Florida Today Slings Mud At Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

There are times in life when people have to defend those they feel are not good people from attacks of other people that are not good.

One of those times is now.

Reporter Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon wrote what is essentially a hit piece on Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey entitled “‘Constitutional Sheriff’ Wayne Ivey says he’s a patriot. Others see something more menacing.”

We want to be clear here. We have problems with Ivey because he and sometimes his deputies do not uphold the Federal and Florida Constitution enough – not that he is disavowing the Constitutions altogether or thinks that he is above the Constitutions.

Ivey Doesn’t Get It.

We’ve entered the Twilight Zone in the case of Gregory Edwards, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, and Edwards’ widow, Kathleen.

Over the weekend, Ivey announced that he would allow the FDLE to conduct and investigation into the death of Edwards while in the custody of the Brevard County Sheriff’s office at the County Jail.

This would be a turn around by Ivey as he had blocked the FDLE from an independent investigation of the incident at the jail not once but twice. It sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t.

This case has primarily gained local attention requesting an additional independent review by some members of our community as a result of the demonstrations currently taking place around our country following the unacceptable death of George Floyd,” Ivey said in a statement issued Saturday.

The review by the state’s top investigative agency will not involve a second investigation, as some, including Edwards’ widow, have demanded. Under the terms of the review, FDLE agents will simply go over the investigation already conducted by the Sheriff’s Office to determine its validity.

Ivey And Edwards Revisited.

It is difficult to not think of the George Floyd case these days. It is hard for us to sit here and think that the man had to die. Police and citizen interactions are always complicated. Police, by the very nature of the job, generally see the worst in people. While we are sleeping snug in our beds, they are dealing with some lowlife beating his wife. While we are at work in our 9-5 jobs, they are at the door of someone’s home telling a parent, sibling or child that their loved one won’t be coming home ever again because they were killed in a random shooting, drug overdose or accident with a DUI driver.

While we are cognizant of the job police do (and most do it well,) if there is a group that can relate to the stress, anxiety, and death of friends, it is veterans. It is the men and women who protect our country and its values who can most closely relate to the police officer on the beat.

Which brings us back to the case of veteran Gregory Edwards.

We wrote a little bit about this case the other day, saying:

Claiming The Need For Money, Sheriff Wayne Ivey Joins Suit Over Budget Vote……Spending More Tax Payer Dollars.

In case you have missed it, Brevard County Officials are involved in what started out as a bruhaha and has involved into a lawsuit.

The issue is the whether the County Commission’s vote to pass “critical need funding” for the Sheriff’s office in 2019 was legal.

Commissioners voted 4-1 in favor of declaring a “critical need” related the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office budget. County Commissioner John Tobia cast the no vote.

With that required “supermajority vote” of at least four commissioners, it allows the county to exceed a voter-approved cap in how much money can be raised via property taxes in the Law Enforcement Municipal Service Taxing Unit portion of the budget.

Although property tax rates for the county general fund and 18 other specialized operating tax rates would decline under County Manager Frank Abbate’s proposed budget, that would not be the case for the Law Enforcement MSTU portion of the budget.

Brevard County: Sheriff Ivey, Dorian, Budgets And Transparency (With A Side Dish Of Florida Today.)

We’re really not sure where to begin this story, but we know where it will end.

One of our ninjas sent us a link to an article from concerning The Brevard Board of Commissioners and Sheriff Wayne Ivey:

Brevard Commissioners Approve Resolution Recognizing Sheriff’s Office for Superb Service During Hurricane Season

BREVARD COUNTY • VIERA, FLORIDA – Brevard County commissioners unanimously approved a resolution offering special tribute and recognition to the Brevard County Sherriff’s Department for the agency’s service during Dorian and the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

The resolution, introduced by District 4 Commissioner Curt Smith during a meeting Tuesday morning in Viera, and unanimously approved, said “the people of Brevard County owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Brevard County Sherriff’s Department under the direction of Sherriff Wayne Ivey for their commitment to Brevard County residents.”

Resolutions were also unanimously approved honoring Brevard County Fire Rescue and Brevard County Emergency Management for their work during Hurrican Dorian.

Generally speaking, we don’t like this type of public pat on the back type thing as it seems strange to us that after spending literally millions and millions of dollars on facilities, equipment, and training, we praise people for doing the job the taxpayers pay them to do. We know that sounds odd, but we look at the hundreds if not thousands of workers in places like WalMart, Publix, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc., that moved literally tons and tons of supplies not only into the area, but stocked, restocked, continually restocked and sent merchandise out of stores so people could be prepared for Dorian if and when it hit. Those people got a pat on the back from management, some cold pizza (if they were lucky) some overtime, and sheer exhaustion for their effort.

No one asked any of them to come before the County Commission for a resolution to thank them for actually helping people prepare for Dorian. Their thanks were mostly private within their stores and not a part of some public relations effort.

But we digress.

What is odd to us about this resolution is that the Florida Today has an article on how Sheriff Ivey had sent mixed messages, and that coordination between the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, local officials and the Brevard County Emergency Services was “off” and lacking.

Ivey, Lober, Fine Press Conference. Wave “Hi!” For The Cameras Robert Burns! Part II.

Yesterday we wrote about a press conference held by Brevard County Sheriff Ivey, Representative Rndy Fine and Commissioner Randy Bryan Lober.

During the press conference it was disclosed that Robert Burns had made Facebook pages that disparaged both Fine, Lober and women in vile, indefensible posts. This came to light as Burns had made one post appear it was written by Lober himself which brought into play an “identity theft” investigation by Sheriff Ivey.

We concentrated in our post on giving the background, some comments, the revelation that the Facebook pages where by the same guy allegedly wanting “more civility” in politics, all the while working on campaigns for candidates.

What we didn’t get into was some of the things that bothered us about the press conference itself.

First, both Fine and Lober claimed Burns’ actions were anti-Semitic as both of them are Jewish.

This is not the first time Lober and especially Fine has brought out this charge and in some ways, it rings hollow in this case.

The reason we say this is in part from Fine himself. In discussing Burns and his history, Fine said:

Ivey, Lober, Fine Press Conference. Wave “Hi!” For The Cameras Robert Burns!

This is from a capture made by the folks at Space Coast Daily. The actual “meat” of the press conference begins at roughly 7:00.

We don’t know where to begin because there is a lot of things to bring up.

First, a person had made two Facebook pages on Representative Randy Fine and Commissioner Bryan Lober. The pages were highly negative in tone and content. Some of the things that were said crossed what we would consider and ethical and moral line, but they did not cross a legal line. The pages, as vile as we think they are, are still protected by the First Amendment.

There was, however, a huge problem. One of the pages purported to be from Bryan Lober himself.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into what they thought was a violation of “identity theft” which looking up the Florida statutes is in part:

Welp, Now You’ve Done It.

From the Florida Today:

Brevard School Board member Jennifer Jenkins took to the national airwaves Thursday to lay out details of what she described as a campaign of harassment against her by critics, including vague threats and dubious accusations of child abuse.

MSNBC interviewed Jenkins Wednesday evening and Thursday morning after comments she made at Tuesday’s schoolboard meeting went viral on social media.

Jenkins detailed some challenges she has faced in response to her support of mask mandates and a federal investigation into threats and pressure on school board members around the country who support robust measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in schools.

Oh great.

If you are one of the people who threatened Jenkins, protested in front of her home, followed her, or went behind her home with “weapons” as she alleges, you are a moron.

A complete, total, utter moron.

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