A “Senior” Moment.

Things change.

Even rules in sports change.

Sometimes those rules can reach up and bite a person.

Lee Ann Walker was participating in the Senior LPGA Championship. The event is the first LPGA sanctioned event she had played in since 2016.

Walker shot rounds of 85 and 74, which is respectable.

That was before a rule change kicked in. At the start of this year, the LPGA changed its rules on putting, specifically on caddies helping players line up their putts.

Walker says she wasn’t aware that caddies no longer can stand behind players as they putt unless a player starts the stance over. She didn’t realize it until midway through her second round Tuesday, and then she had to add a two-shot penalty for every time it happened.

Golfweek reported that a fellow competitor’s caddie informed Walker midway through the second round that she was breaking the rule. Walker then sought an official to report her violations.

“We had her recreate the times that that happened,” LPGA rules official Marty Robinson told Golfweek.

The “recreation” added 42 penalty shots to her opening round and 16 more to the second round, giving her scores of 127 and 90.

Walker missed the cut with those scores, but she did manage a birdie on the last hole of her second round.

In a way, we fell somewhat bad for Walker, but at the same time, as a professional, you should know the rules.

At the same time, once again we think it is incredible that Walker essentially self-reported the problem. She could have just stopped her caddie from helping her line up the putt and move on. Instead, honoring the spirit of the rules of golf, she sought out an official to get the ruling on her actions.

That’s pretty cool in our book.

One Response to “A “Senior” Moment.”

  1. Percy says:

    I’m not a golf fan, but I do admire these examples when sports celebrities display such great character and integrity. Other sports/athletes should take a lesson from Lee Ann and her example of true sportsmanship.