“A Fool And His Head Are Soon Parted.”

Klingon-ROH Paramount Productions has sued the makers of a Star Trek fan film called “Axanar” claiming a long list copyright infringements. The film, entitled “Axanar,” is being made by Axanar Productions and is funded not by any major studio or producers, but fans. It is the fans that have donated money to make the film and as you can see at the bottom of the post, it looks good, especially for a fan funded project.

Even we can see issues with using the name “Star Trek,” logos, uniforms, characters, etc that are copyrighted as being a problem. As cool of a project this is, Axanar Productions doesn’t get to use and make money off of the intellectual property of others.

As we said, Paramount sued and in a legal response to the suit, Axanar claimed the suit was too broad and had not specific instances of copyright infringement.

Paramount responded with lots of examples of alleged copyright infringement including the Klingon language.

You read that right.

Paramount is suing over an imaginary language in science fiction. (JRR Tolkien was unavailable to comment in the traditional language of elves which we are sure he would have done.)

In the early 1980’s Paramount asked Marc Okrand to devise a few lines of “Klingon” for the movie “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.” Okrand had made up a few lines of the Vulcan language for an earlier film so Paramount turned to him.

The project for the movie was a success and after the movie, Okrand produced the “Klingon Dictionary” which also became a success because,…..because, well, we are talking about Star Trek here.

There is a reason fans of the series are called “Trekkers” or “Trekies” (depending on the level of fanaticism.) The fans took the basics of the language and ran with it.

In 1992, the “Klingon Language Institute” was founded whose main goal is:

“We’re The EPA … Laws Don’t Matter To Us.”

EOA-RAcing-ROHLet’s face it …… the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not had a good year.

In August of 2015, the EPA caused the release of millions of gallons of toxic water at the Gold King Mine site in Colorado. The EPA was well aware of the risks of the work they were doing and did nothing to mitigate those risks. It now appears that the EPA lied about incident and causes to the press and public.

In Greensboro, Georgia, a similar incident occurred when an EPA contractor broke a main water line sending toxin laden water into sensitive refuge areas.

Earlier this year, it was disclosed that the EPA knew of the water issues in Flint, Michigan for six months prior to the health disaster coming to light.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief told reporters the agency “did its job” when asked how the Obama administration handled the ongoing water crisis in the city of Flint, Mich.

“EPA did its job but clearly the outcome was not what anyone would have wanted,” Gina McCarthy told reporters while at an event at a D.C. soup kitchen showing how to reduce food waste.

McCarthy’s remarks come after news that agency officials knew there was lead in Flint’s water at least six months before state regulators admitted in October to using the wrong standards for keeping lead pollution out of drinking water.

Maintaining that keeping vital health risk information from the public is “doing the job” is mind bogglingly ridiculous.

Now the EPA has tried to hide a rule that would eliminate amateur racing in the United States.

Cirque Du Hypocrisy.

Cirque du Soleil Hypocrisy.

They cancel in North Carolina over the transgender bathroom law, but will preform in Dubai where transgenders and homosexuality is illegal.


(Image courtesy AF Branco over at Comically Incorrect.)

Why Private Investment Works And Government Investment Doesn’t.

There are always going to be specific instances that “prove the rule,” but generally speaking, this video from the Prager University is spot on.

It is always easier to spend other people’s money when you don’t have skin in the game.

From transportation to energy, and everything in between, should the government invest money in as many promising projects as possible? Or would that actually doom many of those ventures to failure? Burt Folsom, historian and professor at Hillsdale College, answers those questions by drawing on the fascinating history of the race to build America’s railroads and airplanes.

Black And White Can Sometimes Be Gray.

Dwain-office-CroppedToday, Dwain Downing of Texas may be the most hated lawyer in the world of the internet.

Downing went to a local restaurant called “Our Place” Mansfield, Texas. Our Place is a breakfast and lunch only diner and they close at 3 PM. The restaurant also has daily specials for $7.95.

It is here the plot thickens.

The daily specials include a “free bowl of soup.” The in-house menu says “free bowl of soup – while supplies last.” The online menu didn’t contain the same disclaimer of “while supplies last.”

When Downing went to the restaurant a second time and was again told that the kitchen was out of free soup, he spoke the staff.

Told by a staffer that the restaurant was out of soup, Downing asked for a price reduction or a substitution for the soup. The staffer and then the on-site manager told Downing that it was against the owner’s policy to offer any change or to discount prices.

Downing sent a letter to owner Benji Arslanovski demanding $2.50 and lawyers’ fees in the amount of $250.00.

“The menu is an offer for a contract by you,” Downing’s letter says. “I accepted the offer. This action … created a binding contract which is legally enforceable in a court of law. You then breached the contract by not providing the soup as promised by you on the menu.”

Downing also accused the restaurateur of deceptive trade practices, adding that if Downing is successful in his suit, Arslanovski will be liable for triple damages and attorney’s fees.

“In addition,” Downing’s letter said, “I demand that you change your policy and if you don’t have an item, either offer a substitute side or a reduction in price.”

The internet has erupted in anger against Downing. After all, how can someone be suing over a $2.50 cup of soup. How can anyone demand $250.00 in fees? (Even worse, Downing’s letter says that as this is a consumer protection case, he is entitled to treble damages. Downing wants $$750.00 for a $2.50 coup of soup. Oy vey.)

Downing’s response to the question of “why write a letter threatening a lawsuit doesn’t endear him either:

I’m a lawyer,” Downing said Friday by phone. “And lawyers write letters.”

Downing seems to have forgotten the ol’ adage of “if you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.”

We agree with the notion that Downing’s actions are over the top. Looking for a $750.00 payday over a $2.50 cup of soup is excessive.

However, Arslanovski is not as pure as the driven snow here either.

Dear Donald,…..

Trump-Two-Face-ROH Dear Donald,

We wanted to write to you because in your world where you think everything you say and do is “yuuuge,” it is time for the rest of us to say, “you are a yuuuge buttwipe.”

When you first decided to run, we thought it might be a good thing because you brought a voice and thoughts that needed to be said to the established politicians. There are problems with the “insiders” and the “little people.” However, what many people don’t know or want to ignore is that you are one of the “insiders.” It is you who have bought and sold politicians to get what you want. It is you who helped make the Clintons what they are.

Whether it be bullying cities, attacking writers, and or trying to take the property of people to make you more money, we began to realize that you weren’t the solution.

You were the problem.

As time went by, you started to make pronouncements of people “cheating” because they knew more than you or the “great people” you hired. You got out worked and that bothered you. Instead of addressing your failures, you blamed others because that is what you do.

Your flip flops and “adjustments” of the things that you say have now become legendary. Just this past week you flipped on the NC gay / transgendered law. You followed that with a flop and a retraction of a statement that you made earlier in the campaign that you could pay down the national debt in 8 years. Now you say that you couldn’t do it in ten years and even disavowing that you said you could do it earlier.

another week, and another change in your position. Is there any morals or standards you have and stick to?

But now you have topped them all.

Ultra High Definition (4K) View of Planet Earth (And More.)

One of our more loyal readers has a huge monster HD screen. (It’s almost taller than he is.) We hope he takes the time to view this video of the earth in ultra high definition. Even if you don’t have a 4K monitor or television, the video is spectacular.

NASA monitors Earth’s vital signs from land, air and space with a fleet of satellites and ambitious airborne and ground-based observation campaigns. The International Space Station hosts a variety of payloads and experiments supporting climate research, weather predictions, hurricane monitoring, pollution tracking, disaster response and more.

If you want more, take a look at this amazing video:

Cruz Ad: “War Room.”

Like him or hate him, Cruz has come out with some of the best political ads this season. This is one of those good ads that hits two other candidates at once.

Funny stuff. (And true.)

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