Randy Fine: Offered Without Commentary.

We aren’t going to say much about this other than a thought about “leopards’ inability to change spots,” but this is from an opinion piece published in the Harvard Crimson on October 14, 1994.

Scandal Before Service
* Harvard’s student leaders are a laughing stock.

By Stephen E. Frank,
October 14, 1994

Small wonder nobody wants to serve on Harvard’s student government. If these guys constitute our nation’s next generation of political leaders, then our nation is in serious trouble.

That’s what I was left to think Wednesday night, after serving on a panel that questioned the candidates for Undergraduate Council president and vice president. With few exceptions, the candidates comprised a bunch of hooligans. They scoffed at ethical improprieties, they laughed off scandals,

they joked scornfully about their responsibilities as public servants. In short, I was embarrassed to attend the same school they do.

Most egregious of all, perhaps, was Randy Fine ’96, a candidate for vice president. Fine has made campus headlines since his freshman year. He was at one point alleged to have paid the Republican Club membership fees for a few of his friends so they would be able to vote for him in a failed attempt to win a club office. Nothing was ever proven, and the matter faded from discussion. At another point, he used the Undergraduate Council’s name to win a federal grant for himself, without telling the council of his actions.

Randy Fine: (Again.) Hatred Of Free Speech.

This post came out of our research into the ridiculous bill Representative Randy Fine is proposing that would lower legal governmental notices and thereby lowering the transparency within governments and governmental entities.

In looking at the bills Fine has proposed this year, we caught a glimpse of this little dandy called HB 741 – a bill on “anti-semitism.”

The bill is an amendment to Florida Statute 775.085 Evidencing Prejudice While Committing Offense

The statute is basically a hate crime law, the first section of which reads:

The penalty for any felony or misdemeanor shall be reclassified as provided in this subsection if the commission of such felony or misdemeanor evidences prejudice based on the race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, homeless status, or advanced age of the victim: (emphasis ours)

Fine wants to add the following language:

Randy Fine: Opaqueness Is The New Transparency

(image courtesy WFTV.)

State Representative Randy Fine is introducing a bill that will no longer require governments and government entities in the State of Florida publish legal notices in the local newspaper. The bill is HB 1235 and can be found here.

Fine, who called his legislature the 2019 Public Notice Reform Act, now wants the part of the law that forces the use of printed newspapers gone.

“Right now, we believe that all of the state’s government entities are spending $200 million on such notices,” Fine said in a media gathering in Viera, Fla. “It’s a burden on the taxpayers, money that’s wasted. We all know how expensive newspaper advertising even if the number of readers is down.

Let’s stop at the first problem. “We believe that all of the state’s government entities are spending $200 million on such notices,” Fine said. We don’t know how much entities and the governments are spending? Fine is just guessing or maybe trying to extrapolate figures?

Why is Fine proposing a bill that eliminates transparency in government and at the same time, doing so based on numbers that are only an estimate?

According to the FloridaToday:

Brevard County: Representative Randy Fine Doesn’t Like New Brevard School Superintendent Choice.

State Representative Randy Fine is working hard to keep his name in the news and has decided to criticize the Brevard County School Board’s choice for the new school superintendent, long time district employee Mark Mullins.

Fine had been lobbying School Board members not to choose Mullins for the Superintendent’s position, and when they did, Fine decided to put his concerns in a letter to the School Board.

As the FloridaToday notes, Mullins is more than qualified:

Mullins has worked for Brevard Public Schools since 1994. He started as a math teacher at Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High and rose through the ranks as an assistant principal of Southwest Middle School and Palm Bay High School and then the principal of the now closed Clearlake Middle School. For six years, he oversaw the 29 schools and principals in the south part of the county as an area superintendent.

It is also, in a way, nice to have some “home grown talent” with roots in the community.

Fine’s concern is based upon an incident he claims happened with Mullins in 2013.

Fine says in that year, the first grade teacher that his eldest son loved was removed from the classroom in the second semester to fulfill a Federally mandated position to tutor kids in the school on testing as the school had been designated

Randy Fine: Too Soon.

Yesterday State Representative Randy Finer posted this on his Facebook page:

Years ago Obama adviser and now Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel said:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

That line was roundly boo’ed and condemned by conservatives who feel that using a crisis so soon is morally repugnant and leads to legislation and programs that have not been thought out correctly.

It is also a bit self-aggrandizing.

Previously Fine had threatened companies that were acting in a legal manner because he didn’t like their legal actions. In doing so, Fine interjected himself between two parties in a contract that did not concern him or his station as a State Representative.

Representative Randy Fine: Bully Or Extortionist?

Florida House of Representative for District 53 Randy Fine recently announced that he and Waste Management had come to an agreement that resulted in Fine pledging to pull his flawed HB971.

We had talked about the bill and how the implementation would cost the average person more in this post. The things that are wrong with the bill itself are too numerous to mention again here.

However, some of the highlights of the flaws are that the bill interferes as a governmental third party into the negotiations of a contract between another a governing city body and a company. The bill would also result in increased prices. Fine may say that wouldn’t happen, but unless he can come up with a way where a company facing more regulations, more costs, and a requirement of more services without all of that being passed onto the customer, we are going to stick with the economic certainty that when the government mandates companies do something that increases their costs, those costs are going to be passed onto the consumer.

Here is the text of Fine’s press release on the agreement between himself and Waste Management:


(Tallahassee, FL) State Representative Randy Fine (R-South Brevard County) and Waste Management Inc. of Florida (“Waste Management”) authorize and release the following statement:

Hurricane Irma seriously impacted the residents of Florida, Brevard County, and the City of Palm Bay in a multitude of ways. One particular challenge in Palm Bay was garbage collection service 48 hours prior to the hurricane’s landfall. As a result of constituent feedback, Representative Fine filed House Bill 971 addressing interruption of services. HB 971 was workshopped by the Energy & Utilities Subcommittee and reported favorably by both the Energy & Utilities Subcommittee and the House Commerce Committee, and is scheduled be brought up for a vote on the House Floor today, March 2nd. Over those weeks, Representative Fine and Waste Management have been in frequent discussion, and have reached the following agreement:

1. Waste Management will publicize a local telephone number for Palm Bay residents to call in the event of any missed solid waste service. That local number is (321) 723-4455.

2. Waste Management will encourage the City of Palm Bay to hold a public workshop in the next 90 days to consider twice-a-week solid waste collection service.

Another Fine Mess.

(If it seems the we are writing a great deal about Randy Fine, it is not because we want to. It is because Fine just keeps giving us things to write about.)

No one likes it when a storm or hurricane knocks out the power to your home and or business. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to wires, trees, transformers, etc., vs. Mother Nature and her fury, Mother Nature is going to win every single time. Not just sometimes, but every single time.

There are some “solutions” that seek to “harden” the power grid, but they certainly are not perfect and cannot guarantee uninterrupted power. Such solutions include the prospect of burying lines underground, concrete power poles, etc. Toward the goal of more reliable power, power companies have been working on hardening the power grid. It is a time consuming, labor intensive and costly job.

Randy Fine has a solution.

The bill would require Florida Power and Light, Duke Energy Florida, Gulf Power

and the state’s other two investor-owned utilities to submit 10-year storm protection plans for the Public Service Commission to approve.

It doesn’t affect the state’s 34 municipal-owned utilities, which include Jacksonville, Orlando and Tallahassee. Nor does it affect the state’s smaller cooperative energy groups.

The problem is that the power companies already submit 3 year plans for increasing the reliability of the power grid.

So what does a power company get for submitting a ten year plan vs. a three year plan?

Dear Randy, Enough Is Enough.

Editor’s Note: Florida House Representatives Randy Fine is a registered Republican who was elected to represent District 53, including Brevard’s largest city, Palm Bay.

Dear Randy,

You don’t mind that we call you “Randy” do you? Even though we were taught to respect the office even when it is impossible to respect the man, we somehow have a small issue with addressing you as “Representative Fine” as we believe you are not representative of anything the majority of people in Brevard stand for and believe.

You once again find yourself in the middle of a controversy that you created:

In an April 4 post on his Facebook page, Fine called that night’s event in Melbourne, the ‘Palestine/Israel, Opening the Dialogue’ panel discussion sponsored by the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, an “anti-Semitic rally targeting Jews sponsored by a Democrat club.”

Fine also attacked the Florida Today newspaper for “promoting” the event by writing an article about it.

We aren’t sure how a panel discussion “targets Jews,” but such a statement is typical hyperbole from you. If anything, one would hope that more dialogue would be better than terrorism, bombs. bullets and rockets, but apparently you don’t think that is the case. That’s fine (no pun intended) as you are entitled to you opinion.

(If you thought the actual panel members were against things you believe, wouldn’t it have been better to send a strong intellectual representative to the forum and ask that they be allowed on the panel?)

However, you crossed a line – a big line – when you accused someone of being anti-Semitic when they disagreed with you. They had the experience of being at the forum while you did not. They were an eyewitness to what occurred. You were not. Your lack of knowledge led to a despicable exchange on Facebook between you and a citizen:

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