1948 Law Smacks Ticketmaster In The Mouth.

Ticketmaster-ROHTicketmaster is a California based company which sells tickets for sporting events, concerts, theaters and other events. Their business model is based on charging a “service charge” on top of the ticket price.

Baltimore resident Andre Bourgeois bought one such ticket to see Jackson Brown at the Lyric Opera House in 2009. The ticket’s face value was $52.00 to which Ticketmaster added a $12 “service charge.”

Bourgeois was not only not happy, he sued Ticketmaster and the Lyric. While we would normally think this was a baseless lawsuit, Borgeois had a whopper of a bullet in his legal gun.

There is a Baltimore law from 1948 that prevents charging more than $0.50 on top of the face value of any ticket. This was to prevent the scalping of tickets were people would buy a ticket with no intention of seeing a show, but rather reselling the ticket for a much higher price.

In January of 2013, a judge ruled in favor of Bourgeois, throwing venues and the Maryland Sports Authority (who contracts with Ticketmaster for Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles games) into a real life tizzy. The reason is that there is a fine attached to the ordinance of $1000.00 per violation. Next month, a state court will take up the issue of whether Ticketmaster has to pay the fine which would total in the millions of dollars.

In the face of this impending disaster, the Baltimore City Council is looking to pass a bill that will carve out an exception for ticket agencies like Ticketmaster to charge service fees when they sell a ticket.

City of Warren Wins In Court Against The Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Warren-Decision-ROHEach year after Thanksgiving, the City of Warren, Michigan has erected a holiday display, The display includes a lighted tree, ribbons, ornaments, reindeer, wreaths, snowmen, a mailbox for Santa, elves, wrapped gift boxes, nutcrackers, poinsettias, candy canes, a “Winter Welcome” sign and a nativity scene.

In 2010, the group “Freedom from Religion Foundation” sent a letter to the city demanding the city remove the nativity scene.

The city refused.

The request was repeated and the refusal from the city was repeated.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation then sent a letter to the city asking it to place a “sandwich style sign” with the follow upon it:

At this season of
may reason prevail.
There are no gods,
no devils, no angels,
No heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world,
Religion is but
Myth and superstition
That hardens hearts
And enslaves minds.
Placed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation
On Behalf of its State Members
Freedom From Religion Foundation

Warren Mayor James Fouts then sent a letter back to the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

In Case You Missed This…..

Hila Ben Baruch legally parked her car in downtown Tel Aviv, Israel and walked away. When she returned, her car had been towed.

The reason?

She had been parked in a handicapped parking zone.

In one of those “huh?” stories, Ben Baruch had legally parked her car in a non-handicapped parking spot but while she was there, city workers came by and painted the handicapped designation on the spot. Later, a city tow truck came by and towed her car away.

Luckily for her, there was a security camera from across the street caught the whole thing.

When Ben Baruch protested the ticket she was told she was lying but the video proved otherwise.

In a statement, [Tel Aviv officials] said “This was a severe mistake and a case of incompetence that the city of Tel Aviv does not accept… We apologize for the distress and will examine our conduct for the future, so that these kinds of things won’t happen again.” They also rescinded Ben Baruch’s fine and vehicle recovery costs.

The Numbers.

Dollar-House-ROHLast week we wrote in our recap of the Satellite Beach City Council meeting that there was a discussion on the taxes paid by residents of Satellite Beach and those paid by our neighbors to the south, Indian Harbour Beach. There is no doubt the taxes, fees, outlays and expenditures result in differences in levels of services. Yet the question keeps arising as to what are those taxes and fees?

In last week’s meeting, Councilwoman Sheryl Denan announced she had contacted Indian Harbour Beach and had gotten a response on their taxes and fees and suggested the response be put on the Satellite Beach City website. This was met with resistance from Councilwoman Gott.

We don’t understand the resistance. If we are proud of our city and Indian Harbour is proud of their city, neither city should be afraid of having the information readily available to both residents and non-residents for comparison.

Councilwoman Denan forwarded her correspondence with Jackie Burns, the City Manager of Indian Harbour Beach, to one of our staff.

We are putting it up here so people can have the facts.

Abstinence Is Not “Sexually Suggestive.”

Drink-and-Park-Tee-Shit-ROHAn eighth grade student at Clearlake Middle School in Cocoa, Florida was told she had to change her tee-shirt because it was deemed “inappropriate.”

Summer Schreiner, 15, wore a tee-shirt to school that read “Don’t drink and park… accidents cause kids.” She had gotten the tee-shirt at a “Silver Ring Ceremony” at which teens take a pledge of sexual abstinence before marriage. The teens are given a silver ring to wear as a reminder of their commitment.

After wearing the shirt for half of the day, Schreiner was told to report to the school’s office. It was there she was told the shirt was against the school dress code and she needed to change.

The school’s dress code reads:

Clothing, jewelry, and accessories shall not convey messages that are: Crude, vulgar/profane; violence/death- oriented (Gothic); gang related; sexually suggestive; or promoting alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

Was Schreiner’s tee-shirt “sexually suggestive?” We don’t think so. Usually the term “sexually suggestive” implies a wish, desire or inference to have sex. Here, Schreiner’s tee-shirt was doing the opposite – making the statement against having sex.

The School District is standing by the decision to have Schreiner change the shirt.

Fear Of The Turtle Returns.


It’s back.

Yes ladies and gentleman, Division I lacrosse has returned to the field and this past weekend saw the number 2 ranked Maryland Terrapins travel 45 miles north on I-95 to take on the number 1 ranked and defending NCAA champions the Loyola Greyhounds.

The Terps spotted Loyola the first goal and then rattled off 5 unanswered goals. From there, the Terps never looked back leaving the home team and their fans to leave Loyola’s Ridley Athletic Complex saddened by a 12 – 10 loss.

We, of course, are not saddened by this at all.

Maryland is loaded this year with a better than average offense, a great defense and a great goalie. Time will tell if the team can reach its full potential, but the Terps are capable of playing for and winning the national championship in Philadelphia.

For us, even though they are far away, it is good just to see the sport back on the field. We had watched some games on television a few weeks ago, but the schedules of all schools are really kicking in. The fastest sport on grass is back.

Loyola is now 2 – 1 on the year. Maryland (3 – 0) should move up in the rankings (not that it matters) to number 1 and should be number 1 when they face hated ACC rival and perennial powerhouse Duke in Durham. The game will be broadcast on ESPNU starting at 11:00 AM on this Saturday.

Fear the turtle!

This Is Not A Repeat – Another State Comes After Legal Owners Of Weapons.

Oregon-ROH Sure, people who want more, excessive gun “control” say they don’t want to confiscate any weapons, but they are lying.

After Senators in the State of Washington proposed a bill to illegally search homes for weapons, and after Missouri Democrats proposed a bill to make it a crime to possess certain weapons (almost all weapons in fact) elected representatives in the state of Oregon went for the “two-fer,” banning weapons and allowing police to search your home.

Oregon state Representatives Greenlick, Bailey, Buckley, Dembrow, Frederick, Rear, Reardon, Tomei, and Senators Burdick, Dingfelger, Hass, Monnes Anderson, Monroe, Shields, and Steiner Hayward introduced HB3200.

The bill makes the usual dubious definitions of “assault weapons” (read: “guns that look scary”) and then tells the citizens of the state of Oregon they may have one such assault weapon and no more than three magazines of no more than a 10 round capacity. Citizens must turn in their weapons to an approved state agency, a licensed firearms dealer, or render the weapon inoperable. In addition, after a background check (even if you already own the weapon) the citizen must register their one (and only one) weapon and allow government agencies into the citizen’s homes to inspect the weapon and its storage.

(The police will determine the background check requirements, the registration requirements, the storage requirements and the associated fees.)

Yeah, like we expect all the criminals in Oregon to rush to the police station and turn in their weapons. Once again we see an attack on the rights of legal gun owners.

How does this play out in the real world if people can’t defend themselves against threats and criminals?

Imagine you are a lovely family at home spending some quality time together baking a cake. (No, really.) There is a knock at the door and you answer the door where you see a guy about the same age as your son. Thinking he is a friend of your son, you open the door and three armed criminals, intent on harming you, rush into your home. As the father, they push you onto the ground. As the mother, they start to make a move toward you.

But before they can….

I’ll Have A Peanut Butter And Honey Sandwich That Is Out Of This World, Please.

So what do you do when your up in the International Space Station and are hungry?

You make a peanut butter and honey sandwich, of course.

If you wonder how that happens, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates.

Yum Yum!!

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