Godspeed Frank Woodruff Buckles

According to the U.S. Department of Defense:

Frank Woodruff Buckles, the last surviving American World War I veteran, died yesterday at his West Virginia home. He was 110.

Buckles signed up for duty when he was underage and only 16.

Buckles earned the rank of corporal and traveled England and France serving as an ambulance driver. After the Armistice in 1918, Buckles escorted prisoners of war back to Germany. He was discharged in 1920.

In 1942 Buckles worked as a civilian for a shipping company in the Philippines, where he was captured in Manila by the Japanese the day after they attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He spent three and a half years in the Los Baños prison camp. He was rescued on February 23, 1945.

Godspeed, sir.

About Those Solar Panel Rebates?

Imagine if you will that you go into a store to purchase a “Acme Gizmo 2010.” As you stare at the shelves fill of the product, a salesman comes up to you and says “why are you looking at the Gizmo 2010? The Gizmo 2011 is here and there is a 30% rebate with it! Sure, it is more expensive, but you are getting so much for it. And the rebate makes it affordable!”

You decide to purchase the spankin’ new Gizmo 2011 and take it home. After installing it and marveling at all its wonders and features, you fill out the rebate form and mail it to the Acme Corporation.

A few weeks later, you get a letter from Acme saying “sorry, we can’t pay for the rebate, but the moment we can, you’ll be first on the list to get reimbursed.”

There is not a person amongst us that is going to be happy with that. Not in the least. Not at all. Visions of angry letters, phone calls, lawyers and class action lawsuits dance through your head.

You know that on every level – legal, ethical and moral – that you have been wronged. The company promised you a rebate and now are reneging on that promise.

But “legal, ethical and moral” arguments don’t apply to governments.

Fear The Turtle

You can tell it is spring when lacrosse is back.

It’s been away too long.

Today my beloved Maryland Terrapins beat their crosstown rivals from Georgetown 20 – 8. Even better, the game was carried live on ESPNU, which means I got to watch the game and highlights here.

It’s early in the season, but the Terps are 2 – 0 and ranked 3rd in the country.

Lacrosse is growing more than I ever could have dreamed. The NCAA Lacrosse Championship game now has the second largest attendance of all NCAA Championships.

Fear the Turtle.