Some People – and You Know Who You Are – Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

The image to the left has been making the rounds of conservative and Christians. We here at Raised on Hoecakes have seen the image on Facebook, Freedom Torch and in several emails and messages to us. The picture purports to he President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron kissing each other.

Pretty passionate kiss, eh?

One writer described the picture as “Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing with Tongues.”

Only problem is that the image is faked. It is Photoshopped.

Let me repeat that. The picture is faked.

Here you can see the portion of the image that contains Obama.

If you examine the fake Obama / Cameron photo, you can see just to the left Cameron’s tie is an artifact of Michelle Obama’s body. Where the red stripe of the flag meets up with the back of Obama’s jacket, there is a artifact from Michelle Obama’s inner elbow. And somehow, most of all, David Cameron seems to have lost his left arm.

The image is clearly Photoshopped.

So why did people start spreading this image?

For those who will say, “well, liberals do much worse,” are we really willing to adopt the methods and tactics of those we oppose? If we stand up and say that which they believe is not what we believe, how can we then justify doing the same things?

Frankly, “they started it!” is something that most people stop using in 3rd grade.

Isn’t there enough to pound on Obama with – the economy, wars, foreign relations, energy, jobs, the DOJ scandals, etc., – that we don’t need to make up issues?

Conservatives have long railed on Obama, and rightfully so, for his dealings with one of our longest, best, and most trusted ally, the British. Now we want to believe that Obama and the Prime Minister are engaged in some sort of gay erotic kiss? The person who created this and the people who spread it around are happy hurting our relationship with the British further?

Is that what it has come to?

Over on, a “Abe” writes,

There you have it. Barack Obama, the alleged leader of the free world, is kissing with tongues of David Camera. Barack Obama and David Cameron are kissing.

Whatever the case, Obama is now clearly the first homosexual president. Look at the passion and when they take gay turns with each other’s backsides in the White House, there is a good ten minutes of time when Britain once again gets to plant a flag deep into American brown soil and claim itself Master of the World. Obama is shaming our country and our family. Poor Michelle. Poor Sasha and Malia. What a shame.

I will report on this issue with more fire and fury when my heart is still not so drenched with sorrow and grief now that we see the president of America is a gay. What a sick day for normalcy, and what a giant victory for the Gay Agenda.

The article is from May 30, 2011. That is twenty days ago and even though from the first we knew the image was a hoax, ol’ Abe hasn’t seen fit to do the right, Christian thing and issue a retraction.

Abe feel perfectly happy railing about Obama being gay, the downfall of the country and a victory for the “Gay Agenda.”

Yet he doesn’t seem to have any memory of ninth commandment:

Exodus 2:16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. (NIV)

Equally disturbing is a comment on the article from a “kim Campbell” who writes:

Photoshop or not…I do not give a rats ass..

On a Christian board, one that purports to bring forth “Conservative Values for an Unsaved World,” kim doesn’t care about the truth? Doesn’t care about honesty?

What is wrong with us?

Is this is what we have become? Has our hatred consumed us to the point where we are willing to lie, to spread rumors, to attack a person’s life and most of all, to become what our foes are?

Is that what we really want?

Not me.

For all those people who first started spreading this picture, for all those who spread it once it was known to be Photoshopped, and to all the “Christians” who took the same false moral superiority stance as “Abe” from……

…… Shame on you.

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  1. Robert says:

    AAfterwit…AKA Mr. Anonymous

    Hmmm….Passing moral judgements on others?