Who’s More Compassionate: The Left Or The Right?

You may not agree with this video from the Prager University, but it should make you think.

Frankly, we think the title is a little misleading in that lumping Liberals in to one group and Conservatives in another and then comparing the two groups assumes that the ideas and actions of people within those two groups are homogenous. They are not. We have known liberals and conservatives who have put their beliefs of helping others into action by using their own money and industry. We have known conservatives and liberals who are greedy and selfish to the point where they would not give a man dying of thirst a glass of water.

The end line of the video makes a great point that there is a difference in “compassion” when one does something that feels good rather than doing something that does good.

Democrats often think of themselves as kind and caring, and of Republicans as callous and mean-spirited. But why? Are Progressive policies more likely to raise people out of poverty than conservative ones? And what really counts as “kind”: supporting policies that feel good? Or supporting policies that do good? William Voegeli, Senior Editor of the Claremont Review of Books, explains.

Clinton Cash Official Documentary Movie ( Full ).

You may have read the book of the same title, but if you are a movie and visual type person, this is for you.

Be forewarned, this ain’t pretty.

Free Speech At Brown And Other College Campuses.

Around the county college students are silencing speakers in the name of safe spaces. Filmmaker Rob Montz visits his alma mater of Brown University to find out what happened to free speech and debate on campus in We the Internet’s first mini documentary.


(From the mind and colored pencils of A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect.)


So the Democrats rigged the primaries for Hillary and the person who orchestrated that now has a part in the Clinton campaign.


Clinton Delegate Explains How Democrats Will Ban All Guns.

Gee. What a shocker this is.

In this video, a PVA journalist encounters a Hillary Clinton Alternate Delegate who discusses how the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton hide the fact that they want to ban all guns.

Actions Of Lying Liars That Result In Death Can Keep Job.

Metro-ROHOn January 12, 2015, a fire broke out in the Metro Station near L’Enfant Plaza in Washington.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigated the cause of the fire and found it to be “a prolonged short circuit that consumed power system components.”

If you have ever seen an electrical fire, you know that the result is black, acrid smoke which can kill. In a subway system where everything is underground, you need to have fans that will help vent the smoke to the outside. Without those fans, people can die from the smoke.

In fact, that is exactly what happened to 61 year old and grandmother Carol Glover. Stuck in the tunnel with the smoke from the fire all around her, she died after she was carried off the train. In addition, 95 other people were injured and required medical attention. Of that 95, 86 needed to be taken to the hospital.

Because the threat of smoke within a subway is so well known, subways systems have huge fans to ventilate the smoke from the tunnels with the idea to keep people safe from breathing the smoke, but also to aid in people – including emergency personnel – to be able to see.

The fans themselves are inspected regularly to make sure they operate and can function in an emergency. That way, if there is a fire, the smoke can be cleared from the tunnels.

Of course, that is assuming that the inspections actually took place.

Court documents obtained by WTOP show Mechanic AA Seyoum Haile was fired by Metro the month after Carol Glover died on a smoke-filled Yellow Line train. Metro found that preventive maintenance activities that Haile had signed off on for a fan shaft near the smoke incident had not really been done.

The Metro investigation found that no computer logs from the Rail Operations Control Center or radio recordings showed any evidence that the appropriate tests had been done Nov. 6, 2014, despite paperwork filed by Haile that indicated the tests had been completed.


Stand Up And Say So.

This is the music to the new Dinesh D’Sousa film “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.”

It’s a rather catchy tune to say the least and being sung by the Gatlin Brothers helps too.

The film is playing in the area, so you can go see it if you want.

One of the lines is in the song is, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of being treated this way…”

We have to say that whether you agree with the movie or not, somehow we think that is a sentiment that many political sides can agree to. We are sick and tired of being treated in such ways were we are almost second class to the political class.

The question is, “what do you do if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

The Pizza Equation.

Well, you always really wanted to know….

Get the most out of pizza with some simple math!

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