Friends and Pastors

In the summer of sixth grade, I met someone who was to become one of my best friends in the world when he and I took a summer course in advanced mathematics in Baltimore, Maryland. At the end of the course, we did not expect to see each other again but then found ourselves in the same Junior High School and eventually attended the same city wide high school. (We actually had to apply to get into the school.) Looking back, that seems like a lifetime ago, but it is a lifetime that has shown us that neither time nor distance can ever truly separate friends.

Life has taken us on different paths as life is supposed to do and now my friend is the pastor of growing church in Lima, Peru. After traveling to Peru for many years on a missions trip, my friend Rick now leads the flock of Calvary Chapel in Lima. This is quite an amazing feat given that when he left the States, neither he, his wife Beth, nor his two children were fluent in Spanish. On balance, it was fine because not many Peruvians understood English. (To this day, I am not sure if Peruvians understand Rick and Beth’s use of “y’all.”)

Lima is an incredibly densely populated city and yet the church always manages to find places to meet. There have always been obstacles, but I know that without the lows and the challenges, the highs and victories are never as sweet.

Although it may be unusual for a blog like this, I have decided to put up a sidebar link to the Calvary Chapel – Lima website. There you can find out what is going on in the church and the areas surrounding Lima. You can listen to the studies that Rick and other pastors there hold. You can even sign up for Rick’s “Adventures in Peru” newsletter.

Give it a peek and see what God is doing outside of the United States.

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