Marc Randazza Talks With InfoWars. Wait. WHAT?

We were reading the blog Popehat and came upon a post by one of our favorite lawyers Marc Randazza.

Randazza, you may remember, wrote the brilliant brief in defense of language and speech in a case of copyright infringement launched by Paramount. There are not many people who would have the audacity and the genius to use the issue being argued against the people seeking to silence other, and Randazza pulled it off. His brief is the stuff of legends now.

Randazza is more than a Klingon speaking lawyer. He is a firm believer in the First Amendment and free speech. He and Paul Alan Levy are two people who, when we see their name, we make sure to read what they are saying.

Like many people on Popehat, we were shocked when we saw that Randazza had taken the time to be interviewed by


To say the least we, like many people, think the site is run by a crackpot who has made a living off of conspiracy theories and preying on people’s fears.

To put it bluntly, we aren’t fans.

So what in the aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks was Randazza doing on that site?

He was invited and accepted the invitation. That’s what.

This is how Randazza characterized the interview:

We Can’t Stop Laughing.

From the Florida Today:

Rally against political corruption is Saturday in Viera

The local anti-corruption organization Represent the Space Coast is holding a rally Saturday in Viera to push for political reforms it says are designed to cut down on corruption in Florida.


Speakers at the rally represent a wide political spectrum, including Brevard County Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis, Brevard County Democratic Party Chair Stacey Patel, Satellite Beach City Manager Courtney Barker and college adjunct professor Steve Edmonds.

Having Barker giving a speech on corruption is akin to having a cannibal given a talk at a conference for vegans.

It just doesn’t work.


More Educational Stupidity. Silver Cross Is “Disrespectful.”

(courtesy Liberty Council)

This is a case which is more of a “two-fer” – a activist teacher who is a bully and a school and school district that are completely, totally and utterly ignorant or stupid and most likely both.

The story begins with a student attending Riverview High School in Hillsborough County, FL, made an “egregious” error in a math class taught by one Lora Jane Riedas:

One of our student clients reports that she had just sat down in class, and placed her books on her desk, when Ms. Riedas approached her. Referencing the tiny cross necklace which was around the student’s neck, Ms. Riedas said, “I need you to take your necklace off.” Our client asked “Why?” and Ms. Riedas refused to explain, stating “That’s disrespectful; you have to take it off.”

The cross in question is shown above and measures less than an inch.

The student acquiesced to the Riedas’ ridiculous and unConstitional demand, but when she told her parents, they investigated and found other children who had been subjected Riedes’ bullying by being told to remove religious jewelry. The parents did the smart thing and reached out to the Liberty Counsel for legal representation.

Liberty Counsel took the case and sent a demand letter (seen below) to the Hillsborough School Superintendent, one Jeff Eakins. The letter states the reason the teacher has banned the wearing of religious jewelry:

Ms. Riedas has prohibited at least three children from wearing Christian cross necklaces in her classroom, claiming on occasion that they are “gang symbols.”

This is the type of thinking and reasoning that a teacher has in a high school?

“Gang symbols?”

Of course, the question would be “if they are ‘gang symbols,’ to what ‘gang’ the symbols belong?”

The Supreme Court case in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District is quite clear on this issue:

It’s Never Enough.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.
Taxman, The Beatles< .

The State of Illinois is in the midst of a budgetary crisis with a 2016 budget deficit of over $5.3 billion. That number doesn’t include the $11 billion in bills for goods and services that the State has not paid for over 60 days which obviously causes issues for vendors, credit ratings, etc.

For the last two years the Democratically controlled legislature and Republican Governor Bruce Rauner have failed to pass a budget aggravating the problem even more as the State can’t make long term investments and instead must pass spending resolutions to plug holes.

The Democrats have said the only way out of the crisis is to tax. Rauner is open to some new taxes but also wants cuts in spending – something the Democrats are not willing to do as they would have to cut the pensions contributions for public workers. They say that would “harm middle class families and the working class.”

Actually, all it does is protect the unions voting for Democrats. A tax increase is still going to be passed down to the people no matter what.

For example, this year Chicago raised their taxes:

Diversity In Thought Not Allowed Among Democrats.

diversity noun us ​ /dɪˈvɜr·sɪ·t̬i,

the condition or fact of being different or varied; variety:
genetic/biological diversity
a wide diversity of opinion/ideas

For years the cry of the Democrats has been “diversity.” Whether it be diversity in sexual orientation, race, gender or whatever, Democrats have screamed that “diversity” is not only a good thing, but necessary. To further that end, Democrats have pushed forth agendas demanding groups – even private groups – become more “diverse.”

In many ways, we think that is a good thing. We don’t believe in trying to accomplish the goal of “diversity” by forcing people onto others but would rather people become more accepting of diverse people. We also believe that there are times when diversity is not appropriate.

For example, we don’t believe in diversity in showers and bathrooms. We also think that there are times when men and women meeting separately is a good thing. One example would be men’s Bible studies / fellowships where men are free to talk to and get advice from other men. The same applies to women’s Bible studies as well.

We Don’t Mean To Laugh. Well, Yes We Do.

A Monday funny song.

C’mon. That was funny!

Because The VA And The Justice Department Have Nothing Better To Do.

Flags in VA fence.

We have written many times about the dysfunctional Veterans Administration which has problems with bad employees, bad management, lack of accountability, and even abuse of the very men and women they are charged to serve, America’s veterans.

The Justice Department often seems just as bad, choosing not to prosecute certain lawbreakers while going after those that at best, have broken minor offenses.

With all those issues – the VA being an enclave and poster child for incompetence and the Justice Department acting like a political advocate rather than seeking justice – we are still stunned at the depth of the stupidity in the VA and Justice Department going after elderly Army veteran Robert Rosebrock.

Rosebrock and his friends have for years gathered weekly at the Great Lawn Gate entrance to Veterans Park in Los Angeles. They gathered to protest in their own way the treatment of vets and homeless vets by the VA. One of Rosebrock’s complaints is that the VA complex in question has a large green area where homeless vets could potentially camp and get off the streets where they were in danger. The VA is not allowing them to camp on the grounds.

In 2010, Rosebrock was arrested for the “crime” of hanging an American flag with the union (the blue field and stars) facing down. Displaying the flag that way is considered a distress symbol and Rosebrock was trying to make the statement that the veterans were in distress because of the VA.

However, there is a law against posting “placards or materials” on VA property. (38 CFR 1.218)

(Apparently it is not permitted to say the VA is incompetent on VA property.)

The twist in the case came when others were allowed to post flags with the union up. Those folks were not arrested but Rosebrock was.

Cats Prove You Are The Servant.

One of our staff members has cats. We saw this and thought of him.

The video is called “Waiter Please!!” and it demonstrates how the cats have trained their owner to respond when they ring a bell.

Ivan Pavlov would be proud of the cats.

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