Maryland vs. Denver.

championship_lacrosse-m_di-LogoWell, here we go.

On Saturday, Maryland defeated in-state and hated rival Johns Hopkins 12 – 11 to advance to the Division I Lacrosse Championship game on Monday. There, the Terps will meet Denver who needed overtime (also known as ‘free lacrosse’) to send number one ranked Notre Dame home to South Bend.

In the Maryland game…

Hopkins didn’t go away quietly, ripping off five-straight goals — powered mostly by sophomore middie John Crawley’s four second half goals. Through the run, freshman face-off specialist Hunter Moreland was excellent, winning three-straight draws at one point, finishing 11-23 on the day. The Blue Jays also got a nice performance from goalie Eric Schneider, who finished with 13 saves.

Like the first semifinal, the nightcap also featured a dramatic finish — after Shack Stanwicks first goal of the game cut Maryland’s lead to one with 1:13 remaining, he had another shot with about :45 remaining that hit the back of the net. Maryland failed to clear, however, giving Hopkins one more look. Freshman middie Joel Tinney got a clean shot that Bernlohr saved with the butt-end of his stick and after a delay to tend to Wells Stanwick’s injury (he was hit trying to track down the rebound), Maryland ran out the final two seconds.

Yeah, the final Maryland save was made off the butt end of Maryland’s goalie’s stick. We can’t remember ever seeing that before but it was great to watch.

As for the Denver win….

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championship_lacrosse-m_di-LogoThe Terps 14 -7 route of North Carolina and Johns Hopkins defeat of Syracuse sets up today’s semi-final matchup of what many consider the “blue bloods” of the sport.

Make no mistake about it, Maryland and Hopkins don’t like each other on the lacrosse field. Maryland seems to have always played the role of little sister to the Blue Jays and over the past few years, that has changed to where Maryland and Hopkins are equals and heated rivals.

On the other side of the bracket, the midwest and west step up to the faceoff circle with Notre Dame taking on Denver. Notre Dame is ranked number 1 in the country and Denver would like nothing better than to knock out the last remaining ACC team out of the tournament.

As stake in both games is a spot in the National Championship Game on Monday.

The Maryland – Hopkins game is scheduled to start at 3:30 EDT preceded by Denver – Notre Dame at 1:00 PM. Both games can be seen on ESPN.

On Friday, the Maryland woman earned a spot in Sunday’s National Championship game by beating Syracuse 10-8. If the Maryland men win tomorrow, both the men and the women will be playing for the title this weekend.

Does The Moon Really Orbit The Earth?

This is somewhat appropriate for those of us on the Space Coast!

According to Newton’s law of gravitation, the sun should “pull” way harder on the moon than the Earth does. So does the moon actually orbit the Earth? Why?

Cocoa Beach: City Commission Meeting Tonight.

Cocoa-Beach-Pocket-Watch-ROHTonight at 7:00 PM the Cocoa Beach City Commission will hold a regular meeting in the City Hall Commission Room. The meeting can be seen on the City’s website or on Brighthouse channel 497 for those who cannot make it to the meeting.

The agenda and the supporting documents can be found here.

The New Business section lists a similar request to that seen yesterday in Satellite Beach to study the feasibility of a health clinic within the Schecter Center in Satellite Beach. The proposed action is to approve a study on the clinic and that is fine as it doesn’t cost the tax payers anything. What is missing from the presentation is the estimated cost Cocoa Beach’s participation in the clinic itself. For that, you can look at the agenda packet from the Satellite Beach City Council meeting of May 20, specifically page 67 (seen below.)

As of right now, the yearly costs to the residents of Cocoa Beach for the employee only health clinic would be $249,889.20. If you say “a quarter of a million dollars a year” it sounds a little better and doesn’t hurt as much.

Satellite Beach City Council Meeting Tonight.

Satellite-Beach-Censored-Sign-ROHTonight at 7:00 PM, the Satellite Beach City Council will hold a regular meeting. The agenda can be found here and the agenda packet can be found here.

There are a lot of pickings of things that once again demonstrate what this Council and City Manager are all about. We are going to talk about two of them.

The first is that the City is looking to partner with other beach side communities to establish a “no cost to employees” medical clinic. (Item #12) While the proposal is in the planning stage, if implemented the plan will cost the City over $172,000 per year. Where that money is going to come from is clear – it comes from the pockets of citizens who are about to experience a tax increase to pay for roads in the city. The rational for this clinic is typical of government protecting itself:

Our City has been struggling, like most other local governments, in providing affordable health care to our employees. Oftentimes, the increase in healthcare insurance costs exceeds the increase in pay our employees receive as a raise each year. In years that our employees do not receive raises, our costs for health insurance rise and our take home pay decreases.

Every company and individual is struggling with increased health care costs that are affecting their pocketbooks and bottom line. The promise of “affordable care” under the Affordable Care Act has been shown to be unfulfilled as many people predicted. Instead, most people who can afford to live in Satellite Beach have seen their costs rise (often with lessening returns for their money.)

The difference between those companies and individuals is that they cannot reach into the pockets of people and say “give us money to pay for our health care.” Those people and companies have to either suck it up, increase productivity or raise prices for services. The first two options directly affect the companies and individuals while the third option opens the company up to competition with other companies. Governments do not have that option. There is no competition so they rely on the point of the government sword to reach into the pockets of people who are already hurting to pay more for government employees.

Think about that for a moment. After raising taxes to improve roads, the City wants to spend the equivalent of 4 to 6 roads every year on health care for their own.

Yeah……Try To Get A Cat To Laugh Like This. Birds Rock.

There is always a sometimes a discussion amongst staff members as to what is a better pet – cats, birds or dogs.

This bird simply laughs at the idea that there is even a competition.

We love how the bird seems to open the door and gives an evil laugh as if to say “you thought a door could hold me in?”

Cute stuff.

You Don’t See This Often.

When the Washington State’s pitcher Layne Bruner hit Arizona State outfielder Johnny Sewald this past weekend, something odd happened.

Sewald ended up catching the pitch.

Watch the video below. The pitch hits Sewald in his ribs and gets pinned by Sewald’s arm followed by him securing the ball.

To his credit, Sewald throws the ball to Bruner and takes his awarded base. No charging the mound. No dirty looks.

Pretty darn cool.

Going To Sleep.

We were working on a project on the computer last night and when we were able to shut the computer down and go to sleep, we were happy campers. Unfortunately, Bill Gates and his minions had other ideas for us, which reminded us of this cartoon we saw the other day:


Ain’t it truth? The absolute truth?

(courtesy According to Devon.)

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