Cocoa Beach: The Variance That Will Destroy Height Restrictions.


On July 7, 2016, the City Commission will hold a hearing on the height variance requested by the Ocean Dunes Condos to build a 60 foot tall group of condos. This is the last step in the three step process required by the City Code and Charter to obtain a variance for height in the City.

We wrote about the variance request here and here, but now we want to write about another aspect that shows the folly of this variance.

One of the key arguments put forth by the applicants and sadly the City Staff, (who have abandoned any pretense of being neutral and representing all citizens) is the idea that if the building next to the Ocean Dunes were to be destroyed, the building could be rebuilt to a height of 60 feet.

The City Staff makes the argument in the case packet:

2. Special conditions and circumstances exist which are peculiar to the land, structure or building involved and which are not applicable to other lands, structures or buildings in the same district.

Within the district, there exist other condominium complexes which are built to heights greater than 45 feet, many of which are listed in Attachment J. Each of these structures can be rebuilt to their current height as a casualty loss or non-casualty loss rebuild, with or without vested rights. This creates a special circumstance peculiar to the subject site that is not the same for other similar residential dwelling structures within the district.

. . . . .

5. Granting the variance will not give the applicant any special privilege that is denied by the LDC regulations to other lands, structures, or buildings in the same district.

Neighboring residential condominium complexes (Attachment J) would each be permitted to rebuild to a height greater than 45 feet. The subject site has a shared location along the coastline, within the same general floodway, which makes it logical for these different properties to have similar per square foot property land values. To provide the subject site with the ability to build to a height comparable to neighboring sites would not provide any
special privileges to the applicant that are beyond what is already granted to other properties within the same district. (emphasis ours)

Is what the City is saying true?

No, not really.

Cocoa Beach: Official Notice On Condos In Florida Today.

One of our ninjas sent us the newspaper notice for the City Commission holding a hearing on the variance request of the Ocean Dunes Condominiums to build a 60′ building which 33% taller than the code and City Charter allows.

The time for this meeting is during a regular Commission meeting on July 7, 2016.


Notice that even if you cannot attend the meeting, you can still make your voices heard. The notice says you can contact the City Planner Sue Ryan. We would also suggest making sure your comments are heard by sending copies to Acting City Manager Charles Holland, and the entire City Commission.

Warm-Up Act.

Once again, another great political cartoon by AF Branco at Comically Incorrect.


Democrat House Sit-in to protest the 2nd amendment and try to force more gun control legislation that won’t stop the terrorists.

Will This Trick Your Brain? (Color TEST)

Ever wonder how your eyes see color? Or why a banana looks different on a cell phone than in real life? Or maybe you wondered sometime why there aren’t many green flowers.

This video may help you answer those questions and more.

What If Our Constitution Were Written Like Campus Speech Codes?

From the folks at FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.)

Administrators at college campuses routinely use speech codes to launch investigations into campus newspapers, prohibit religious symbols, and silence support for political candidates. Instead of fostering a marketplace of ideas at the university, faculty and students often push to disinvite controversial speakers and entertainers.

College administrators have used speech codes to prohibit biased speech, disrespectful speech, and “inappropriately directed laughter,” and to restrict all questionable speech to “free speech zones.” The University of California System has decided that statements like “America is a melting pot” or “America is the land of opportunity” are examples of microaggressions and should not be said on campus.

Guns, Islam And Orlando.

Bill Whittle has an take on the Orlando shooting that should make people think.

The massacre in Orlando is not just another case of “homegrown extremism.” Despite the shameful censoring of the transcript of the 911 call, the Orlando murders were just another step in the long, bloody march of [OMITTED]; another [OMITTED] responding to the call of [OMITTED] to commit mass murder In the name of [OMITTED].

Jerrold Nadler: Elected Idiot.

Jerrold_Nadler The picture to the left is of Representative Jerrold Nadler. He currently represents the 10th District of the State of New York and is a Democrat.

Nadler is allegedly an attorney and has been an elected official in some capacity at either the state or federal level since 1977.

He is also an idiot.

While taking part in a House Judiciary Committee on the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, Nadler (the idiot) made this statement:

“The Constitution was enacted to strengthen government power to enable central government to lay taxes and to function effectively. We put limits on that through the Bill of Rights, but the Constitution was enacted for the opposite purpose,” said Nadler.

He said that after former assistant U.S. attorney and self described conservative

constitutionalist Andrew McCarthy argued during his testimony that the “principal purpose of the Constitution is to limit the power of government to intrude on the liberties and suppress the rights of the American people.” Nadler said he wanted to make that “historical correction” because he hears people saying the contrary and “it really bothers me.”

While it can be said with all certainty that the Articles of Confederation were too limited in scope to be effective to run a nation, the Constitution was still founded on the principles state in the Declaration of Independence:

BREAKING: Netterstom To Run For Clerk Of Court.

From the Florida Today:

Former Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom on Thursday became the fourth candidate for Brevard County clerk of courts.

He will be listed on the ballot as running with “no party affiliation.”

Didn’t see that one coming. After all, when Netterstrom resigned from his position as Mayor of Cocoa Beach, he wrote:

All good things must end and unfortunately that time has come. I must stop playing and get back to work. At the end of the year, I will resign my position as Mayor (a job highly

recommend) so I can clear my mind and focus on new opportunities. As many of you are aware, I’ve been purchasing distressed properties and flipping them to new owners. As the economy gets better, my business model is changing (bad for me, great for everyone else) and 2016 will be an exciting transition time for me.

I hope you forgive me for leaving a little early but I have been your elected official for 5 years and we have accomplished a lot together. The Glass bank, New Fire Station, SNAP permits, marketing/branding, customer friendly City Hall, New events like Surfing Santa and Power Boats, Pro business atmosphere that encourages new business and re-investment in Cocoa Beach, Kept full services with low taxes, Remodeled water plant and other projects to protect the Lagoon, Kept our kids in local schools, invited visitors from other planets, brought Jeannie back to the beach (Oct 25th) and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes us proud to live in Cocoa Beach (I still think we need a Ferris Wheel).

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