Since The Opinions Of Some Are Dismissed, How About These Guys?

Something to think about from “POC.”


I Wanna Be Rich.

Something to think about…..


Now I was born with the nature of a driven man
If I could dream it I could reach it, gotta thank my Dad
And when the odds are against, step up and knock it to the fence
Push away all the doubt that is coming at ya
Who could blame me
For trying to reach your stars
And who could blame me
For trying to top those charts
I’ve always heard dead presidents can’t buy love
And all the riches of the world ain’t ever gonna be enough

Karma For Car Thieves.

Kristin Nicole Begue and Randy Lee Cooper

The two geniuses above did something that we have never heard of before.

Newberg-Dundee, OR police chased Randy Lee Cooper, 27, in a stolen Land Cruiser before he careened into a Buick Regal as he was attempting to elude officers.

Cooper was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including assault and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

In the process, police discovered that the driver of the Buick, 25-year-old Kristin Nicole Begue, was under the influence of intoxicants and her vehicle had also been reported stolen three weeks prior, according to a police press release.

The police press release:

Terry Crews And A “Hill To Die On.”

Terry Crews is an American actor who is taking heat over comments he has made concerning the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

In a series of tweets over many weeks, this Crews said this on July 4, 2020.

That has resulted in Crews being called “house n*****,” “Uncle Tom,” and a host of other names.

Things That Matter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This may be one of the hardest posts we have ever written. It is not because of the content of subject matter, but in our commentary will sometimes wander off what matters in this story – the sexual assault of a young woman in the Army by another male member in her unit. We are going to say a lot of things about the surrounding players in this but we want people to remember that no matter what we say about the peripheral political players should never outweigh and outshine what a woman went through. She is what matters. Everything else is secondary.

On July 3, a woman by the name of Daedra Lynn [Logan] made a long Facebook post concerning a sexual assault that occurred in 2011 in Colorado. (We would normally use screen shots of the post, but it is so long we transcribed the post to something that fits better here.)

Daedra Lynn [Logan]

July 3 at 11:28 AM •
**ETA Marcie Adkins for Dtstriet 53 Marcie Kinney Adkins is the female candidate that doesn’t believe me.

Friends 01 Florida ts Robert Burns political committee
The Space Coast Rocket is his media company.

•• ETA my female CPT at the time wrote Robert Burns a statement to take with him to court, for the civilian protection order. CPT Lisa Paroz, wrote him a statement for the judge to state that while she could appreciate what I had been through, she did not feel that Robert Burns III posed any threat to me.

It’s amazing the emails we keep.

I joined the Army in 2005. I was a radiology tech. Graduated basic training as Soldier of the Cycle and the high PT award winner. I graduated rad school in the top 10. Was station at Fort Polk Louisiana and served in OIF 07-09. I returned and was sent to Fort Carson Colorado and assigned to Evans Army Community Hospital.

“Make A Joyful Noise….” Unless You Are In California.

California Governor Gavin Newsome

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. – Psalm 100 (KJV)

Singing and chanting is a bedrock of many religions, but no more so than in Christianity. In the Bible, believers are encouraged to sing and “lift their voices in praise.” In fact, the whole book of Psalms are thought to be songs written by King David (he of the giant slaying) and other writers.

Our favorite passage come from Psalms dealing with music comes from Psalm 150:

Praise the Lord.

1 Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heavens.

2 Praise him for his acts of power;
praise him for his surpassing greatness.

Ban On Fireworks? That Didn’t Go As Planned.

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued new rules regarding COVID-19 (more about those rules tomorrow.) He’s serious about it too, threatening to withhold money from areas that do not comply with his decries:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom warned local elected officials on Friday they risk state sanctions if they don’t enforce health orders as the coronavirus pandemic worsens, while about 200 state inspectors fanned out to look for violators over the long holiday weekend.

“A local government that refuses to abide by, ensure compliance with, or take enforcement action against noncompliance with these statewide public health directives, or that takes action that is otherwise incongruent with these directives, could jeopardize their eligibility for state funding,” Newsom said in letters to local officials.

The state budget that took effect this week includes $2.5 billion intended to help local governments pay for services that are needed because of the pandemic. But it is contingent on them following emergency health orders designed to slow the spread of the virus.

Part of the rules banned large gatherings of people, which in some ways effectively meant large fireworks displays were not going to happen.

Los Angeles County’s Health Department enacted a total ban on fireworks – not just gatherings of people to watch fireworks over the 4th of July.

From the video above and below, you can see how well that ban went.

Palm Bay: Regulations Aren’t For Thomas Rebman.

This past Thursday night, we sat in the audience of the Palm Bay City Council meeting because we wanted to be present when the Morrell discussion came up. (Much more on that to follow.)

During public comments, there were phone calls and emails about Thomas Rebman.

This is not surprising as Rebman had made a post asking for people to help him astroturf the issue of homelessness and himself.

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