When Writing a New Post Doesn’t Work Out.

So we sat down in front of the computer to write a new post. There is a lot going on that we thought would inspire us. There is the debt ceiling talks and the politicians in Washington. There is the Tea Party suddenly turning on Col. Allen West. There is the heat in the country. There is NFL getting back to work or play or whatever they heck they do. Our friend with the stroke is still fighting with the government on certain payments. The number of medical release forms we have submitted to the State of Florida has now reached thirteen. There is a great post in there somewhere on the inefficiency and a system that requires the same paperwork over and over and over. The frustration, the angst, the anger and the will to write is there.

But it just ain’t a-coming out.

Oh well.

So in spite of that, we’d like to present “Where the Hell is Matt?”

The story behind this is a guy named Matt traveled through 42 countries and, well, danced. There is, of course, a little more to this, but you’ll have to watch the video for yourself to see what we are talking about.

Somehow this just made us laugh, and we all need a laugh once in awhile.


Obama Raises CAFE Standards for Vehicles While Debt Ceiling Talks Go On.

President Obama announced new CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards that will require car makers fleets to 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025.

Just so we all know what happened, in the middle of the debt talks, in the middle of the markets dropping, in the middle of credit rating companies looking to downgrade the US bond rating, Obama gleefully enacts a standard that is twice the standard of today. As of yet, no major car company has shown the ability to meet the 2016 mandated standard of 35 mpg so why not push for an even higher standard?

Obama called the new standards the product of compromise:

He said: “So as we look to close the deficit, this agreement is a reminder of why it’s so important that we have a balanced approach. We’ve got to make serious spending cuts while still investing in our future; while still investing in education and research and technology like clean energy, which are so important for our economy.”

This agreement ought to serve as a valuable lesson to leaders in Washington,” he said. “You all are demonstrating what can happen when people put aside differences. These folks are competitors. You got labor and business. But they decided, ‘We are going to work together to achieve something important and lasting for the country.’”


Candidate Obama Debates President Obama

h/t to our friends over at Questions and Observations.

State Department Denies Visas to Little League Team. Wait. What?

Little League International announced today that the State Department had denied visas for a team from Kampala, Uganda that won the Middle East and Africa Region (MEA) Tournament.

The kids would have been the first team from Africa to compete in the 65th Little League World Series.

Why were the kids denied visas?

No one knows and the State Department isn’t talking.

Because of privacy concerns, the State Department did not give Little League a reason for the decision, except that the documentation provided by the team contained discrepancies.

Ah yes, more of the “most transparent administration ever.”

Let’s face some facts here. The kids that come to the Little League World Series are just that – kids. They are not 12 year old terrorists or 12 year olds trying to sneak across the border. If they were, they would probably have succeeded, but that is another issue. The kids and the coaches are pretty much “locked down” in the housing that Little League provides. We don’t think that there is much chance of a massive security risk with twelve 12 year olds and three adult coaches running amuck in the country.

“I Keel You!” – Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo

We don’t often talk about Muslim extremists and terrorism here at Raised on Hoecakes. It is not that we are not concerned, it is that there are so many other voices – voices with far more expertise than ours – that do a much better job of writing and discussing the threat of radical Islam and its affects on terrorism here and abroad.

When we first heard about the attacks in Oslo, we have to admit that our first thought was “oh no….. not another senseless attack by some radical, Muslim looking for 72 virgins.” In a way, that thought shows a bit of a bias – a prejudice if you will – on what is happening in the world. We automatically assumed that anyone that would bomb and shoot innocent people would be a Muslim. In some ways, we are ashamed of that thought. Terrorists and whackjobs, as we have learned, come in all different nationalities, races, and genders. Unlike others, we did not rush to put out a piece blaming Muslims or anyone for the Oslo killings.

We waited until more facts were known.

When Anders Behring Breivik was named as the alleged perpetrator of the Oslo attacks, we were shocked and surprised at the rush of many to label Breivik as a “Christian.” We addressed that issue in a previous post and believe our position concerning the “faith” of Breivik still stands.

Now comes this from

Remember Those Evil Republicans Kicking Grandma Off a Cliff?

Say, remember the video released by the Democratic National Committee demonizing Republicans by saying conservatives wanted to throw grandma over a cliff?

Yeah…… this one.

Remember how the Democrats defended the ad by saying that Republicans didn’t care about the elderly and those on Medicare? Yep. It was those beastly, corrupt, damnable, depraved, destructive, foul, harmful, hateful, loathsome, malevolent, nefarious, no good, offensive, poison, rancorous, reprobate, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, spiteful, stinking, vicious, vile, villainous and wicked Republicans that looked at the elderly as “disposable.”

We guess California Governor Jerry Brown didn’t get the message.

Veto from Governor Brown halts adult daycare funding

Once the model for the nation to keep the elderly and disabled out of expensive nursing homes, California will cease to offer adult day healthcare on December 1 after Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have kept adult day care centers open throughout the state.

Wait…this is the liberal bastion state of California. How could this happen?

Quick Hits

Another Quick Hits post today following up on some stories we talked about before and a Rule 5 lady as well.

We posted how difficult it is to get fired from a federal job and has further proof. When it comes to the FAA, “‘You’re Fired’ Doesn’t Mean Fired to Four of 10 Air Controllers.”

Moments before a single-engine aircraft and a helicopter collided over the Hudson River near Manhattan in 2009, an air-traffic controller who should have been advising the plane’s pilot was on the phone, joking with an airport worker about a dead cat.

Nine people, including three teenage boys, died. The Teterboro, New Jersey, controller, whom safety investigators said was distracted and partly to blame for the accident, still works for the Federal Aviation Administration. Although the agency tried to fire him, his punishment was reduced to a suspension, a transfer and a demotion.

What happened to the controller isn’t surprising, according to data obtained by Bloomberg News under the Freedom of Information Act. More than four of every 10 air-traffic workers the FAA tried to fire over almost two years kept their jobs or were allowed to retire, the data show. That included two-thirds of those targeted for firing over drug or alcohol violations.

Whether it is sleeping on the job, violations of protocols, or substance abuse, it takes almost two years to terminate an air traffic controller.

Managers who crack down on bad employees often receive harassment, discrimination or whistle-blower complaints, said Mary Schiavo, a former Transportation Department inspector general.

“Federal managers take the easy way out and let some underperformers or troublemakers retire, or they transfer them,” said Schiavo, now an attorney with Motley Rice LLC in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. “It is just easier to go with the flow than weed out underperformers.”

Think about that the next time you step onto a plane.

Last month we talked about BROWN v. ENTERTAINMENT MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION where the Supreme Court correctly ruled that the state of California does not have the right to restrict free speech because they don’t like what is being said or portrayed. Californians may be on the hook for some cash for the misguided legislature attempting to be more of a “nanny state.”

World War II Poster

While looking for something as a graphic base for yesterday’s post “Protester In Casey Anthony Trial Convicted and Sentenced,” we came across an image of a World War II poster from New Zealand.

We doubt in today’s politically correct world this poster would ever see the light of day.

Thankfully in World War II, it did.

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