And Then They Came For Knives.

This is out of England, but it is still weird.

The Regents Park Police work in the borough of Camden in London.

A few days ago they tweeted out this:

As you can see, the items are mostly kitchen utensils that the police are proudly saying were removed.

To be fair, there is an issue over in England with people using knives to attack people and since the populace is unarmed and unable to defend themselves, people who want to hurt others use knives or acid.

The police defended the tweet saying it was the shop that had called them.

So instead of the shop taking the knives they thought were “dangerous” to say a metal recycler or something like that, they called the police who proudly displayed the fruits of their “work.”

We shudder at the thought of the police boasting how these “weapons” being taken off of dinner tables out of circulation through no real effort on the part of the police. It goes to show that some departments are more interested in social media and “looking good” than actual police work.

We digress.

There is a problem with this dangerous group of weapons though – this dangerous assembly of weapons that could have been used by criminals and monsters.

Yes, it’s a spoon.


The spoon had to be considered a dangerous weapon.

After all, it could have been used by a cereal killer.

h/t to our friend Walter Olsen at for this.

One Response to “And Then They Came For Knives.”

  1. Hometown says:

    I believe that is a tactical spoon in your photo and only elite military elements should have access to this dangerous weapon. Can it be used with a detachable magazine? Can it be fitted with a collapsible stock? The possibilities are endless, best they just confiscate it before things get out of hand.