Don’t Park Like A Jerk.

There are some bleeped out words in this which may or may not make it NSFW, but the message is spot on.

(And we may adopt “bowel movement head” to describe some people. It fits.)


Bernie Vs. Ted. Ted Wins By Knockout.

The other day, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders got together for a debate on tax proposals.

Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders, he was debating a really smart, intelligent guy. Cruz just schooled him.

It is just brutal to watch Cruz stand there and eviscerate Sanders who is clearly uncomfortable at his lack of knowledge. Oh, Sanders will still cling to the idea that people need to be taxed more and only the government can spend money correctly, but he’ll never forget the night Cruz took him to the intellectual woodshed.


Sexual Harassment, Weinstein, Liberals, Hypocrisy, And Being Redundant.

In case you haven’t been following the story, Hollywood movie executive and mega mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accused by at least forty women of sexual harassment and assault over the course of years.

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way. If any one of the allegations from the forty women are true, Weinstein is a slime who deserves to lose much more than the job from which the board of directors has already fired him.

If the allegations are true, then Weinstein used his power and authority to rob women of their dreams. He gave them a choice: do some sexual act or you won’t be an actress in Hollywood. Women that had grown up wanting to be an actress were judged for parts not because of their ability, but because they would do something with Weinstein.

“Wanna be on the silver screen? Go to bed with me,” was what women were told.


Paging Commissioner Isnardi. Paging Commissioner Isnardi…..

After we finished our post last week on Brevard County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi and her attack on the content of speech, we decided to write her personally.

We sent her an email expressing our concerns. As always, we not only expressed concerns but offered that if she and other Commissioners wanted to stop all comments that were made at inappropriate times during a meeting, we would be supportive of her actions. What we would not support is her desire to hold people “accountable” for things that were said of which she disapproves.

We got an automated response from her office:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me by email. Each day I review my emails and I use this automated response to verify and acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.

My staff and/or I will respond to each and every email as it pertains to my District or specific questions directed towards me. In order to better serve you and your concerns, it is important to include your name, complete address and phone number.

Should you require additional information or assistance, feel free to call my office and a staff member will promptly discuss your concerns with you.

My office address is


Now They Are Coming After Civil War Reenactors.

Years ago when we were young and just starting to work at our first job, we were driving to that job and at a traffic light came up behind a pickup truck that had a bumper sticker on it which read “MY OTHER GUN IS A CANNON.”

“That’s odd,” we thought but then we looked in the back of the truck and under the cover was a cannon. An honest to goodness muzzle loading cannon – carriage and all. What made the sight even more memorable was that the barrel of the cannon was not raised, but pointing slightly downward and right at our head.


The light changed and the traffic drove away. As we got to our place of work, the truck pulled into the lot as well. When the driver got out, we recognized him as one of our new co-workers.

As we walked into the office, we talked and it turned out that he was a Civil War reenactor and played the role of a member oar an artillery regiment. Literally, his other gun was a cannon. He was coming back from a weekend reenactment at Antietam and hadn’t had time to get the cannon out of his truck yet.

He was the first reenactor that we ever personally knew. From time to time we meet at lunch and talk history, the regiment which he was a member, the costs involved in being a reenactor, etc.

The costs of being a reenactor is not cheap. Depending on the level of accuracy you wish to take it, uniforms and associated gear can costs thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. (To say nothing of purchasing a cannon.)

The real question we asked was “why? Why be a reenactor?” The answer he gave was multifaceted. He had relatives that had fought and died in the Civil War. He loved the camaraderie of being with men in his unit and camping out for a weekend, giving him a greater appreciation of what the people of that era had gone through. Most of all, he wanted to keep the history alive. He wanted to help people see and get interested in the Civil War and the events prior to and after it. He loved talking with people who would walk through the camps at reenactments, explaining gear, weapons, movements of his unit during the Civil War, etc.

We got the impression that his involvement was a labor of love and passion for helping Americans remember their past and from where we have come.

We were therefore saddened and angry when we read a story on several sites that said that someone had made what was considered to be a credible threat to Civil War reenactors at the reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek.

In fact. there is a warning on the official website of the event:


Blind Squirrel Commissioner John Tobia Finds Nuts – Lots Of ‘Em.

A FloridaToday column written by “Governmental Editor Dave Berman” describes a part of the October 10, 2017 Brevard Board of Commissioners meeting this way:

Political Spin column: Questioning by County Commissioner Tobia like ‘Perry Mason’ show

Brevard County Commissioner John Tobia isn’t an attorney.

He just plays one on the County Commission.

At least that was the impression of some people who attended at the commission’s meeting Tuesday night, when the discussion came to

designating $14.4 million from the county’s 5 percent Tourist Development Tax for five tourism-focused capital projects within the county. The tax is charged to those who rent hotel rooms or other short-term rentals.

Within a span of 20 minutes, Tobia let loose with 34 questions directed at three county department heads about the projects, the application process, the tourism economic impacts of the projects and other potential funding sources. In many cases, Tobia launched into a new question before the county officials finished answering the previous question.

At issue was agenda item VI (B)(1) described as “Approval, Re: Tourism Community Development Plan Capital Projects.” The supporting agenda packet for this meeting can be found here, and the information on this particular agenda item begins on page 1123.

In short, the County is looking to spend almost $14.4 million dollars on five areas around the county using Tourism Development Tax Dollars. Those projects are:

Oars & Paddles Park & Pier ($199,495)
Palm Bay Nature Center & Campground ($1,700,000)
Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Museum ($500,000)
Viera Regiona l Sports Complex ($5,000,000)
Titusville Multi-Use Sports Arena ($7,000,000)

With the background set, we now want to turn to what exactly happened that October 10th night.

You can watch this part of the meeting yourself starting at roughly 3:10:00 of the video available on the Brevard County site.

Space Coast Office of Tourism Executive Director Eric Garvey starts off the item reading the agenda packet description. That is followed by members of the public speaking in favor of the tax dollars being spent.

At approximately 3:55:00 Commissioner Pritchett makes a glowing comment on the spending (after all, $7,000,000 is going back into her district) and then makes a motion to approve the plan. That motion is seconded by Commissioner Barfield.

The fun and games with Commissioner Tobia 3:55:40.


Are You Anxious?

This is rather interesting….

And in case you are interested, a companion video on dealing with anxiety can be found here.


Even After Losing In Court, Governments Are Relentless.

Allow us to introduce you to Lisa Kivirist, Kriss Marion, and Dela Ends. These three ladies all live in rural Wisconsin, and are what can best be described as “farm to table” bakers. The woman take things that are either from their own farms or locally produced and bake yummy, mouth watering treats which they would sell.

Unfortunately, their actions fell under a Wisconsin law which made baking and selling goods out of a non-commercial kitchen to be illegal. In order to be a “legal baker,”:

….it was illegal to sell even one cookie without first obtaining a license and spending tens of thousands of dollars to rent or build a commercial grade kitchen, which had to be in a separate room or building from one’s home kitchen. Anyone who violated the law and sold baked goods made in their home kitchen risked fines of up to $1,000 or six months in jail. Wisconsin was one of only two states (the other being New Jersey) to ban the sale of home-baked goods.

In January 13, 2016, the women and the Institute for Justice sued Wisconsin’s State Department of Agriculture on a variety of grounds.

The result?


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