A Bit Of Housekeeping.

The other day we had several comments that got dumped into our spam filter. They all said the same thing and were from one address. They got dumped there because the person had used as an address a domain that is known to push out spam. Out spam filter caught the domain and dumped the comment into the spam filter which we look at late in the day.

The commenter used another domain and that’s fine. The comment went up without a hitch.

As is our internal policy here, one of the staff sat down and wrote an email to the person using the address, explaining why they first two attempts at commenting had failed and what to do about it in the future.

It took some time to do that.

We usually hear back from commenters when we write and say “ooops! This is what went wrong.” But on this one we didn’t hear back.

It suddenly dawned on us as to why.

The account was a fake gmail account using the name “John Mendoza.”

We guess someone was making a point, and that’s okay. In some ways it is funny. In other ways, because we care about the people who post here (even those with whom we disagree) it was a waste of our time to write an email to the commenter.

We don’t sell email addresses. We don’t even look at them unless there are problems with a comment. No one can see them other than us.

So please, call yourself whatever name you want. We don’t care about that. What we do care is being able to contact you if there is an issue and to do that, we need an accurate email. So go out, get a free email from one of the many offers of free mails and use that account not only here, but everywhere you comment. Keep you personal email, your business email, your e-commerce email separate and then for fun, have and email that you can throw around when need be.

Heck, we have emails for our pets. (One cat has a real nasty habit of going on risque cat sites.)

Anyways, that’s it. Please use a real email so we can contact you if need be or something goes south.


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