As Rod Stewart Sang, “Tonight’s The Night.”

Tonight the City of Satellite Beach will install two new city Council members in Mark Brimer and Lorraine Gott who were elected on November 6, 2012. At the same time, Frank Catino will take the oath of office as Mayor of our fine little city.

With the new members of the Council, we will be saying “goodbye” to Lloyd French and Scott Rhodes. We have repeatedly said the office of a City Councilman is time consuming, arduous and requires a high level of dedication. We have often disagreed with Messrs. Rhodes and French, but we will not demean or denigrate their time, service and devotion to the City of Satellite Beach. Both men served through a contentious time in the City’s history. It can be argued that they themselves contributed to that contention, but we see no value in doing so at this time.

Instead, in the spirit of healing and gratitude, we wish to thank both men for their service on the City Council and wish them, and their families well in their future endeavors.

We will also be saying goodbye to Mayor Joe Ferrante. There are times when we wished Mayor Ferrante ran a little “tighter” meeting and held more to Roberts Rules of Order for discussions on issues from the dais, but there is no doubt in our mind that Joe Ferrante is a fair, decent and caring man.

One of the best examples of this was when during a recent Council meeting, Council members were talking about increasing the work load on a staff member who is already overworked. Certain Council members were speaking of this staff member as if they were not in the room and in essence, criticizing their performance. The staff member said something under their breath and Mayor Ferrante heard it and in the “Ferrante way,” spoke to the staff member in a genuinely caring and respectful tone. He could have let the comment slide. He could have ignored it. Instead, he wisely chose to address the comment not only as the Mayor of the City, but as a human being.

There have been decisions with which we have disagreed with Mayor Ferrante, but we have never disagreed or questioned his honesty, his integrity, and his desire to do things in a caring, respectful, and correct manner. In our opinion, Joe Ferrante walks away from the office of Mayor doing himself, and the citizens of Satellite Beach, proud.

There is a CRA meeting at 5:30 PM before the general Council meeting which starts at 6:00 PM. The agenda and accompanying informational packet can be found here.

We hope you take the time to come and thank Scott Rhodes, Lloyd French and Joe Ferrante for their service and efforts on behalf of the city, as well as welcoming and congratulating Lorraine Gott, Mark Brimer and Frank Catino on their election to the City Council.

Like any city, the City of Satellite Beach never stops and will always have issues that need to be addressed. We encourage everyone to get involved in the running and management of what is your home.

We will continue to make our presence known – pointing out the decisions of the City Council with which we agree and disagree.

You wouldn’t want it any other way.

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