Andrew Gillium Not Being Truthful Again.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat:

An undercover FBI agent posing as an Atlanta developer seeking to do business with the city of Tallahassee was billed for food and drinks for a 2016 fundraiser for Mayor Andrew Gillum’s nascent political action committee, documents released Friday show.

The Forward Florida PAC would eventually become the war chest for Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign. It is the first piece of evidence linking an ongoing FBI probe to Gillum’s broader campaign for statewide office.

The emails and receipts released Friday as part of a supplemental records request from the Florida Commission on Ethics show that the agent, Mike Miller, was invoiced $4,386 by 101 Restaurant and Mint Lounge, a restaurant owned by lobbyist Adam Corey at the time. An email exchange shows that Miller paid the bill and that Gillum sent him a personal thank you note for the food.

The email and the bill, from document dump from Adam Corey.
— Skip Foster (@skipfoster) October 26, 2018

Corey is a central figure in an FBI corruption investigation in Tallahassee. The documents were released by his attorney, Chris Kise, who is a longtime Republican Party activist and adviser to governors Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

Kise has been accused by Democrats of a witch hunt, but he said the facts speak for themselves.

“Facts are not partisan. They are facts,” Kise said. “I am only doing my job for my client. I didn’t make up the facts nor did he. When you can’t refute the obvious facts you then attack the messenger.”

The State’s Ethics Commission is looking into this and other allegations. After initially subpoenaing roughly 80 pages of documents, the Commission has asked for more.

In case you are wondering, the Ethics Commission has an investigatory division that typically goes out and investigates and also have subpoena power. If the investigation finds that there is a likelihood of corruption, the result of the investigation and documentation is then presented to the actual Ethics Commission. The Commission holds a hearing were evidence is presented and the accused (or their representative) may speak and answer questions. The Commission then votes on guilt / innocence, fines, punishment, etc.

Time will tell what happens here. It appears that the investigation is finding fire beneath the smoke which is why they are demanding more documents.

The interesting question to us is “if the Commission finds malfeasance on the part, and Gillium is elected, then what? Impeachment?”

We long for honest politicians.

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