And Now For Something Completely Different.

One of our favorite people to look for on YouTube is the “Crazy Russian Hacker.” (No, he has nothing to do with the hacking (technically the phishing) of the DNC and the GOP.) He’s a guy that tests gadgets for what some people call “life hacks.”

The guy tests everything that is strange and weird out there. Want a different way of dealing with hot dogs? Boom. He’s on it. Want a gadget for helping with corn on the cob? Boom. Hes on that too. Or how about tests on odd kitchen gadgets. Boom.

(As you watch, you’ll understand that “boom” reference.)

The guy has three dogs – two older dogs and a new puppy. They are of two breeds that shed a great deal because the dogs are breed for the winter and actually have two coats of fur. As you can imagine, in the heat of summer, they shed. A lot.

So the Crazy Russian Hacker went out and bought a expensive groomer’s tool for about $500 to test on his dogs. This isn’t a video about the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of the tool, but rather how much fur the tool blows off the dogs!

(We’ve set the video when the fur starts flying.)

We knew Huskies shed a lot, but we never suspected this. It’s like a snowstorm in August.

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