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The Nook – What Could Have Been If Not For Greed.

We are going to step away today from politics because the Florida primary will generate a lot of coverage and we are somewhat tired of it right now. We are going to talk about another topic – the Nook Tablet.

We were thrilled to receive a Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet for Christmas. We had a Kindle Keyboard reader and loved every minute of that device (and still do.) Being able to literally take hundreds of books with you when you travel or go someplace where you will wait (such as a doctor’s office) is more than any bibliophile could ever want.

When we charged up the Nook and threw the switch, it was amazing. The colors are bright and clear. While we loved the Kindle Keyboard (and still do) the difference between the Nook Tablet and the Kindle is like going from a black and white TV to color.

But all is not well in Nook Tabletland. We don’t normally keep our Nook hooked up to the internet. This is for two reasons. First, we don’t use it that much to access the internet. When we do, we simply turn on the Nook’s wireless capability. Secondly, the drain on the battery when connected to the internet is much greater then when not. While we are simply reading, we don’t have a need to be hooked up to the internet.

Yet last week we noticed that when we were using the internet on the Nook, a large file was being downloaded into the Nook. After doing some research on the Barnes and Noble site, we found an update to the operating software that was automatically being sent “over the air” to the Nook Tablets. We looked at the Barnes and Noble site and found this information on the update:

What’s new in Ver 1.4.1?

The NOOK Tablet Ver1.4.1 update provides minor system enhancements.

We decided not to wait for another over the air update, and tried to install the update manually.

Despite following the instructions to the letter, the update would not be accepted by our Nook. To fix this issue, we called to talk to customer service.

It did not go well.

Quick Hits

Here we go again with a series of “Quick Hits,” – items that are too short to make full post from, but are worthy of notice. At the same time, we have included the obligatory “Rule Five” image with a football theme for the upcoming Super Bowl.

And we’re off……

Maryland’s “Dream Act” is back in court. The “Dream Act” in Maryland requires the state’s colleges and universities to charge in-state tuition rates to those who are in the country illegally. The student must have attended a Maryland high school for 3 years and their parents must have paid Maryland State income taxes to qualify for the in-state tuition. Many people in Maryland objected to the new law and secured enough signatures to have the Dream Act placed on the November ballot. Proponents of the measure sued to have the measure thrown off the ballot claiming the signatures collected were not legal. That attempt failed when it became clear the opponents did have the required number of legal signatures.

Now the charge is the measure cannot be on the ballot because Maryland law does not allow referendums on government spending. Opponents of the measure say the Dream Act is a spending measure as the amount of money allocated to colleges depends on how many in-state students there are. Opponents claim the Dream Act applies to what the student pays, and not how the state funds the discounted rate.

The irony here is that the proponents of the measure have argued the lowered rates will not affect government spending or cost more in taxes. Now they are saying the referendum is illegal because it deals with spending.

We wish they would make up their mind.

Florida is looking at a law that would allow parents to fire teachers.

Two pieces of education legislation are on the table in Tallahassee. Under the Parent Empowerment Act, parents would have the power to fire school staff if they feel the school is not up to par. Under the Parental Involvement and Accountability in the Public Schools Bill, teachers would actually grade parents on their involvement in childrens’ schooling.

On the flip side, legislator has proposed a bill that would allow teachers to “grade” parents of elementary school children.

Whale Of A Tale May Put Biologist In Jail.

Nancy Black. The name doesn’t seem threatening, does it? Ms. Black is a licensed tour operator in California who takes willing tourists out off of the coast of Monterey to watch whales. Ms. Black is also a marine biologist, so watching whales daily while getting paid for it has to be a dream job.

Or at least it was.

One day Ms. Black was in a research boat with some assistants when a a group of killer whales attacked a pod of grey whales. In the attack, a grey whale calf was bitten in half with its remains floating to the surface. Ms. Black took the opportunity to thread some rope through the remains of the grey whale and attach a small camera to the ropes. When the killer whales returned for the uneaten portion of the calf, the camera recorded the event.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, Ms. Black is now facing jail for her actions. She has been charged under the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act. The act prohibits people from people harassing and bothering whales, seals and dolphins as well as outlawing people from feeding the sea creatures. The reason behind the “no feeding” prohibition is that you don’t want wild animals to become dependent on getting food from people. You want wild animals to live in the wild.

Yet because the killer whale ate the camera, Black was charged with violating the Act.

(Here’s a bit of a tip for the idiot law enforcement people who even thought to seek a grand jury indictment for this: CAMERAS ARE NOT FOOD!)


Rock For The Ages – The Idle Cure Edition.

In 1986, the group Idle Cure came upon the scene in Contemporary Christian Music. The band was formed in Long Beach, California from former members of secular groups.

Pictured left to right: Pete Lomakin (Keyboard), Mark Ambrose (Guitar), Clark Edmond (Drums), Steve Shannon (Lead Vocals)

What made the band great was while other bands such as Stryper had brought heavy metal into the CCM world, Idle Cure’s sound was heavy metal with harmonies. Sometimes compared to Def Leppard, the group released 8 albums over the course of 15 years, proving that God’s love of music does not depend on the style, but the heart and lifestyle of the men and women who play and sing it.


1986: Idle Cure
1988: Tough Love
1990: 2nd Avenue
1991: Inside Out
1992: Breakaways
1994: Eclipse
1998: Idle Cure/2nd Avenue
2000: Tough Love/Inside Out


Hungry Hearts:

See ya next week!

Back On The Air!

Once again today, Saturday January 28, we will be back on the air at WMEL, AM 1300 between 2 and 4 EST PM for the Steve Bussey Radio Experience. With Florida’s Republican primary this coming Tuesday, , having Gingrich and Romney in the county this past week, plus the debates, there is a lot to talk about in the world of politics.

Of course, since the show is really powered by you the listener, we’ll talk about almost anything you want.

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Newt Gingrich Super Secret Decoder Ring Now Available!

We here at Raised on Hoecakes are proud to announce the new “Newt Gingrich Super Secret Decoder Ring!

If you really want to understand what Gingrich means when he says:

…the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history….


I believe every American of every background has been endowed by their creator with the right to pursue happiness.

And if that makes liberals unhappy, I’m going to continue to find ways to help poor people learn how to get a job, learn how to get a better job and learn some day to own the job.

all you have to do is use the Newt Gingrich Super Secret Decoder Ring to be able to translate the Speaker’s words!

Joe Pa, Phil, And Nittany Lions.

Penn State University held a public ceremony yesterday to honor one of the most iconic figures in college football, Joseph Francis Paterno. If there ever was a face of a university, it was Paterno. Solid, caring, demanding and ethical, Paterno demanded from his players no more than he demanded of himself. It can be said Paterno gave more to Penn State than it gave him. From the thousands of young men he coached and mentored, to the library bearing his name, to the nation that looked upon him as a beacon of light in the often dark world of college sports, Paterno’s presence and influence was real and powerful.

“Joe Pa” was more than a football coach. He was the type of man you want your son or daughter to know, trust and emulate.

It was therefore more than tragic the way his career ended at Penn State. Caught in a scandal not of his own making, Paterno was let go by the Board of Trustees as if he was a piece of garbage. In a move to save face, the school abandoned the one person who gave them credibility.

Paterno’s crime?


When told of a potential situation where young boys might have been molested, Paterno reported the second hand information to his superiors and the school president as required by school policy and law.

For this – for following the law – Paterno was fired.

His firing was a public relations move by the university to protect it from those who clamored the university and Paterno should have done more when told of the sexual allegations. What he could have done has been a mystery as any attempt for him to investigate further would have interfered with the investigation the school was required to run.

Clearly Paterno felt he might have done more – and perhaps felt he should have done more – but the law and school policy constrains people in cases like this. Sadly, the constraining law meant when Paterno had met his legal burden, his duty was done and no one should be able to say or think less of him for doing that duty.

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