Lucy Loves Her Some Chicken Nuggets.

This is hysterical.

Lucy is always getting into trouble, Everyday when we got home the chair is moved and little foot prints are on the counter. Sometimes food would be missing.I always wondered how she moved the chair. A few weeks before we had company over . I had made a filet roast. We were in the other room. I was looking at my friend his jaw was wide open. He says dude your dog is in the oven. I ran into the kitchen. .Lucy was on the large oven door , chowing down on our dinner. So a few weeks later I was cleaning out the freezer found some old chicken nuggets. I had decided to set up Lucy.I set up the camera on a tripod pointing at the small toaster oven.Put the chicken nuggets in the oven turned the oven on for 12 minutes and left for the grocery store. 40 minutes later , I came home with pan on the floor . Gotcha !!!!! 

While the owner says he set Lucy up, we think that Lucy got to eat the nuggets, get worldwide exposure, and is still a happy beagle. After all, who is going to send a dog to prison over chicken nuggets?

We think Lucy set the owner up.

And won.

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