SOPA Update! Bill That Is A Train Wreck Derailed – Literally – and You Won’t Believe How and Why.

On Thursday, the SOPA bill we talked about yesterday was merrily sailing through the House Judiciary Committee. According to CNet, members were defeating amendment after amendment to the bill that will not only will change the internet here in the United States by effectively stifling discussions but also turn ISP’s into government police agents.

Like a train barreling down the tracks, the “SOPA Express” was heading out of committee and nothing could stop it.

Nothing, that is, until a Twitter “tweet” by Republican Representative Steve King who wrote:

We are debating the Stop Online Piracy Act and Shiela Jackson [sic] has so bored me that I’m killing time by surfing the Internet.

“Sheila Jackson” would be Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who, in the middle of the hearing, discovered King’s tweet and was not too pleased about it.

Jackson-Lee objected and called the tweet “offensive.”

At that point the fun began. The Chairmen of the Committee, Republican Representative Lamar Smith noted Jackson-Lee’s remarks were contrary to the rules of the House of Representatives and asked that she withdraw the word “offensive” from the record. Using the term “offensive” may be assumed to mean King himself is “offensive,” and such insults and slights are against the rules of the House on decorum between members.

Jackson-Lee refused to strike the word.

What makes the drama all the more interesting is King, like Elvis, had left the building. He was no longed in the committee room. He could not respond to Jackson-Lee or get into a discussion as to whether Jackson-Lee was boring or not.

Think about this for a moment. As a bill is being discussed and debated in a committee, you have representatives that surfing the internet, tweeting and reading tweets. One not only leaves the hearing, but the building! So much for doing the work of people.

Finally, after a conference with the House Parliamentarian, Jackson-Lee agreed to have the term “offensive” changed to “impolitic and unkind.”

(We here at Raised on Hoecakes think “boring” is the least of Jackson-Lee’s worries. Jackson-Lee is a first class racist who doesn’t have the brains of a amoeba. She has been accused of treating her staff horribly, believes her constituents are ill-informed (their ignorance may explain how she gets elected), has said the US united North and South Vietnam, and believes hurricane names, Pepsi commercials, balanced budgets and the Capital Police of being “racist.” She also asked people at NASA’a Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) if the Mars Rover would be able to get footage of the flag Neil Armstrong planted.)

Sometime after the discussion and resolution on the word “offensive,” Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz put forth a motion to seek expert testimony as to whether the seizing of domains and renaming them as called for in the bill will create a security risk.

The Committee agreed to the motion and the hearing was adjourned. When it will reconvene again is uncertain.

As for Representative King, he is not backing down from his original tweet again taking to Twitter to say:

Judging from the many responses of my critics, they’ve never heard of multitasking and need to, in the words of Cain, get a sense of humor.

Actually sir, if we did not have a sense of humor in watching the antics of those in Congress, you and your colleagues would be in serious trouble. As it is, we simply have to look at the actions of Congress and laugh, as it is the only way to hide our anger and tears.

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