Looking To Buy A 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo?

The Triumph of Style  The Joy of Automotion  Medium Today we were looking at other sites to see what other bloggers are saying and over at the site “Questions and Observations,” we noticed a post from author Dale Franks referring to an article he had written on the Nissan Juke Nismo.

We have read Franks’ book ” Slackernomics: Basic Economics for People Who Think Economics is Boring”, and thought it was well writen and informative. We liked the book so much we interviewed Franks on the radio show where he was a great, well informed and thoughtful guest.

So on a lark we decided to read his article of the Nissan Juke Nismo.

Franks doesn’t like the car much, but that is not why we are mentioning the article. You see, most articles reviewing cars are rather boring. It is difficult to write wonderful prose extoling the virtues of a dashboard layout. Yet we have to say that Franks’ review is not only informative, but a downright fun, good read.

In discussing how the Juke drives, Franks writes:

Nissan gives you two drivetrain/transmission options with the Juke Nismo. You can have All-Wheel Drive, but only with a CVT transmission. You can have a 6-speed manual transmission, but only with Front-Wheel Drive. This is exactly like being told, “Why, yes, you can marry Kate Upton anytime you want. You’ll just need to have your penis removed first.”

And on how the car handles…..

What you won’t notice, on the other hand, is a lack of bodyroll. Despite a suspension that’s stiffer than Anthony Weiner with a broadband Internet connection, the Juke is too tall and top-heavy for bodyroll to be well-controlled, because physics is still a thing. The suspension could be made from solid blocks of basalt, and the Juke would still roll like a tramp steamer in the North Atlantic.

The whole review left us laughing.

We won’t make a recommendation on the Nissan Juke Nismo, but if you need a fast laugh from the unexpected source of a car review, go read Franks’ article .

You won’t be sorry.

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