Take It Down.


Since we’re removing historical relics of Oppression, racism, and slavery when will they call for the abolition of the Democrat party?

Harsh but spot on.

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Why You Can’t Argue With A Liberal.

From PragerU.

When two people share the same goals, they can disagree – even strongly disagree – and still have a productive discussion about how to reach those shared objectives. As comedian and author Owen Benjamin explains, the problem with America today is we no longer share the same goals, and that’s tearing us apart.

As a caveat, we are going to say that some of the things that Benjamin says can apply to the “far right” as well. We have met people who think blacks should “go back to Africa,” or gays “should be killed,” etc.

These are not “common and shared goals for America” either and sadly you can’t argue with those folks as well.

In other words, we aren’t naive enough to believe that all – 100% – of closed minds and non-shared goals exist within liberals.

Posting Note.

First, some humor….

(image courtesy Jason Calzadilla – The Cannibal Orange via Instagram)

Secondly, we are well aware of the comments, arguments and actions of Mayor Capote during two issues on Thursday night. In our mind, they are related and while we want to discuss them, we need time to transcribe the comments and get our thoughts down.

We appreciate your patience.

(Besides, who wants serious political commentary on a weekend?)

New Audi “E Tron” is a “Turd.”

One of the commercials that was rated highly by people was Audi’s commercial for their new car, the “E Tron.”

The commercial features a man who goes to heaven with perfect weather, sees his old home, his grandfather and gets to drive the E Tron. The punch line is that the man has to come back to earth when a cashew is dislodged from his throat by the Heimlich maneuver. No more heaven.

The problem is that while Audi wants to sell the car world-wide, the name “etron” in French translates to “turd.


Palm Bay: Breaking News.

We talked about the issues facing the City Council tonight in this post.

The meeting ended a few minutes ago and here’s what happened:

On agenda item NB-8:

Consideration of the Road Paving Program for Year 1 units, collectors and the use of in-house engineering.

The item was tabled for a workshop on the 24th of February.

On agenda item NB-9:

Due to the complex nature and scope of the services provided, the process of issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit bids for the service can take several months. Additionally, if another entity were selected for waste and recyclable collection, the transition would encompass several months as well.

That was defeated by a vote of 3-2 with Santiago, Anderson and Bailey voting against it and Mayor Capote and Johnson voting for it.

Capote made some very strange comments that if we get the time and look at the tape, we’ll comment on. It almost seems as he was taking this whole issue personally, which is never a good thing.

Frank Robinson Has Passed Away.

Frank Robinson has passed away at the age of 83.

This one is personal to us.

We remember Robinson (and his brother Brooks) as members of the Baltimore Orioles. We never saw a more gracious off the field, fierce competitor on the field than Frank Robinson.

When Robinson was traded to the O’s we were happy, but concerned. The Cincinnati Reds had claimed the National League MVP was “too old.” The trade for Robinson remains one of the worst trades in MLB history. With the Orioles,…

In his first season in Baltimore, Robinson showed he still had plenty left in his 30-year-old body as he was named the AL MVP following a 1966 campaign in which he won baseball’s Triple Crown. His MLB-best marks of 49 home runs, 122 RBIs, .316 batting average and 122 runs scored helped carry the Orioles to their first World Series title.


Palm Bay: Okay, Who Has The Naked Pictures?

At tonight’s Palm Bay City Council meeting which starts at 7:00 PM and after the Mayor’s State of the City message at 6:30 P.M., the City Council will take up its normal load of things, two of which caught our eye.

The first is Agenda item New Business – 9 (NB-9) which is:

Consideration of 90-day negotiation period of Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials Collection and Disposable agreement with Waste Management, Inc.

But there is more to it than that as provided by the item cover memo:

Of interest to us was this:

Crying “Racism” Where None Exists.

Imagine if you will, seeing the above picture and claiming it was racist.

Imagine if you will, seeing the above picture and claiming it was men in “blackface.”

Such is the claim of one Rashaad Thomas, who said he walked into a Phoenix restaurant where the picture was on the wall.

A few weeks ago, I attended a holiday party at a downtown Phoenix restaurant. I walked around to view the photographs on the wall.

Then a photograph caught my attention.

Friends said, “It’s coal miners at a pub after work.” It was a photograph of coal miners with blackened faces. I asked a Latinx and white woman for their opinion. They said it looked like coal miners at a pub after work. Then they stepped back, frowned and said it’s men in blackface.

I asked the waitress to speak with a manager. Instead, I spoke with a white restaurant owner. I explained to him why the photograph was offensive. Evidently, someone else had made a similar comment about the photograph before.

The problem is that the image is an historical image of Welsh miners after work in a pub. The image is part of the Hulton-Deutsch Collection managed by Getty Images.

The image has nothing to do with “blackface” other than the men’s faces were covered with black coal dust.

Thomas continues:

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