The Stupidity Of Schools Never Ceases To Amaze Us.

We have written a lot lately on racism and “outrage” over what can best be called “faux-racism.” First there was the controversy over a teacher being suspended for telling his students the “n-word” was inappropriate. There was the kerfuffle over headlines written about NBA player Jeremy Lin, where a US Congresswoman showed her ignorance of the English language as part of her faux-racism outrage. Finally, there was a supposed “comedian” who went to BYU and what he discovered was a massive failure of the US educational system.

However, there are times when the stupidity of people to not notice a racially charged item never ceases to amaze us.

Imagine if you will, being the director of the “Nutrition Department” of a school district. On Fridays, you are going to serve the little snowflakes that come through your cafeteria lines chicken nuggets.


To make the nuggets appeal more to the kids, you decide to describe them on the menu as “crispy, crunchy chicken.” Nah. That won’t work. That isn’t cool enough. Not hip enough.

Some genius in your Nutritional Department decides to change the letter “c” to ‘k.”

Now we’re talking. We have “Krispy, Krunchy Khicken” to serve kids.

Your “marketing genius” is on a roll now, and when the menus are printed and sent home with the kids, you label Friday’s meal as “KKK Chicken.”

Wait. What?

KKK Chicken?

This exact situation occurred in the Methuen School District of Massachusetts. Parents were understandably upset.

“(I asked) ‘How are you going to address this concern?’ And she said, ‘Well, we’re not going to reprint a bunch of menus,'” the parent said. “She didn’t even care. She was, ‘Oh well. It’s there. This is what it is, and this is what they’re eating.”

Maybe the school district didn’t want to teach or to have kids learn about the Klu Klux Klan and it’s origins and support within the Democratic Party. We can’t have future Democrats in Massachusetts learning the truth, can we?

We aren’t willing to say the “KKK Chicken” was intentional. It seems more like an innocent mistake. So why not fix it? Why not step up to the plate (no pun intended) and say “we screwed up?” Why not teach kids that mistakes – even well intentioned mistakes – are made and the mature thing to do is own up to them and fix them. Instead the school is leaving the menus out there.

And for any accountability on this issue?

Attempts by WCVB to reach Methuen School Superintendent Judith Scannell and Marsh Grammar School Principal Rick Beshara were unsuccessful.

Furthermore, if “KKK” stood for “Krispy, Krunchy Khicken,” isn’t calling it “KKK Chicken” on the menu “Krispy, Krunchy Khicken Chicken?” And while we’re at is, as a parent noted, this was a school. Shouldn’t you be teaching kids to spell correctly?

Nah. These are public schools. All you have to do is remember they know what is best for your child.

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