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Many of our contributors here at Raised on Hoecakes have dogs. After the long posts from yesterday, we’ll keep it simple today with a post in the “Science of Dogs.”


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Cocoa Beach: Height and Density Meeting

This flashed across our mailbox the other day.

It is a public meeting in a public place so we are letting people know about it.


Cocoa Beach: Height AND Density AND Commission Meetings AND The Public. (Don’t Worry About The “And,” It Is Meaningless.)


It is such a simple word that carries so much meaning.

Apparently the 3 letter word has the same connotation to some members of the Cocoa Beach Commission as other 4 letter words that are not used in polite conversation but are used to describe people opposed to the way members of the City Commission are dealing with height and density concerns.

To understand the issues, I think you have to go back in time and look at the documents. I am going to try and give a primer on this issue and if I am wrong, please use the comments to correct me.

In 2000, the City Commission passed a Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) as required by Florida Statutes. That plan can be found on the Cocoa Beach website.

That plan was amended and parts re-written until at least 2010.

In 2002, a City wide referendum on height and density restrictions as well as codifying those restrictions were voted upon and passed by citizens of Cocoa Beach.



“Shall City Charter Section 6.01 – Density Limits, be changed: – for permanent occupancy dwellings decreased from fifteen (15) to ten (10) units per acre; and – for transient accommodations decreased from forty (40) to twenty-eight (28) units per acre; and, – by removing provisions for granting higher densities? ”

YES -66.79%;
NO – 33.21%



“Shall City Charter Section 6.04 – Building Height Limits, be amended to: – Reduce maximum height of structures, including attachments, from eighty-five (85) feet above mean sea level to forty-five (45) feet above crown of abutting road; and, – allow rebuilding structures to existing height if damaged or destroyed by disaster?”

YES – 69.41%;
NO – 30.59%

Religious Tolerance: Made In America

From Prager University comes this video hypothesizing that America is the “birthplace” of religious tolerance. We aren’t sure we agree, but certainly a case can be made that religious tolerance was a founding principle of the country.

It is disheartening that in this day and age, that tolerance is now under attack by many people but most of all, from the government.

Religious tolerance is a given in the West. But it’s a historical aberration — an ideological revolution created by the Puritans and pre-1776 Americans. What was it that led to the religious tolerance revolution? Was there something unique in Protestantism and Americanism? Or would tolerance have eventually arisen elsewhere, perhaps in Europe? Larry Schweikart, best-selling author and professor of history at the University of Dayton, explains.

Feel Good Sunday Story.

Let’s be honest.

Cancer sucks.

There is not a staff member here at Raised On Hoecakes that has not had a friend or relative die from the nasty disease.

It is in that vein that this story made us smile.

When Ann Trachtenberg joked that she wanted to be escorted out of her last chemotherapy treatment by a marching band, little did she know her niece would contact the University of Wisconsin Badger Marching Band to make it happen.

Trachtenberg, in a red Wisconsin T-shirt, came out of the UW Carbone Cancer Center to find about a dozen members of the Badger band had already launched a rousing rendition of “On Wisconsin” to mark her milestone.

They played a couple more songs, including “When you say Wisconsin, you said it all.”

“Congratulations,” said the Badger member playing the cymbols, who then hugged Trachtenberg.

“This is great, this is great!,” Trachtenberg said.

Congratulations to Ms. Trachtenberg in completing her treatments.

In addition, big thanks go out to the members of the Wisconsin Marching Band who took their own time to celebrate with Trachtenberg.

It Has Come To This?


You may or may not be aware that there are professional computer gaming leagues and tournaments around the world. One of the larger organizations in this new era is the “Electronic Sports League” (ESL).

A few days ago the ESL announced that it was partnering with the Nationale Anti Doping Agentur (NADA) to develop and implement testing for drugs and performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) at ESL sanctioned events.

Yes, the world of computer gaming has a PED problem, just like Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the NHL and the NBA.

Welcome to the big league sewers guys.

The ESL released this statement saying, in part:

Some Friday Fun: The History Of Aliens In Film.

This is kind of cool if you are into science fiction films and even if you are not.

Full List of films:

Pan Am Games Don’t Get This Whole Internet / Information Thing.

Pan-Am-Games-Logo-Wood-ROHVia Walter Olson over at comes this tidbit on how the organizers of the Pan Am Games just don’t understand this internet and informational age thing going on. You would think they would as it has been in all the papers.

The official PanAm Games site had this disclaimer on it:

Links to this Site are not permitted except with the written consent of TO2015™. If you wish to link to the Site, you must submit a written request to TO2015™ to do so. Requests for written consent can be sent to [email protected] TO2015™ reserves the right to withhold its consent to link, such right to be exercised in its sole and unfettered discretion.

The UK’s Register tells how they handled the issue by basically taunting and mocking the PanAm Games.

Just to be on the safe side however, we wrote to the organisers asking for their permission to link to them for this article. We politely emailed:

Dear Pan Am Games lawyers,

Welcome to the internet.

We would like to seek permission to link to your website for a story we are writing about how ludicrous it is that you are requesting people to ask permission to link to your site.

It is only fair that we warn you the article is likely to be critical of yourselves and contain a good degree of mockery.

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