Palm Bay: How’d This Happen?

Jose Aguair

With most of the focus in Palm Bay and Brevard County has been on David Isnardi and his legal issues, the same amount of scrutiny and light has not been applied to the person arrested the same day in the same case with Isnardi, Jose Aguiar.

After initially being denied bond, Aguiar and his attorneys filed a motion to allow Aguiar to be bonded out. The Florida Today wrote about the filings in an May 20 article.

However there was a little nugget at the end of the article that caught the eye of many:

This is not Aguiar’s first brush with the law. In 1997 in Massachusetts, he was convicted of conspiracy to sell cocaine and was sentenced to three years and one month in federal prison.

According to Massachusetts’ law, Part IV, Title I, Section 274:

Adrian Moss-Beasley.

It was 2012 and Brevard was in the midst of what people have said was the most acrimonious election seasons on memory. There was an all out war for the Clerk of the Courts office. The Property Appraiser’s race was full of salacious accusations and counter accusations.

Several of our staff were interviewing candidates for a local radio show. We made a pact not to do any “gotcha” moments or anything like that. We weren’t looking for “ambush journalism” rather than asking questions that would allow candidates to make their points and highlight where they agreed with their opponents and where they disagreed. We wanted to let people see the differences in the candidates and their positions.

There were some races and discussions that afterwards, we wanted to take a shower and hopefully wipe away the mud and the stench that had been slung. There were races that after the interviews, we looked at each other and said “are these the best candidates we have?” It was that bad.

But then there was the race for Brevard County Sheriff to replace the then retiring Jack Parker.

Barrier Islands / South Of The Pineda: Heads Up!

People on the barrier islands south of the Pineda Causeway should be aware that starting today, May 20, 2019, Brevard County will be conducting “sanitary gravity sewer assessment” via a contract with RedZone Robotics.

The boots on the ground will have a South Beaches Authorization Letter stating they are the “real deal,” and a number to call if you have questions.

Tim Conway.

Comedian Tim Conway passed away the other day. He was 85.

Conway was known for his role on “McHale’s Navy” where he played the role of bumbling Ensign Parker. He was also known for his outlandish series of tapes called ““Dorf On Golf”.”

In a strange sort of way, he was also known for never starring in a successful series as the lead actor. Last time we looked, he attempted his own show eight times without success.

However, most people will remember him for his appearances on the “Carol Burnett Show” where he worked as both a writer and a performer.

Conway would take great delight in writing and rehearsing scenes in one way, and then the day of filming in front of a live audience, would change his lines or actions to things that would make the rest of the cast crack up. It was one of the joys of watching the Carol Burnett Show and watching the other actors try not to laugh and break character.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is the “Elephant Story” which took over a skit and just had the cast members struggling in vain to stay in character. (That set of characters would later be spun off to the sit-com “Mama’s Family,” staring Carol Burnett alum Vickie Lawrence.)


Palm Bay: Pssssssssst!

The following two images are making the rounds. They are of the Mayor and City Council of Palm Bay meeting before Thursday night’s City Council meeting out of microphone range:


And Then They Came For Knives.

This is out of England, but it is still weird.

The Regents Park Police work in the borough of Camden in London.

A few days ago they tweeted out this:


Palm Bay: Andy Anderson Resignation Letter.

Palm Bay: City Council Meeting Tonight. No Torches And Pitchforks, Please.

Tonight is the first meeting of the Palm Bay City Council since the news of the arrest of former Deputy City Manager Dave Isnardi and businessman Jose Aquiar last Friday. (You can find agenda here.)

The allegations in the affidavit as to what was going on in the City are damning and troubling to say the least.

We know that people, including us, are upset and rightfully so,

We also know that there are going to be people who are going to speak on the issue during one of the two (or both) “public comments on non-agenda items” portion of the agenda.

We have some advice.

1) Be civil.

Be forceful if you wish, but be civil. Don’t call people names they might consider vile. Don’t say things that will have the people on the dais and other audience members not listen to you because of way you are saying something. We know that you have the right to call the City Council and others names such as someone who may fornicate with the women we celebrated this past Sunday, but resist the urge to do so. If you were up on the dais and someone called you what your grandmother considered vile and inappropriate, you would stop listening. The Council will too. (As will some in the audience.) The goal is to have your points and opinions heard not bounce off closed ears.

2) Don’t continually repeat something that has been said before.

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