A Few Words On The Rittenhouse Case. (Maybe More Than A Few.)

We really wanted to stay out of the Rittenhouse verdict where a 17 year old (now 18 year old) was found not guilty of killing people by reason of self defense. There are lots of people who can write better about the trial than we can, and so we let them do that.

It is after the trial that we have become increasingly concerned.

First, we want to address some of the absolute lies that have been made about this case.

They are summarized in a great article by Miranda Divine of the New York Post:

1. He killed two black BLM protesters.

All three people shot by Rittenhouse were white, and not black. This “lie” may be a little fuzzy as one does not need to be black to be a BLM protestor. However, what is true is that the three men that were shot were not exactly the paragons of society. That doesn’t mean they deserved to be shot much less deserve to die for their criminal history. Certainly Rittenhouse had no idea of that history at the time he pulled the trigger. The fact of the matter is that the three people who were shot were not “protestors.” They were there as rioters and looters.

2. He crossed state lines.

But his father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins and best friend live in Kenosha. He had a job as a lifeguard in Kenosha and worked a shift on Aug. 25 before helping clean graffiti left by rioters at a local school.

3. Rittenhouse took an AR-15 across state lines. Esquire accused him of “terrorist tourism.” False. His rifle was kept in a safe at his best friend’s stepfather’s house in Kenosha.

5. Rittenhouse’s mother drove him across state lines to the riot. Wendy Rittenhouse, 46, never went to Kenosha. She slept late the morning of Aug. 25 after working a 16-hour shift at a nursing home near her home in Antioch, she told the Chicago Tribune.

6. He was an “active shooter” who took his gun to a riot looking for trouble. “A 17-year-old kid just running around shooting and killing protesters,” said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, “who drove across state lines with an AR-15 and started shooting people up.” On Friday, after evidence in court already had debunked his talking points, Scarborough called Rittenhouse a “self-appointed militia member … unloading 60 rounds.”

7. Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist,” as then-candidate Joe Biden labeled him in a tweet showing the teenager’s photograph.

The problem is that Rittenhouse is not a white supremacist. The FBI and other agencies looked at his phone and other social media and found to their horror that he was only a kid who wanted to be a cop and help people. In fact, Rittenhouse had administered first aid to protestors in Kenosha which is hardly the act of a “white supremacist.”

8. He “flashed white power signs” with Proud Boys. After spending three months in jail, Kyle was freed on $2 million bail two days after his 18th birthday last year, and went to a bar for a beer, with his mother and other adults, which is legal in Wisconsin. He posed for selfies with strangers at the bar, who the media say are Proud Boys, and was pictured making the OK sign with his thumb and forefinger. The false claim that this is a white supremacist sign comes from a 2017 hoax on the website 4chan, to punk liberals, who keep falling for it. Biden uses the gesture frequently. It was unwise to pose for the photo, but it does not mean Kyle is associated with white supremacists.

9. He wore surgical gloves “to cover his fingerprints.”

We hadn’t heard this one before, but Rittenhouse was wearing gloves because he was giving first aid to those who needed it, not because he was trying to hide fingerprints. If he was trying to hide his identity, why was he walking around with no mask or face covering on?

10. Judge Bruce Schroeder is a “Trumpy” racist biased toward the defense.

This one is complicated because it hinges on the judge’s ruling that the term “victim” could not be used to describe the people that Rittenhouse shot. As the testimony proved, it is difficult to say that the people that were actually breaking the law by attacking Rittenhouse and by looking to shoot him are “victims” in the sense that they were “innocent” and didn’t deserve to be shot. If there was a “victim,” it was Rittenhouse who was being assaulted by a person with a gun, being kicked and threatened with a skateboard.

And then there is this idiot:

As the “not guilty” verdict came in for Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday, many were so quick to rush to react that they ignored key facts of the case. This included an Instagram video, filmed by Deaquan Nichols, at James Madison University, during which he claimed Rittenhouse was charged “with murdering and taking away two beautiful Black lives.” The video appeared on the Instagram account of James Madison University (JMU), though it was ultimately taken down.

All three men who where shot that August night were white.

The Instagram video shows that people are not interested in the truth. It is more of a case of trying to support and extend a narrative than dealing with facts.

Didn’t Deaquan Nichols watch any of the trial? Before screaming “racism!” did he bother to do even then most basic of reading to find out who was shot?

Finally, and what drove us to write this post, you have NBA player LeBron James, who weighed in during the trial on Rittenhouse crying when he took the witness stand.

We can’t imagine the stress Rittenhouse has been under through this whole case. A 17 – 18 year old looking at spending the rest of his life in prison has to be stressful to the point of breaking. For James to mock him in that manner is shameful.

Yet the internet has revenge as there are memes out there showing James crying. (We presume while eating Lemonheads, according to his logic.)

In the case of James, the female dog known as “Karma” made an appearance in his life.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been suspended one game for “recklessly hitting” Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart in the face during their altercation in Sunday’s game, the NBA announced on Monday.

Stewart has been suspended two games for “escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing” James, who will serve his suspension on Tuesday when the Lakers visit the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Stewart will miss the Pistons’ home game against Miami on Tuesday and their game Wednesday at Milwaukee. James will forfeit about $284,000 in salary, while Stewart will lose about $45,000.

James has not answered questions about the incident, but his teammates have. Teammates of Isiah Stewart have reacted as well.

Teammates say that both players were merely “defending themselves” from the acts of the other.

Funny how that works.

NBA players feel they can use reciprocal force to defend themselves, but Kyle Rittenhouse whose life was being threatened cannot.

James could have walked away but he chose to fight back.

He chose to swing at another player with his fist.

The irony is rich.

James and others feel that they are entitled to defend themselves but a 17 year old is not.

“Just shut up and die you racist white supremacist!”

Funny how James could not do what he demanded Rittenhouse do.

Go cry about that.

2 Responses to “A Few Words On The Rittenhouse Case. (Maybe More Than A Few.)”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    I watched a lot of the media reports over the last year and read the statements made by politicians and celebrities. Then I watched a lot of the trial and actual evidence presented. To say I am disgusted by the attempts of journalists, politicians, the DA, and celebrities to railroad this kid to further their narrative would be an understatement. This was nothing short of a modern big tech supported lynch mob that continually misrepresented the facts. Our media has become a third world propaganda machine and we better start doing our own research in the future and stop relying on these mainstream media outlets for the truth.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Percy Veer,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Our media has become a third world propaganda machine and we better start doing our own research in the future and stop relying on these mainstream media outlets for the truth.

      Which is why you are smart and come here all the time to get the truth. 😉

      Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.

      A. Afterwit.

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