will be an exciting transition time for me.

I hope you forgive me for leaving a little early but I have been your elected official for 5 years and we have accomplished a lot together. The Glass bank, New Fire Station, SNAP permits, marketing/branding, customer friendly City Hall, New events like Surfing Santa and Power Boats, Pro business atmosphere that encourages new business and re-investment in Cocoa Beach, Kept full services with low taxes, Remodeled water plant and other projects to protect the Lagoon, Kept our kids in local schools, invited visitors from other planets, brought Jeannie back to the beach (Oct 25th) and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes us proud to live in Cocoa Beach (I still think we need a Ferris Wheel).

Cocoa Beach: Height Meeting.

We got this flyer from one of our scouts the other day and while we were going to wait a little bit to post it, real life has intervened a bit to where this is as good of a time as any.


There is a very good possibility that this meeting will be AFTER the first reading of an ordinance granting the condos to not only blow through the 45 height limit, but would effectively make it so the 70 foot hard cap would be gone as well.

The Millennial Song.

You need a laugh today.

Happy Hump Day!




Media Muslim bias would have us believe Christians and guns are the problem above radical Islam when it comes to terrorism.

Anther spot on commentary by AF Branco at Comically Incorrect.

You Can’t Fix Stupid – Especially Stupid Criminals.


Hazelwood, Missouri is a town of about 25,000 people and is just outside St. Louis.

It is also the place where one of the most stupid and more memorable crimes took place last week.

Our intrepid criminal was putting out fliers in the area advertising his home cleaning company.

He got to one home and when the home owner opened the door, he forced his way into the home and attacked her. The woman was able to beat off the attack by using a butcher knife and caused the miscreant to flee.

That woman was understandable upset and called the police.

A less than an hours time, the criminal was arrested and locked up. He was booked on charges of felony burglary and assault.

If you are wondering how the criminal was caught so fast, it wasn’t because the police had a great description, or knew which way he headed after attacking the woman. No one had a license plate number to look for.

Are You More Forgetful Than A Fish?

Wait…. what was the question?

How smart can fish actually be?

Cocoa Beach: Ordinance 1598 And Why We Ventured Out Into the Rainy Night.


“They’re at it again.”

That’s the message a staff member sent us. The “they” is a city government (in this particular case, Cocoa Beach.) The “it” is passing an ordinance that denies rights to people, cannot stand up to a legal test, and would force someone to pay to challenge it. Challenging it would mean that the government would have to defend a case they cannot win. The person bringing about the challenge would then turn around and sue the government, incurring more costs and a judgement and award of costs to challenging party. Lots of time, lots of money and an outcome that is sure to go against the government.

The ordinance in question is Ordinance 1598. It is an ordinance to “protect” the use of the City seals and logos. You can read “protect” to mean “restrict and control” because that’s what the ordinance would do.

As June 16, 2016 was the second reading, we went back and watched the video of the Commission meeting where the ordinance was first proposed on June 2, 2016.

The person proposing this to the City Commission was Marketing Director Melissa Byron.

Here are her comments from that night:

“When we worked on our branding and marketing of our logo, I also opened up a dialogue with our Marsh our attorney about how do we trademark, how do we copyright, do we have that done and Marsha did some research and came back and said we do not have it trademarked and in order to trademark it would be really expensive. I mean, we are talking about $50, $60, $75,000 dollars to trademark our seal which we already thought was protected and all the logos that are attached to your agenda.

Well,the Florida legislature was aware of this awhile ago and they passed a statute in section 165.043 which grants the governing body, you all, the authority to designate an official municipal seal and other logos and the discretion to allow the use of such seals and logos for other official business. So what we are doing is by statute, we – you are allowed to protect our logos and our seal and that is what I am coming before you to ask for you to approve and adopt this ordinance so we won’t have to spend the money to go through the trademark process because we don’t want it to be abused.” (emphasis ours)

We aren’t sure where Attorney Marsha Segal-George got the figure of “$50, $60, $75,000 dollars,” because federal law prohibits the registering as trademarks logos and seals from states, counties, cities and municipalities:

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