What Happens When Illegal Immigrants Claim Children Living in Other Countries On Tax Returns? The IRS Sends Them A Check, Of Course. Part 2.

(Continued from above.)

In the above post, we highlighted a report from WTHR in Indianapolis detailing how illegal immigrants are claiming tax deductions for children who do not even live in this country costing the American taxpayer $4.2 billion dollars a year.

WTHR followed that report up with another report intent on trying to find out what the government is doing about this problem.

The answer is, “not much.”

We simply cannot understand how the IRS claims it is “following the law” in issuing the checks when it knows the returns are fraudulent. Is it really the position of the IRS that the law requires them to issue claims based on lies and fraud? How can that be? What is even worse is that when the IRS asks the IRS for an interview or a statement, he is stonewalled. Who are these IRS clowns working for again?

Of course the elected officials aren’t willing to do anything because the are courting votes and don’t want to seem to be “harsh” or “mistreat” an illegal immigrant who is committing a fraud. That would be bad for their re-election bids.

Screw them too.

(And in case you didn’t catch on, this really makes us mad.)

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