Harmeet K. Dhillon Is Not Happy. But Is He Wrong?

We’ve never met, seen or read anything from a person by the name of Harmeet k. Dhillon before, yet this epic rant was sent our way and we thought it was worthy of discussion. Dhillon appears to be from San Francisco, California.

Here’s what Dhillon had to say:


How Do You Like Them Now?

There are two companies in the US that get abused for a variety of reasons. Those two companies are WalMart and Chick-fil-A.

WalMart gets abused for alleged pay issues while Chick-fil-A gets abused because of religious convictions.

So what have the companies done lately?

Big-box retailer Walmart Inc said on Thursday it would hire more than 150,000 hourly workers in the United States, citing a jump in shoppers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rival Inc made a similar move earlier this week, announcing it would hire 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers in the United States as the virus outbreak boosts online orders.

Walmart also said it plans to pay a special cash bonus of $300 to full-time hourly workers and $150 to part-time associates. The company will accelerate the next scheduled quarterly bonus, it said.

The Good And The Bad.

Some good and bad news on the COVID-19 front.

First, the number of people infected and have died from it has increased. Given the exposure risks, that was to be expected.

The good news is that the mortality rate has dropped in the US from 2.2% to 1.3%.

More Good News On COVID-19.

Several good (actually great) stories on the news front today about COVID-19.

First up, President Trump has announced the FDA has cleared Hydroxychloroquine for use in clinical trials for curing COVID-19.

President Trump confirmed Thursday that Hydroxychloroquine has been approved by FDA for prescription treatment of COVID-19.

“We slashed red tape to develop vaccines and therapies as fast as it can possibly be done, long before anybody else was even thinking about doing this,” he said. “As we race to develop a vaccine we’re also pursuing anti-viral therapies…and to me that’s even more important. The vaccine by its nature you have to have long tests…the therapies are something we can move on much faster potentially.”

“Clinical trials are already underway for many new therapies,” he said, noting that if treatments have been known to be safe in other countries, they will consider them. “Nothing will stand in our way.”

Wrong Password.

A bit of a non-COVID-19 centered post and humor:

(Courtesy jakelikesonions)

Hopeful News On the COVID-19 Front?

Somehow we feel like the media is intent on becoming “all panic – all the time.”

It’s despicable and possibly predicated on the idea that the media hates Trump and will do anything they can to find fault – real or otherwise – with anything he has done. That’s not to say that Trump has been perfect. Who has been? A bit of context is in order, however:

The World Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic in June 2009. President Obama didn’t declare it a national emergency for four months, until October 2009. House Democrats introduced ObamaCare in July 2009, in the midst of this pandemic. The last thing they wanted was any distraction, shifting focus to the healthcare system they were trying to take over.

In contrast, the WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic on March 11. Two days later on March 13, President Trump declared it a national emergency. Two days versus four months. Yet if you watch cable news, it’s Trump who doesn’t know what he is doing and is dropping the ball. What a difference a president makes.

Roosevelt Twyne Revisited.

Roosevelt Twyne

Remember the story about Roosevelt Twyne, the 25 year old man who was arrested and charged with illegally carrying a firearm as having illegal ammunition in New Jersey?

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office (UCPO) released a statement saying they will not prosecute Twyne and have dropped all charges.

Gun charges against Roselle man dismissed

During the evening of Saturday, February 8, 2020, Roosevelt Twyne, 25, was stopped by members of the Roselle Park Police Department for a motor vehicle infraction. When stopped, Mr. Twyne had a loaded handgun in a holster on his person, as well as two additional magazines. Some of that ammunition included what were believed at the time to be hollow-point rounds. A gun box was also found in the car; however, the firearm was not in the gun box at the time of the stop.

Waste Management And Contract Failures.

This may seem a bit untimely given the “panic” surrounding the coronavirus, but issues facing residents will continue, especially those issues that were around before the start of the panic.

One such issue is that of Waste Management and trash removal contracts.

Way back in February, 2019, the City of Palm Bay decided to notify Waste Management that the City would not be renewing its waste pickup contract with the company and would instead seek to go through a competitive bidding process. At the time, Mayor Capote pushed strongly for allowing the City Manager to “negotiate” with Waste Management instead of ending the contract and going forward with the bidding process. We wrote about the Council meeting where the issue of renegotiation or a bidding process was discussed here and here. It made no sense to us then and even less sense now to give Waste Management exclusive negotiation rights with the City as opposed to having other companies bid on the contract.

The reason we say it makes even less sense now is based on what happened with unincorporated Brevard County, whose residents are looking at a 39% increase in waste pickup fees because the County decided to negotiate only with Waste Management.

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