An Incident In New Zealand That May Portend Actions In The US.

Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen did not need a gun to attack and injure 7 people in a New Zealand grocery store.

All he needed was a knife.

Within a minute after the start of his attack, Samsudeen was shot and killed by Auckland police.

(At one point in time, New Zealand allowed concealed carry laws for citizens, but after the despicable and horrific Christchurch Mosque shooting in 2019, the New Zealand government demanded citizens turn in weapons it deemed were “military style” or were “semi-automatic.” Such laws left law abiding citizens unable to defend themselves and require police intervention when someone is being attacked with a deadly weapon.)

The old adage of “when seconds count, the police are minutes away” doesn’t seem to apply in this case because the police were there so fast.

There’s a reason for that quick response time:

The police were actively following Samsudeen as he was a terrorist suspect that the country could not deport.

A suppression order concealing the man’s name and other details from the public was lifted after it was challenged by the New Zealand government.

Speaking before the suppression order was lifted, [Prime Minister Jacinda] Ardern said the attacker, described as a “supporter of ISIS ideology,” spent three years in prison after being charged multiple times for possessing hunting knives and objectionable publications and had been released from prison two months ago.

The Sri Lankan national, arrived in the country in 2011 on a student visa. He first came to the attention of police in 2016, after posting comments advocating violent extremism on social media.

He was initially arrested at Auckland airport in 2017, believed to be on his way to Syria. Police also found “restricted publications” and a hunting knife in his apartment. He was charged with possessing the items, pleaded guilty and released on bail.

But he was arrested again in 2018 for buying a knife while on bail. A subsequent police search found more “objectionable or extremist materials” at his home.

He faced additional charges and was kept in custody until July this year, when he was sentenced to 12 months of “supervision with special conditions” for possessing objectionable materials and failing to assist the police in exercising search powers.

Ardern said prosecutors had run out of legal avenues to keep him detained.

During his time in custody, he assaulted corrections officers, Ardern added.

Police had kept the man under constant surveillance since his release, requiring up to 30 police officers at any one time, Ardern said.

The New Zealand government was looking to deport Samsudeen not only for his terrorist ties and beliefs, but also because he had forged his papers to get into the country.

Yet for all the laws Samsudeen broke – including immigration laws – New Zealand couldn’t deport him.

So when Samsudeen went into a grocery store, he was a wolf amongst the sheep as he ran around stabbing people while shouting “Allah Akbar!”

The parallels to the US are frightening.

We let people into the country because of false papers and the belief that all “refugees” are good people trying to escape bad situations.

The enemies of the American way of life prey and exploit that weakness.

Yet there are still calls for Americans to turn in their guns because they are scary and people should depend on the police to defend and protect them.

(That didn’t work out too well in New Zealand, did it?)

But now the New Zealand government is looking to ban knives.

Next up will be hammers and cricket bats when they are used to attack people.

That’s the same path many people in the United States want to go down. First is to disarm the citizens and make them sheep while at the same time allowing wolves into the country and allowing them to stay here.

Will America be wise?

3 Responses to “An Incident In New Zealand That May Portend Actions In The US.”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    Typical progressive move, don’t focus on the criminal, focus on the scary looking assault knives. Colion Noir gets it right in his above video.

  2. Richard says:

    Countdown, one of the two major supermarket chains has temporarily taken kitchen knives off their shelves. Most Kiwis are more pissed off that the Government ****** up by not making planning a terrorist attack illegal, under our current law only carrying out a terrorist attack is against the law. That’s why they couldn’t deport this arsehole.
    Mostly I think we’re more thinking about throwing cans of baked beans at terrorists than worrying about knives in supermarkets

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      We let the terrorist win when we don’t enforce laws that represent our values.

      First it was weapons, then it is knives.

      New Zealand is a a rightfully proud country full of independent people who. It is a shame that the government is trying to take that away because “they know better.”

      Thanks again for the comment.

      A. Afterwit

      P.S. We had to edit your comment slightly as one of the words you used is not allowed here. A little old lady who read the blog always thought certain curse words were inappropriate in polite conversation, and we have always respected that thought.

      We apologize, but we have to have some standards.