“Brush And Nibs” Wins Free Speech Case In Arizona.

(image courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom.)

In 2015, Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski of Phoenix, Arizona met each other and decided to combine their talents to design and produce custom, hand lettered invitations to events including events such as a wedding. Duka and Koski were creating specific, individual invitations that celebrated marriage. The two formed a company called “Brush & Nibs” which offered the custom and hand lettered invitations. What the two devoutly Christian women refused to do was to use their talents to create specialized wedding invitations for same sex marriages due to the women’s religious beliefs.

From the Alliance Defending Freedom, who represented Duka and Koski:

But this wedding focus drove Joanna and Breanna straight into a problem. Phoenix law required Brush & Nib to create and speak according to Phoenix’s definition of marriage.

As Joanna and Breanna were starting their business, they kept seeing news reports about authorities forcing Christians in the wedding industry to promote same-sex wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile, their friends began to ask them if Brush & Nib would promote same-sex wedding ceremonies. Then Joanna and Breanna saw the ensuing social media frenzy over the U.S. Supreme Court creating a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. They realized that they may not have the freedom to create art consistent with their artistic and religious beliefs. They had to find out for sure.

Palm Bay: Rebman Loses In Court, Follows Up With A Hypocritical Post On Another Agency Helping The Homeless.

Odyssey Charter School teacher and self proclaimed homeless advocate / expert Thomas F. Rebman is back on our radar today.

You may remember that Rebman has been making comments and posts about others making false accusations against him, his wife, etc. To some extent, we covered his rants in this post.

In that post we noted that Rebman threatened us with legal action as he has threatened others as well.

What we didn’t say in the post but was public record and known within the community was that Rebman had at the time filed a complaint against the mother of one of his former students for harassment and stalking. The complaint was filed on August 8, 2019 and a hearing was scheduled for September 17, 2019.

Perhaps the most damning accusation in the complaint was that the mother and daughter had come onto the Odyssey Charter School property and attempted to follow Rebman.

MLS Real Salt Lake Allows Theft Of American Flag.

As it we didn’t have enough reason to hate soccer….

SANDY, Utah — A Utah County family that brought a Betsy Ross flag to a Real Salt Lake soccer game is speaking out, after stadium staff asked them to take the flag down.

RSL team leadership said the flag is banned, and indicated that it doesn’t fit with their mission of inclusion and unity.

Randolf and Diana Scott have RSL season tickets, and attend every home game at Rio Tinto Stadium.

“Soccer is just a big part of our life,” Diana said.

Most known for his brightly colored mohawk sometimes painted like an American flag, Randolf stands right up front during games. He brings a bag with RSL swag, big chain necklaces, and an American flag that he waves.

At recent home games, he’s gotten more attention than usual because of a new item he added to his game gear.

It’s the commonly named Betsy Ross flag, which was an early version of the American flag. It has 13 stars in a circle, versus the 50 stars featured today.

Apparently the issue is that some white supremacist groups have adopted the Betsy Ross flag as a symbol of race supremacy or some other idiotic thought.

Going Out With A Bang.

(From the colored pencils of AF Branco at Comically Incorrect.)

For those who say that we should ban and confiscate guns despite the Second Amendment, we always ask “what other freedoms would you ban because you don’t like them? Freedom of religion? Freedom of speech? Right to a jury trial in criminal proceedings? Right to confront accusers in a trial? The right to vote?”

If you give up one right, you immediately open the door for the restriction or ending of other rights.

Bud Light Accused Of Telling The Truth.

You may remember this series of commercials around the time of the 2019 Super Bowl where Bud Light claimed that two other beers Miller Light and Coors Light were brewed using corn syrup.

(We apologize for the quality of the video. The good ones we found all required that people sign in to YouTube, presumably because the ad promotes a product that can only be consumed by people over the age of 21. This seems silly to us as the ad appeared on TV during the Super Bowl when millions of people of all ages were watching, but we don’t make up the rules when it comes to YouTube.)

This is where it gets interesting:

“Bud Light,” one such ad closes. “Brewed with no corn syrup.”

That is, by all accounts, a true statement. But it’s also one that helped spur MillerCoors, which brews (as its name implies) Miller Lite and Coors Light, to file a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin against Bud Light brewer Anheuser-Busch.

The Bud Light ad, court documents state, “claims that Miller Lite and Coors Light are ‘made with’ or ‘brewed with’ corn syrup.” All parties to the lawsuit agree that MillerCoors uses corn syrup as an ingredient in brewing both Miller Lite and Coors Light.

However, MillerCoors, with the support of farmers and farm groups that provide corn syrup claim that the ads are deceptive because when brewed, the actual beer doesn’t contain corn syrup. (Apparently, MillerCoors was okay with the statement that Bud Light is brewed with sugar, even though there is no actual sugar in the final product.)

Three Ways To Play AC DC’s “Thunderstruck” That You May Not Have Considered.

We were never a fan of the group AC/DC, but their song “Thunderstruck” has been covered by lots of people using instruments that we would not have considered.

First, the Finnish version:

Finnish band called Steve’n’Seagulls plays AC/DC’s awesome song called Thunderstruck.

Then you have the 17th century nothing but percussion instruments version:

We Believe There Are Idiots Amongst Us…..

What could possibly go wrong with this?

Oy vey.

Palm Bay: The Rebman Chronicles. (Cont.)

Thomas Redman, of whom we have spoken about previously, decided to make another post on people that he feels are “harassing” him or whatever.

We were sent the location of posts that Rebman had made on Facebook on August 31, 2019. With that information, we went and grabbed a screen shot of the post:

Where to begin?

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