And Now Veggie Tales Are “Racist.”

According to Wikipedia, Veggie Tales is:

VeggieTales is an American series of children’s computer animated television shows, videos, and feature films featuring anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christian culture. The show is aimed at children aged three to eight. The episodes frequently retell and re-create Bible stories anachronistically reframed and include humorous references to pop culture.

Yet according to The College Fix, the cartoons were labeled as “racist” in a recently held forum at Cal State San Marcos.

These are some of the arguments made by students at a “Whiteness Forum” held at Cal State San Marcos on Thursday that aimed to take a “critical look at whiteness,” according to organizers.

The two-hour event took place in a large multipurpose room, with more than a dozen poster board projects lined up in a circle around the room for viewers to review.

The forum is a result of Professor Dreama Moon’s Communications 454 class titled “The Communication of Whiteness,” with the annual event serving as a showcase of students’ final projects for the class.

Walking into the room, a large digital overhead screen read “The Annual Whiteness Forum,” and at each station students stood by their projects to talk about their whiteness studies.

Various titles for projects included “White Avoidance,” “Civilized vs. Uncivilized,” “Kill the Land, Kill the Indian,” “White Women’s Role in White Supremacy,” “Gun Ownership and Racial Bias” and more.

One project argued the NFL is to blame for its role in white supremacy, as most football players are black, yet most coaches, who many times were previous players, are white. It also noted that an even higher majority of team owners are white.

Another project suggested that the children’s Christian television show, “VeggieTales,” perpetuates racial stereotypes. A female student who worked on the project said in an interview that the accents of the evil characters tend to sound ethnic, such as Latino, while the good characters sound white.

“When kids see the good white character triumph over the bad person of color character they are taught that white is right and minorities are the source of evil,” the project stated.

Even the basic principle of this “presentation” and “study” are deeply flawed. As previously stated, Veggie Tales taught kids Christian themes and principles based on the Bible.

That would be the Bible that teaches that Satan is the root and cause of evil.

Also, the “ethnic characters” were not always the “bad guys.” Here’s one great example where Mr. Lundt sings one of the great Silly Songs of all time – “The Cheeseburger Song.”

A female student made the claim that by humanizing vegetables, the creators of VeggieTales were using the children’s programming to promote racial stereotypes by making the villains racial minorities.

“When supremacists aim to taint the way children think of people of color, it will work,” the poster titled “Children in the Church” reads.

“Whiteness in the Bible isn’t just seen as ‘power’ it’s seen as ‘good,’” it continues. “When kids see the good white character triumph over the bad person of color character they are taught that white is right and minorities are the source of evil.”

Someone is going to have to explain how anthropomorphizing vegetables shows a racial bias in anything.

The two main characters in the series were Larry the cucumber (green) and Bob the Tomato (who was red.)

Where is the “whiteness in that?

All of the characters were drawn in their natural colors – with no ethnicity present.

Furthermore, we haven’t seen any statement in the Bible that talks about “whiteness” which leads us to believe that the student who created this project in a upper level class had never read the Bible or watched the Veggie Tales series.

Eric Metaxas, a best-selling author and former “VeggieTales” writer and narrator, gave his take on the forum.

“All vegetables are part of one race, even though they are of many colors. They are all descended from the same parents — the Adam and Eve of vegetables, who foolishly ate a forbidden fruit (irony?) and screwed everything up for all vegetables descended from them,” Metaxas told PJ Media. “At least I’m pretty sure that’s the story.”

Apparently the idea that this person’s “project” was lacking in any facts or accurate analysis didn’t matter to the professor who organized the forum. Of course, the idea that a forum based on the evil of one race being evil and that forum by its very existence is not somehow racist itself is lost on the intellectually vapid people who cannot think in any critical manner.

Such is the state of “higher” education in the United States today.

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  1. Suzy Q says:

    Mic drop from Eric Metaxas! Can’t believe all the money parents are spending to mass produce indoctrinated idiots at universities. It’s a crying shame!