What Happens When You Have A Concussion?

Concussions seem to be in the news today in all sports and all sport levels. From football to baseball to soccer to racing, and from youth leagues all the way up to the pro leagues, people are talking and concerned about concussions.

Each year in the United States, players of sports and recreational activities receive between 2.5 and 4 million concussions. How dangerous are all those concussions? The answer is complicated and lies in how the brain responds when something strikes it. Clifford Robbins explains the science behind concussions.

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Ben Shapiro And Adam Carolla Go To Washington.

Ben Shapiro and Adam Carolla appeared before a House Committee on the “Challenges of Free Speech On Campus.”

Shapiro is certainly the more serious of the two and delivers (as he often does) a logical, well composed and thought out argument in his opening remarks.

Carolla is, as always, a comedienne, and his remarks are more laced with humor, but he makes an essential point.

First, Shapiro’s remarks:

Full text:

It’s an honor to testify here before you here today. The reason I’m with you today is that I speak on dozens of college campuses every year, so I have first-hand experience with the anti-First Amendment activities that have been taking place on some of our college campuses. I’ve encountered anti-free speech measures, administrative cowardice, even physical violence on campuses ranging from California State University at Los Angeles to University of Wisconsin at Madison which is driving the legislation that Ms. Demings was talking about, to Penn State University to UC Berkeley. And I am not alone.

In order to understand what’s been going on at some of our college campuses, it’s necessary to explore the ideology that provides the impetus for a lot of the protesters who violently obstruct events, pull fire alarms, assault professors and even other students — and the impetus for administrators who all too often humor these protesters. Free speech is under assault because of a three-step argument made by the advocates and justifiers of violence.

The first step is they say that the validity or invalidity of an argument can be judged solely by the ethnic, sexual, racial, or cultural identity of the person making the argument.

The second step is that they claim those who say otherwise are engaging in what they call verbal violence.

The final step is they conclude that physical violence is sometimes justified in order to stop such verbal violence.

Let’s examine each of these three steps in turn.

Cocoa Beach: “Welcome To The Party, Pal!”

In the 1988 action thriller film “Die Hard,” there is a scene where the Bruce Willis character John McClain throws a terrorist / thief out of the window. The body falls and lands on a police squad car – the same police that McClain has been desperately trying to convince that the building is under attack and the people inside are being held at gun point.

After the body crashes into the windshield of the car, McClain shouts “Welcome to the party, Pal!”

(You can see the line here, and the clip in context here. (Warning: NSFW language in the second clip.)

One of the stronger presences on Facebook dealing with government issues in Cocoa Beach is a page called “Cocoa Beach Vote.”

The page regularly links to us and takes excerpts from here, so we keep an eye on them and what they are up to.

As they deal with general issues in Cocoa Beach, you should keep an eye on them as well.

However, a new page has appeared dealing with Cocoa Beach and this one is more focused on one issue – the amusement park rides Westgate is planning to install at the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Taxes Are Killing Small Businesses.

This video from Prager University is rather timely as we are doing some research into the fee / increase passed by the Palm Bay City Council.

We’ll have more on their actions at a later time. For now, learn how taxes are killing small businesses.

Did you know that U.S. businesses are taxed at one of the highest rates in the developed world? How bad is it? And why should you care? Watch this short video to find out.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Somehow we screwed this post up and left the video out of the original version that was posted earlier. That’s what we get for not checking the code. We apologize for the inconvenience and anything that left people saying “what is this?” It’s fixed now..

Stool Pigeon Or Parrot?

Bud – the African Grey Parrot. (image courtesy

An African Grey parrot helped convict a Michigan woman of killing her husband.

It almost sounds like “fake news,” or an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t.

Forty-nine year old Glenna Duram was charged with the shooting death of her forty-six year old husband, Martin Duram.

Glenna Duram was alleged to have shot her husband five times before trying to turn the weapon on herself.

Other than Glenna and Martin Duram, the only witness to the shooting was an African Grey parrot by the name of “Bud.”

Bud is a fast learner and says a lot of things – including what prosecutors say were Martin Duram’s last words:

Mr Duram’s ex-wife Christina Keller, who now looks after Bud, previously said the parrot had been repeating a conversation from the night of the murder – ending with “don’t shoot!”

His mother, Lilian Duram, agreed that the parrot would have been repeating Mr Duram’s last words.

She said: “That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around.”

Another news outlet says Bud was even repeating the words “don’t (expletive) shoot” in Martin Duram’s voice.

It took eight hours of deliberation for the jury to convict Glenna Duram of first degree murder. She is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Man Drowns, Teens Laugh, Politicians Posture.

If you are from Central Florida and have been sleeping under a rock for the last few weeks, you may be unaware of a incident where a man drowned in a Cocoa, Florida pond (not Cocoa Beach as some people have said) while five teens stood on the banks of the pond watching, filming, laughing and mocking the man until he eventually perished under the water.

The video of the incident is horrible. If you have a conscience, you may have to put it on hold as you watch this.

We may never know why Jamel Dunn entered the water that fateful day. Police say that it appears from a security camera on a house that he did so with deliberate intent. No one pushed or forced him into the water.

We also may never know why he swam so far away from the shore to where he could not get back to dry land.

In the end, those questions are interesting but don’t really have any bearing on what has outraged people: the conduct of the teens.

The five teenagers, aged 14 – 18, stood on the bank of the pond and laughed as Dunn drowned. At one point, one teen can be heard in the video if they should try and help the man, but the others tell him no. The teens not only laugh at Dunn in distress, but also mock his predicament until Dunn disappears under the water and is not seen again.

The State of Florida initially did not charge the teens with any crimes because there isn’t a crime to be charged. Now the State is looking at charging the teens under a statute that requires a person to report a dead body.

406.12 Duty to report; prohibited acts.—It is the duty of any person in the district where a death occurs, including all municipalities and unincorporated and federal areas, who becomes aware of the death of any person occurring under the circumstances described in s. 406.11 to report such death and circumstances forthwith to the district medical examiner.

We don’t think the statute applies.

Not Your Child? Pay Up Anyway.

One of the laws that really infuriate us are laws that demand that men that aren’t the biological father of a child can be forced to pay child support even when it is the mother of the child that has lied about paternity.

Such is the case of 45 year old Gabriel Cornejo from Houston who back in 2003 was told to pay child support.

Cornejo, a father who’s raising his own three kids and two nephews, said he found out about the child support payments when a deputy showed up at his door last year. The deputy gave Cornejo court papers that claimed the state of Texas thinks he has another child.

The child, a teenaged girl, is daughter of his ex-girlfriend, who he broke up with 16 years ago. Cornejo, who claimed he never met the girl, set out to meet her for the first time.

“She’s a wonderful girl,” he said. “Very smart. A lot going on for herself.”

Cornejo, his wife and his ex-girlfriend all agreed he should get a paternity test, and he did.

“The results came in,” Cornejo said. “I’m not the father.”

But that wasn’t the end of the case.

Cornejo’s ex-girlfriend still wants the money, and so does the state of Texas.

In 2003, Cornejo’s ex-girlfriend went to court and said Cornejo was the only possible father of her child.

The state of Texas got what it calls a “default judgement” and started assessing child support payments. They continued to add up, and now total nearly $65,000. Cornejo said he was never told.

Cornejo denies he was ever served with papers for the court hearings on paternity. Without knowing he had to show up for a hearing, he didn’t appear and the court entered the default judgement.

A Laugh For Monday.

(Courtesy John Atkinson at Wrong Hands)

(We love the politician chess piece.)

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