Representative Randy Fine Can’t Change His Spots.

We have had our differences with Representative Randy Fine before, and most likely will continue to have them in the future.

Fine has weighed in on the Brevard School Board face covering mandate issue and yesterday, he post this on his Facebook account:

Understandably on his Facebook page, people are excited. There are congratulations, cries for people to go to jail, etc.

There is only one problem.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals made no such ruling.

Randy Fine To Make Announcement On CRT While Violating The Rights Of Citizens.

On a day where we are discussing Critical Race Theory, State Representative Randy Fine is having a press conference where he will supposedly lay out documents concerning the Brevard County School system actually teaching CRT.

What documents Fine has will be interesting to see.

Fine’s “favorite” newspaper, the Florida Today, has continually reported that Governor’s DeSantis’ signing of the law banning critical race theory in public schools is unnecessary because no school district in this area is teaching CRT. If he has the goods on Brevard County Schools actively teaching CRT, the Florida Today should print a retraction and an apology. (We aren’t holding our breath for that to happen.)

DeSantis Vacates Official’s Seat. Paging Randy Fine….

Gov. DeSantis declares vacant seat on Alachua County School Board following concerns about Diyonne McGraw’s residency

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Governor Ron DeSantis declared a vacant seat on the Alachua County School Board Thursday evening, following a lawsuit filed against school board member Diyonne McGraw, accusing her of running in the wrong district.

The Governor issued executive order 21-147 declaring the vacancy.

Randy Fine: Repeal Florida Statute 215.4725 Now And Protect The First Amendment.

In 2016, the State of Florida passed a law that forbids the State from doing business with any company that boycotts or supports a boycott of Israel.

The bill contained a provision that allowed companies whose contracts with the State with a value under $1 million dollars would be exempt.

In 2018, Brevard County Representative Randy Fine sponsored a bill removing the $1 million dollar limit thus banning the State from doing business with any company or person who boycotted Israel or supported such a boycott.

The original bill requires the State to maintain a list of companies that boycott Israel (or support the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement) and have companies certify that they are not taking part in any such boycott before the state signs contract with the company.

About the same time, the State of Arkansas was doing something similar in passing a similar law called “Act 710 that required the State not contract with companies that boycott Israel or support a boycott of Israel.

BREVARD COUNTY: Randy Fine Steps In It.

Representative Randy Fine sent out a text that contained the logo used by the Brevard County Public Schools.

While the main issue is the use of the logo, there is another issue at hand.

Fine claims that his opponent in the upcoming election, Phil Moore has “proposed legislation to close Brevard charter schools and end all voucher programs….”

That seems to be an overstatement. As far as we can determine, Phil Moore has never held an elected public office which means he has not “proposed” any legislation.

In addition. the charge Fine is making against Moore appears to go back to an interview in 2018 where Moore stated he was against funding of charter schools and voucher programs, but later walked back his opposition to not funding charter schools:

Florida House candidate Phil Moore says he misspoke last month when he said charter schools should not receive taxpayer dollars.


On Randy Fine, Chickens And Roosting.

On March 6, 2019 of this year, we wrote a post concerning an amendment to a bill authored by State Representative Randy Fine. The beginning of our post read:

This post came out of our research into the ridiculous bill Representative Randy Fine is proposing that would lower legal governmental notices and thereby lowering the transparency within governments and governmental entities.

In looking at the bills Fine has proposed this year, we caught a glimpse of this little dandy called HB 741 – a bill on “anti-semitism.”

The bill is an amendment to Florida Statute 775.085 Evidencing Prejudice While Committing Offense

Randy Fine And The “Exchange To Nowhere”

In case you missed it, last week State Representative Randy Fine attacked the City of Palm Bay for “incompetence” on the part of the City that he described as “breathtaking” concerning the so called “exchange to nowhere”

Several publications covered Fine’s pronouncement and take on the situation:

When Fine’s office asked Palm Bay city officials when the connecting road would be completed, they were unable to provide an immediate answer and said they needed to hold meetings to determine an answer.

“The level of incompetence here is so breathtaking that it is almost beyond comprehension,” said Fine.

“Palm Bay agreed with FDOT to build this connecting road in 2013, and to not get it done over six years – while asking the state and federal government to spend $27.8 million – should be criminal. To not even be able to say when it will be finished is unconscionable. If you can’t build a road, you shouldn’t rule a city.

And an almost duplicate story from

The city told Fine, whose south Brevard seat encompasses the entirety of Palm Bay, it doesn’t know when the so-called “interchange to nowhere” will get the connecting road it’s waiting on. City officials said they would need to hold meetings before they could give an answer.

Fine is livid — to the point he’s questioning whether Palm Bay should even be a city.

“The level of incompetence here is so breathtaking that it is almost beyond comprehension,” Fine said.

Randy Fine: Offered Without Commentary.

We aren’t going to say much about this other than a thought about “leopards’ inability to change spots,” but this is from an opinion piece published in the Harvard Crimson on October 14, 1994.

Scandal Before Service
* Harvard’s student leaders are a laughing stock.

By Stephen E. Frank,
October 14, 1994

Small wonder nobody wants to serve on Harvard’s student government. If these guys constitute our nation’s next generation of political leaders, then our nation is in serious trouble.

That’s what I was left to think Wednesday night, after serving on a panel that questioned the candidates for Undergraduate Council president and vice president. With few exceptions, the candidates comprised a bunch of hooligans. They scoffed at ethical improprieties, they laughed off scandals,

they joked scornfully about their responsibilities as public servants. In short, I was embarrassed to attend the same school they do.

Most egregious of all, perhaps, was Randy Fine ’96, a candidate for vice president. Fine has made campus headlines since his freshman year. He was at one point alleged to have paid the Republican Club membership fees for a few of his friends so they would be able to vote for him in a failed attempt to win a club office. Nothing was ever proven, and the matter faded from discussion. At another point, he used the Undergraduate Council’s name to win a federal grant for himself, without telling the council of his actions.

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