“Why Don’t You…..”

After a week of rains and cool temperatures from Debby, the reality of late June in Florida has hit.

It’s hot.

We were in a store yesterday when someone was complaining about how hot it is. They were tourists. Gee, Florida is hot in late June. Whodda thunk that?

Instead of heading outside and risking heat stroke in cutting the grass, we thought we take a look at another letter to the editor of the Florida Today newspaper.

This one comes from Gilbert Shaddock of Satellite Beach who writes:

City’s grumbling residents should’ve run for council

As a 35-year resident of Satellite Beach, I have the following question for all of the people who are bellyaching about the newly elected City Council:

Why didn’t you run for one of the council seats?

We like this letter as it is simple, short, to the point and asks a question we feel we can answer.

The answer is found in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The term “petition” means to “make a request” while the term “redress” means to:

On The Radio!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, June 30th, we will be back on the radio with the rest of the crew of the Steve Bussey Radio experience.

We will be talking about the cases handed down by the Supreme Court this week. We would love to hear your take on them, so feel free to give us a call.

In the studio at the 3:00 PM hour will be Mitch Needelman, who is running for Brevard County Clerk of the Court against fellow Republican Scott Ellis and write in candidate Michael Gaeta. We’ll get Needelman’s take on the issues, why anyone should care about the office of the Clerk of the Court, and why Scott Ellis probably won’t be invited to the Needelman home for Thanksgiving dinner. (And vice versa.)

As always, we will try and take your calls if the candidate agrees.

Our other guest has a special place in our heart. During the second week of the show, an 8 year old girl from Colorado called into the show to talk about school lunch programs. It takes a lot of guts for a kid that age to call into a show heard nationally, but she did. She listens to the show regularly with her mom and is very up to date on topics. We dubbed her our “number one fan” as she was the first to call in and has been a supporter of the show since the beginning.

Caitlin and her family are visiting the Space Coast of Florida, and we have invited her to the studio. To say she is excited is an understatement.

She’ll be on the air live with us and working in the control room keeping things running.

So join us on Saturday from 2 – 4 PM on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience as heard on AM 1300 WMEL. You can also catch the show on the internet at the WMEL website, or listen on your smartphone.

Give us a call!

NOTE: We cannot find a link to a website for candidate Michael Gaeta. There is none listed at the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections site, nor can we find anything through search engines. We did try, however.

This Doesn’t Compute.

We have a small confession to make. Years ago, when public interest in the internet was fairly new, when modem speeds were much slower, when email accounts had much lower storage, when email filters were not that sophisticated, and when people were getting 50 spam emails for every legitimate email, we secided to do something about it. We became part of a newsgroup and offline group that hated spamming. We were sick of emails for porn, adult products, hair loss products, skin cleaners, and everything in between. We often chuckle at people today who complain the get 5 or 10 pieces of spam in their computer inboxes. “Back in the day,” a mere 10 emails a day of spam would have been welcome.

The group divided the fight against spamming in a couple different ways. First, if there was no profit for the spammers, there was no reason to spam. We took part in contacting the companies that were funding spammers. Most of the legitimate companies looked into and broke off ties with spammers who continued to spam people even after entering “opt out” information. Other companies (such as the porn and adult product companies) could not be reached or did not care. Thousands and thousands of people across the country signed up to tell legitimate companies to stop sponsoring spam.

The group then went after the spammers themselves.

We contacted lawyers and authorities to make sure we were not in violation of any laws – especially mail fraud laws.

We won’t tell people what we did (we don’t want to give people ideas) but suffice it to say the spammers eventually cried “uncle” and stopped. The volume of spam dropped, giving spam filters a chance to come online to help protect people from unwanted spam in their inboxes.

We didn’t break any laws and were successful but we have always wondered about the morality of that escapade. Even though it was legal to do what we did, was it moral?

Luckily we don’t have to decide that issue right now, but the act of people sending unsolicited magazine subscriptions to the homes of the members of the City Council here in Satellite Beach brought to memory what we did in the past. We have decried the practice as childish and unproductive. We maintain such actions are morally wrong. There is a cost associated with getting a bill for a magazine one did not order. Postage, time, phone calls, etc are all required to resolve the issue. (We didn’t do anything like this the spammers. We did something similar, but different.) The distinction is there. Sending unsolicited magazines to someone’s home is just wrong.

Ummm….. No.

Ummmmmm….. No.

Nee. Jo. La. Voch’. Deyil. Ez. Nie. Ne. No. Bù. No. Ne. Ikke. Nee. No. Ei. Hindi. Ei. Non. Non. Ara. Nein. Den. Pa. Nahi. Nem. Nei. Tidak. Ni. No. Nai. Aniyo. Non. Ne. Néra. Ne. Tidak. Ma. Nei. Na. Nie. Não. Nu. Niet. Nema. Naha/Na. Ne. Brez. No. Hakuna. Nej. Mimi. Yok. Nei. Không. Nid oes. illa.


We appreciate the kind words and thoughts more than people realize, but it ain’t gonna happen.

We Screwed Up. And A Promise.

In our post “Two Days – Two Letters. Blinders For Everyone,” we wrongly attributed the first letter in our discussion to a “Bud Wayne” of Satellite Beach.

Frankly, we have no idea why we did that as the letter was written by Bud WADE of Satellite Beach. (The post has since been corrected.)

Mr. Wade was kind enough to write a comment not only discussing his letter and our post, but also pointing out we had gotten his name wrong. We apologized to Mr. Wade in our response to his comment and wish to apologize here again to him and to the readers of the blog.

We screwed up. Pure and simple.

By the way, we suggest you read Mr. Wade’s comment to us and our reply. Please take note not only of the content, but the tone. We have to say that we have been blessed and are grateful for the tone of the responses from everyone in both comments and in emails. We appreciate it deeply.

We also want people to know that what is sent to us via email is kept between us. We know and understand that there is some fear in the community of retaliation in the form of angry neighbors, jobs, etc. Your communication with us is private and will be kept as such. We will try to verify what you say and go from there. We have also had several incidents where we have gotten usable information, but felt even though the person said we could use it anonymously, the information and incidents discussed make it too easy to “unmask” the person wishing to remain anonymous. Because of that, we haven’t used the information or incidents.

In short, if you write us and ask we keep something anonymous or not to use it, we promise to honor your wishes.

“I Threw A Sandwich And It Didn’t Even Hit The Worker….” When Food Is A Weapon.

Amy Corey of Ohio was not a happy woman.

When she and her fiance visited a local McDonalds in Chillicothe, Ohio, Ms. Corey was less than thrilled with the quality of food she received and decided to fight it out with the McDonald’s employee manning the drive through window.

Corey’s weapon of choice?

A chicken sandwich.

Corey said that the chicken sandwich was fried instead of grilled and was missing key condiments, like bacon and cheese. She said the cashier was rude to her when she tried to return the sandwich.

“It had a dab of mayonnaise on it, rotten lettuce,” Corey said.

The employee returned the sandwich with the correct condiments and additions, but with the same fried – not grilled – chicken.

Corey threw the sandwich back at the McDonalds’ employee.

Why did she throw the sandwich? Because obviously a flying sandwich trumps a rude employee, of course.

The employee one-upped Corey and called the police.

The employee declined to press charges (assault with a chicken sandwich we would guess) but Corey was banned from all area McDonalds. She Corey feels the banning is unjust. Her reasoning is priceless:

“I threw a sandwich and it didn’t even hit the worker,” Corey said. “Why would I be banned from McDonald’s? It’s wrong.”


Two Days – Two Letters. Blinders For Everyone.

In the last two days, two letters concerning the state of affairs in Satellite Beach have appeared in the Florida Today newspaper. In some ways, it is interesting that the little town of Satellite Beach is generating so much fodder to be talked about, but at the same time, we wonder how this adds or subtracts to the perception of Satellite Beach.

The good news is the letters both contain valid points. That is always positive. The bad news is that in some cases, the writers were wearing some ideological blinders, and we believe the blinders need to be removed.

So in addition to commenting on where we think the writers got things right, we are also going to perform a “blinder-ectomy,” in which we hope to address some issues and bring some light onto the situation.

On Monday, June 25, Satellite Beach resident Bud Wade wrote the following in a letter to the editor:

Council should stay out of city’s daily affairs

Satellite Beach City Council is made up of a mayor and four council members. We have two members who seem to have a problem obeying city codes, one who can’t come to grips with the fact residents are not required to salute and respond, “yes, sir” every time he bloviates and one who seems to believe the council is the command presence for the city.

These are the people who believe only they know how to fix the city.

During the past several months, council members have whined that letters to the editor have been vitriolic with no recommendations. Here are a few suggestions for council’s deliberation.

Satellite Beach is a civil community, not a squadron. Council members were elected by the people and are responsible to them. You are not our commanders but our representatives, who should be setting general policy and not meddling in the daily affairs of the city. Stop worrying about whether the Citizen’s Patrol car was seen at Wal-Mart.

There has been a lot of rhetoric on both sides lately regarding the transition of the city manager. The newly elected “toxic trio” made no bones at the outset they wanted to remove the manager. Failing to have enough votes to do so, City Manager Michael Crotty and council agreed he would continue in his position. Now, council opines the manager was not terminated but has retired as a natural transition.

After 27 years and many, many council transitions, why has Mr. Crotty suddenly felt the need to retire? He is too much of a gentleman to cite the hostile workplace.

Previous councils didn’t make the city great. It was the city’s management and workers doing the fine jobs they have been doing since long before this inept council ever existed.

Yes, there are issues with Council Members and code enforcement. Just because there are issues does not mean the Council Members are in the wrong. As we pointed out on Monday, no one likes it when Code Enforcement shows up and says “this is out of code.” Council members do not lose their rights to due process just because they serve on the City Council. Nether do they gain any additional rights. What Council members need to do is set the tone and the leadership in dealing with code enforcement issues, as well as other fee and licensing issues.

“Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone….”

In case you missed it, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts in his sex abuse case. The jury believed Sandusky used his position of trust and authority to molest young boys. Sentencing will be announced later, but Sandusky is facing a minimum of 60 years in jail and a maximum of 442 years. Even if the judge were to sentence Sandusky to the minimum with Sandusky’s advanced age of 68, the sentence is effectively a death sentence.

The scandal rocked Penn State and led to the firing of long time coach Joe Paterno. We here at Raised on Hoecakes always felt that Paterno got a bad deal in this. His stellar reputation was tarnish by someone other than himself. When informed of an allegation of molesting against Sandusky, Paterno told the appropriate authorities. They failed to look into the incident in a manner required by law. That is not a failure on the part of Paterno. That is a failure on the part of the system, which is only as strong as the weakest link.

Interestingly, one of the charges the jury did not convict Sandusky upon involved Victim #2, which is the incident Paterno reported.

After the verdict was read, the judge revoked Sandusky’s bond and he was taken to prison. During his first night in prison, inmates serenaded Sandusky with the Pink Floyd song “The Wall.”

Other prisoners were barred from communicating directly with Sandusky, but they could see him. And when the lights went out, inmates serenaded the disgraced coach with a famous line from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

“At night, we were singing ‘Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone,’ ” Josh said, adding that everyone knew who Sandusky was because inmates had access to television and newspapers.


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