Palm Bay: JLAC Hearing Today.

Today the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC) will host a hearing in Tallahassee concerning the initial findings of the JLAC administrative audit into the workings of the City of Palm Bay.

The City will have chance to respond to the allegations and what corrective measures have been taken, if any.

The City will be sending a delegation consisting of City Manager Morrell, City Clerk Jones, City Attorney Smith, and City Councilmen Santiago, Johnson, Bailey and Anderson. Noticeably absent from that delegation is the Mayor of the City of Palm Bay, William Capote.

As most of us will be working or tending to our families, we won’t be able to get up to the hearing, but through the wonders of the internet, the hearing is expected to be broadcast live sometime between 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM..

You can catch the hearing on the Florida Channel, and then click on the day’s schedule events and hearings to watch.

City Manager Lisa Morrell will be on the hot spot for a good portion of this which is somewhat of a shame as of the three charter officers, she was not in a position to do much of anything when the tomfoolery was going on. The same cannot be said for the City Clerk and the now City Attorney. Morrell was running the IT Department which is not mentioned in the JLAC findings. The Legal Department and the Office of the City Clerk are mentioned.

I Saw Three Ships – The Piano Guys

This is different.

The Piano Guys plugged a piano into a digital light controller and using 4900 channels for over 500,000 lights, came up with this:

As this video doesn’t contain lyrics, we decided to post them and the surprising writer of the song:

Cocoa Beach: Lies My Commissioners Told Us.

Last week as we noted, the City of Cocoa Beach Commission passed a variance of 70 feet for the height of the redevelopment of the International Palms property.

It is one thing to agree or disagree on the vote itself, but it is another thing try to lie or deceive people.

Let’s start with the basics.

The drawings presented by the developer are pretty. Conceptual drawings are supposed to be pretty. They are supposed to present the building in the most favorable light.

Yet they are not the final plans or the way the renovation may look.

When people stood up during the public comment and said “we need something like this as it is really pretty,” they were buying into the idea that the conceptual drawings are going to be the end design.


Two songs about that lovable reindeer Rudolph who helped save Christmas and in doing so, showed the world that there is a place for everyone.

First up on the hit parade, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” by Burl Ives.

Next up is “Run Run Rudolph,” by legendary guitarist Chuck Berry.

“Merry Christmas Darling” – The Carpenters.

Karen Carpenter was lost to this world far too early at the age of 32 because of eating disorders that were barely understood by experts at the time.

Still, she and her brother Richard left us many unforgettable songs including this overly sweet, played too often and yet still wonderful song.

Thunder Beast Vs. Monster Energy. (The Beast Wins.)

It’s one of those fights in court rooms that you never heard of, yet matters in the long run.

It is the story of a start up company that makes root beer and cream soda versus one of the largest companies with product recognition world wide.

The story goes back over a decade when Stephen Norberg was attending Harvard decided that he liked the social atmosphere of a “kegger” or “keg party,” but he didn’t like the alcohol. He was never much of an alcohol drinker and wasn’t much on seeing fellow undergraduates drunk or drinking because of peer pressure.

Instead of demanding that others stop drinking, he decided to start making root beer and having root beer “keg parties.” After graduation, he decided to pursue his dream and passion for root beer.

Soon, he was manufacturing and bottling

his craft soda out of TasteLab, a food incubator in northeast Washington. He named his start-up Thunder Beast, a term for bison among Plains Indians, who made a sassafras drink that was a precursor to root beer. Norberg developed more root beer flavors as well as a cream soda, and started selling his drinks in Harris Teeter and other stores in four states and the District of Columbia.

The four states were Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Texas.

Things were going well but there were storm clouds on the horizon.

Snoopy’s Christmas vs. The Red Baron – The Royal Guardsmen.

“Merry Christmas, My Friend!”

The Royal Guardsmen were 5 guys from Ocala, Florida. They recorded a quartet of songs inspired by Snoopy the Beagle in the “Peanuts” comic strip between 1967 and 1968.

According to Wikipedia, the group was indeed originally from Ocala.

Cop Allegedly Fondles Dead Woman’s Breasts. There Is Good News Though.

“Hatred” by Italian painter Pietro Pajetta, 1896

An Los Angeles police officer has been suspended from the force after his body camera allegedly recorded him fondling the breasts of a dead woman.

A veteran Los Angeles police officer is under investigation after his body-worn camera captured him allegedly fondling a dead woman’s breasts.

The officer, who is assigned to downtown’s Central Division, was placed on leave once supervisors reviewed the footage during a random inspection, LAPD officials said.

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