Cocoa Beach: Tumulty Has Memory Problems And Look Who Supports Him.

This post started out looking at one thing and then made a hard turn into another direction.

We got sent a link to a site supporting Tim Tumulty who is running for Seat 4 on the Cocoa Beach Commission against Skip Williams. What caught our eye was in the description of Tumulty, as we read this:

-No highrise development- The will of the people is the deciding factor.

This is a jaw dropping claim. Tumulty must think that if you tell a lie enough, that people will believe you.

One only needs to go back to when Tumult was on the City Commission both as a Commissioner and serving as mayor after Dave Netterstrom resigned. (Tumulty was never elected to the position of Mayor.) During the Ocean Dunes discussions, Tumulty made it clear that he wanted the height limits raised. In furthering that agenda, he voted for the variance to allow the Ocean Dunes condos to be built in spite of the voter supported City Charter provision that established the height limit at 45 feet.

Tumulty and his friends decided that the people weren’t the deciding factor and instead voted against the clear position of the residents.

Now he wants people to forget that. He is, in essence, saying “listen to me! Don’t look at what I did in the past! Listen to my words now!”

That was to be the original focus of this post – that Tumulty says one thing and does another.

But then things took a turn as we wondered “who is running that site?”

Palm Bay: “Remember that Rule We Passed On Digital Presentations? Never Mind. (Unless You Are A Resident)” – Santiago and Holton.

This past Thursday, the Palm Bay City Council held a Special Meeting concerning basically two items of interest. The first was a review of the City’s financial audit. There were lots of questions in the summary of the audit that were noted by some citizens, but the Council chose to ignore those concerns in a case of “nothing to see here, move along.”

Oddly, that is not what we are going to talk about.

The second item was to amend the “City’s Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map to change the designated use of property located at the southeast corner of Babcock Street and Plantation Circle, from Single Family Residential Use to Commercial Use.”

This was the big ticket item of the night and oddly, we aren’t going to talk about that either.

Prior to the item on amending the City’s Comp plan, Councilman Calvin Holton raised the issue that he felt that the people discussing this item should not have to comply with the rule that the Council passed on March 15, 2018 requiring all digital presentations be given to the City 48 hours before a meeting for “review.”

Specifically, the rule reads:


A. Members of the public wishing to use electronic media when addressing city council must provide the electronic file to staff for screening no later than noon two (2) business days prior to the meeting. Screening ensures that the material is in a format capable of broadcast or presentation over the audiovisual system, and assures that the material is legally appropriate for broadcast over the audiovisual system and cable. No visual materials may be displayed through the audiovisual system that City staff has not screened. No visual presentations containing offensive material will be displayed or utilized in any fashion.

1. Visual materials include any visual or textual items that are to be displayed through the audiovisual system irrespective of their specific format or media. This includes, without limitation, photographs, audio and video presentations, charts, computer presentations, computer screen images, posters and flyers, whether in physical or electronic format.

2. Visual presentations during public comments are limited to times outlined above in this Section.

B. Visual materials do not include items held or worn by a speaker at the podium or worn by a member of the audience, even though such items may be televised through the cameras that view the audience and the dais.

Holton wanted to suspend that rule for the evening even though residents had been dealing with the rule for the last two months. Holton said that the rule wasn’t on the City’s website and it wasn’t right to make people abide by it. Of course, the rule was on the City’s website as it was part of the official record for that meeting as well as being posted part of the Council’s Policies and Procedures so Holton, as is often the case, was wrong on the facts.

Councilman Santiago chimed in saying that he didn’t think it was fair that the City imposed a restriction so soon after passing the rule. He likened it to an ordinance that was passed but not yet implemented. This too was a bad analogy as ordinances have “effective dates” written into the ordinance itself.

Both Holton and Santiago said they felt that a fair compromise was that both sides could make digital presentations.

There was nothing “fair” about such a proposal.

Cocoa Beach: Breaking Away, Workshops And Vultures.

Bear with us on this one…..

Tonight at 6:00 PM at City Hall, the City Commission will host a workshop on proposed ballot amendments to be voted upon this November by residents. The agenda for the meeting can be found here. Please take note of the earlier time of 6:00 PM rather than the normal Commission meeting time of 7:00 PM.

The Charter Review Committee is making the following proposals:

1) Building Height Limit
Ballot Title: Cocoa Beach City Charter Amendment Revising Building Height-Related Charter Provisions
Ballot Summary: Amending the City Charter to revise height-related charter provisions, change the Charter building height limit from 45 feet above crown of abutting road to 70 feet (excluding 8 feet of unoccupied rooftop appurtenances) above a defined Base Elevation (which accounts for flood elevations), and change the number of commissioner votes necessary to approve comprehensive plan changes increasing permissible building height up to the 70 feet building height limit from five votes to four.____ Yes____ No

2) Charter Cleanup
Ballot Title: Cocoa Beach City Charter Cleanup Amendment Ballot Summary: Shall the Cocoa Beach City Charter be amended to make certain technical, corrective and conforming changes to the Charter to correct scrivener’s and grammatical errors, provide clarifying definitions relating to City boards, committees and departments, conform City budget procedures to current state law, and add clarifications to make the Charter easier to read and understand?____ Yes____ No

(NOTE: We don’t see how the height and the 5-0 vote change can be tied together on one ballot question. They are two separate issues and will force people who want to the height changed, but not the voting requirements changed and vice versa to make a choice of one part coming along with the other. We aren’t sure if that is legal or not. Usually the different parts of an amendment like this are separated and we believe they should be.)

There is also the “Williams Proposal” which reads:

World’s Largest Search Engine Gets It Wrong.


“Memorial Day” is in remembrance of those who died in the service of this country, not all of those who served.

When you click through the link provided by Google themselves, the link reads:

Memorial Day or Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Wikipedia

Observances: Remembrance of American soldiers who have died in military service

Apparently while Google will have “doodles” for every other holiday and remembrances of people, they were too busy to get Memorial Day right.


Editor’s Note: This is a repeat of a post we wrote back in the day. We were looking through the archives and came upon it and decided to publish it again as we like it.

Antietam National Cemetery.

It was an early fall day when citizens of western Maryland began to hear that the Confederate Army had passed through Frederick, Maryland and was heading further into the state. The area was mostly farm land, and the crops of wheat and corn were high and ready to be harvested.

The ragged Johnny Rebs would meet the men in Union blue around a little town called Sharpsburg which was near the Antietam Creek on September 17, 1862.

By the end of the day, the Confederate and Union Armies had fought to a tactical draw.

The cost of the battle was horrific. The two armies suffered more than 23,000 casualties that day, making it the single bloodiest day in the history of the United States. The corn and the wheat had been cut down by musket, rifle and artillery fire, leaving nothing taller than four inches on the fields that were once gold and green.

Instead, the ground was red with blood of fathers, sons, and brothers.

We used to go up to Antietam a great deal. The country there is beautiful. The rolling hills hide the carnage that took place in 1862.

The battlefield is quiet now. Eerily quiet. We cannot imagine the noise of muskets, rifles, cannons, bugles and cries of the wounded compared to the bucolic serenity that is the National Battlefield Monument of today.

It is hard to imagine the dead bodies that filled the sunken road from side to side as you walk down “bloody lane.” You can climb the observation tower to see the entire battlefield and once at the top, the beauty of the area and the chirping of the birds seems almost out of place.

The Black Card.

Yeah, we are going there.

From Prager University.

In America, there’s a card more valuable than any card from Visa or American Express. What is it? How can you get one? Candace Owens, Communications Director for Turning Point USA, answers these questions.

Lacrosse Championship Weekend!

It’s here. Finally.

The Division I NCAA National Lacrosse Championships are this weekend with the semi-finals today and the finals on Monday. There is still time to get up to Boston to take in the games, if you want.

The party starts today at noon with Albany taking on Yale.

Albany has looked really great as of late yet Yale spanked them earlier in the year 14-6. The caveat to that win was that Albany was missing their best player Conner Fields and even though he is back, he still isn’t 100%. Yale is favored by 1/2 a goal (is that when only half of the ball goes in the net?) and the thought is that this should be a really close, high scoring game.

Albany / Yale is the warmup for the Maryland vs. Duke at 2:30. Maryland used to play in the ACC and the rivalry within the conference was heated. Now that the Terps are in the Big 10, they don’t play the Blue Devils as often and so the rivalry has gone from “heated” to abject hate and loathing. Duke is favored by that same 1/2 goal (maybe that is where the other half of the ball from the Albany / Yale game went…) and should not be as high scoring as Albany / Yale game as Maryland is has more of a deliberate style of offense. Still, even with the line as it is, Maryland is the defending champs and one of two thing will have to occur: You have to beat the best to be the best, or heavy is the head that wears the crown.

No matter what, it should be a great weekend of lacrosse and it all can be seen on ESPN2



You Aren’t Paranoid If They Really Are Out To Get You.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

One of the websites we visit is Legal Insurrection. Generally speaking, LI has some interesting takes on issues, highlighting national and international issues, as well as issues on college campuses such as free speech and the so called “SJW” movement.

Yesterday, while skimming and surfing along, we came upon this post from LI:

Amazon demonetizes conservative website (us)

Huh? What the heck?

In case you didn’t know, many sites generate revenue through sales on the Amazon site through links on the original site. Amazon gets a sale, the site gets a small percentage, and the consumer “supports” a website they like through the linked sale.

(For the record, we don’t link to sales promotions or anything like that here. We sometimes talk and link to charities, but we don’t get anything back from them. Behind the scenes that you don’t see, we are constantly bombarded with requests to have ads on this site or “sponsored content.” We reject them all out of hand. We don’t even have a “tip jar” that some sites use. We aren’t in this for the money and the costs of running Raised on Hoecakes is not worth the perception that we may be tanking an opinion or posting something for money. We never have and never will.)

Amazon terminated their “associates” program with Legal Insurrection which means that the site won’t get the revenue from linked sales. Amazon also is withholding revenues that were earned prior to the termination which seems wrong to us on many levels.

We wish we could explain what happened, but we don’t think that we could do a better job than what William A. Jacobson, who is a Clinical Professor of Law at the Cornell Law School wrote. Jacobson is the owner of Legal Insurrection. We also wish that we could post his entire post, as it is a worthwhile read, but copyright laws being what they are, we won’t. We can, however, post a portion of the post:

For as long as I can remember, Legal Insurrection has participated in Amazon Associates, a way for websites to earn fees when readers shop at via links from our website.

It was an important source of revenue to us, and paid for some of the operating expenses readers never see.

On Saturday morning, April 28, 2018, I woke up to an email in my inbox from Amazon Associates telling me our participation in the program was terminated, our account closed, that the decision was final and there was no appeal. On top of that, Amazon was holding back any accumulated money it owed us.

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