A Little Bit Of Humor Before Michael.

We are writing this the day that Hurricane Michael is about to slam into the Florida panhandle. As anyone who has witnessed first hand a hurricane of any strength bearing down on them, it is a scary and stressful time. If people leave their homes and evacuate, that adds more stress to the situation. If you are a “first responder,” the time leading up to a hurricane, during a hurricane and after a hurricane is stressful as well.

Which is why we love this “trespass notice” from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office to the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore.

The Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office says:

Everyone know whats in store when Jim Cantore shows up. So we issued a little notice. lol

There is some strange correlation that whenever Cantore shows up in a town, a hurricane seems to strike there. Maybe the solution is to ban him from towns.

This was well played by the Sheriff’s Office and shows that even in the face of an impending disaster, you can still have a sense of humor.

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