Knuckle Draggin’ Sphincter Muscles Stop By To Display Ignorance.

Our post “Talking About Racism And Racist Words Now Deemed Racist” caught the eye of some knuckle draggin’ idiots yesterday.

First we got a “pingback” from a site we had never heard of, and then we started to get hits and comments from the morons on that site. We won’t tell you the name of the site, but suffice it to say they are “white supremacists” (which is a contradiction in terms as while these butt-wipes might have been white, they aren’t better than a roll of used toilet paper much less any other person or group of people.) They left a few ridiculous comments and while it was tempting to leave the comments up to try and discuss what they said with them, we stuck to our policy that Raised on Hoecakes will not suffer idiots and morons.

And these “people” would have to work to rise to the level of “idiots and morons.”

We left them a little love note in the comments, deleted their comments and then locked the thread.

We are not sure they can read much less understand anything, but that is okay by us. We hope they can’t reproduce either. The world would be a better place without them.

The only thing as bad as the people who see racism everywhere and make the charge of racism no matter what are racists themselves.

Friggin’ losers.

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