“Sheriff Joe” Back In The News.

Arpaio-Bread-and-Water-ROHMaricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio is back in the news after putting some prisoners in the Maricopa County jail systems on a diet of bread and water for seven days.

Dozens of inmates in Arizona jails run by a sheriff who has been a controversial figure in the national immigration debate have been put on a diet of bread and water for desecrating U.S. flags that hang in each cell, authorities said on Friday.

Maricopa County lawman Joe Arpaio, who has been called “America’s toughest sheriff,” said 38 inmates were currently getting these meals twice a day as punishment for destroying government property while in custody at six jails.


The punishment will last for seven days, he said, and a second offense would bring 10 more days of the sparse diet.

We don’t understand why a US flag would be placed in a cell of someone to begin with, but that is just us. Arpaio has been known for cost cutting measures and a “get tough” stance on things in the past such as providing pink underwear for prisoners, military tents to house inmates in, bologna sandwiches on stale bread, etc. It seems odd to us that a person who justifies cost cutting measures would then put unneeded and unnecessary flags in a cells. Why the added expense for what appears to be little or no benefit?

It is not that we believe criminals should be coddled. It is not that we believe that jails should be akin to four star hotels.

Far from it.

The Smelly, Oozy, Sometimes Explode-y Science of Garbage.

Haven’t you always wondered about the science behind garbage?

Now you can learn!

Eye Floaters.

We had no idea that other people saw these things, much less that there was a name for them.

“Eye floaters.”


Sometimes our eyes do weird things. One of the things that it sometimes does is get floaters. What are they? Where do they come from? Join us today on SciShow as Hank explores the science behind these little specks.

Get Konnected with The Kronies Action Figures!

This is both funny and depressing in how accurate it is.

We Thought We Had Heard Most Of The Conspiracy Theories. We Were Wrong.

We were scooting around the internet the other day and came upon a link to the video below.

In it, the gentleman giving the speech claims that the RMS Titanic did not strike an iceberg and sink on its maiden voyage in 1912.

This guy claims that it was the Titanic’s sister ship – the RMS Olympic – that sank taking some 1500 people to an cold, watery grave.

A compelling presentation by John Hamer, author of the recently published book ‘The Falsification of History’, to New Horizons in St. Annes, Lancashire, England.

In October 1910, a group of seven men, all senior players in the Rothschild and Rockefeller financial dynasties, met in strict secrecy on a private island off the coast of Georgia, USA. Their brief was to create an organisation to usurp the power to create and print money, until then solely a function of the US government. This organisation was to be named ‘The Federal Reserve Bank’. This plan however, had several extremely powerful, high-profile opponents who stood in the way of these banker’s goals.

In the meantime, John Pierpoint (JP) Morgan, another American high-financier, involved in the Federal Reserve scheme, who also happened to own the British-based White Star shipping line, had commissioned a series of ‘super-liners’, the Olympic class, in an attempt to gain the lion’s share of the highly lucrative Atlantic-crossing market. The speculative investment involved in this project was immense.

However, in September 1911, before the second one of the planned three ‘sisters’, RMS Titanic had been completed, Morgan’s plans were dealt a massive financial blow when RMS Olympic, the first of the ‘sister’ ships off the production line was involved in a disastrous collision with a Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Hawke.

And so, the scene was set for one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated… in the100th anniversary year, John presents information and evidence that seriously questions the official account in the history books.

A few years ago we renewed our interest in the Titanic, but we had never read or heard of this one.

Talk about being out of the loop.

Super Bowl Week Starts.

In case you missed it, next Sunday is Super Bowl XLVIII. For the first time, the Super Bowl is being held in an outdoor, “cold weather” stadium. Already the pundits who previously that a cold weather Super Bowl was a good idea are now saying the NFL should not host the game in cold weather stadiums.

If you aren’t sure of how we got to this point in the NFL season, Trey Wingo of ESPN recaps everything for you in 160 seconds.

Watch it and you’ll be in the know!

Stuff In Slo-Motion!

Who doesn’t like slow motion photography?

We do!

This is a macro sequence of a match burning. It was shot @ 4000 FPS. As you can see this is an extremely tight shot. There was over 2000 wats of light within 4 inches (10 CM) of the match with mirrors and reflectors too.

If the military made melon grenades, they would probably look like this.

Lifehacks Debunked. (And Others That Work.)

Below are two enjoyable videos on lifehacks. Some work, and some do not but they are all interesting. Sit back and enjoy.

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