An Umpire And A Coach.

Many of us here at Raised on Hoecakes are current or former sports officials or were involved in sports either as kids, coaches, administration, etc.

It therefore warmed our collective hearts to see this story of a 10 year old wannabe umpire.

“It’s leadership, rule following, fairness,…

“All those qualities are kind of who he is.”

Same kid:

Renovate Your House, Pay For Street Improvements.

Linda Cameron is a 70 year old woman living in the town of Richland, Washington. In 1977, Linda and her husband Gary purchased a modest home of less than 1200 square feet. The home has one bedroom, one bath, a kitchen, a living room,and two smaller rooms. In 2012, Gary passed away due to cancer. In 2018, Linda decided that she would use some of the money from her husband’s insurance policy to do what the couple had planned on doing – renovating the home.

The home, valued at $136,980 has obvious sentimental value to Linda, and besides, she likes the neighborhood and her neighbors. Therefore, moving was an option she considered, but ultimately rejected.

The renovation would include the tearing down of a enclosed porch and a carport and building an addition which would have a second bedroom, a second bathroom, a living area, and a garage.

Linda contacted a company by the name of AJ Construction and Development, LLC to do the design work and the construction. The costs of the renovation would be approximately $143,000 plus an additional $12,000 in taxes.

With the design approved by Linda, the builders sought the necessary permits to do the renovation.

The City of Richland denied the application unless Linda paid to upgrade the city street in front of her property – an expense that would cost an estimated additional $60,000.

The Institute for Justice has taken Linda’s case and is suing the City of Richland.

You Play To Win The Game.

“Win or go home.”

That’s what happens in a best of 7 series. You either win or you go home.

The same is true in a game 5 of a five game series. You either win that game or you go home.

On Wednesday night, in Major League Baseball’s National League Division Series (NLDS) there were two game fives. If you are a fan of the game, it was set up to be a great night of watching America’s pastime. The Dodgers were set to take on the Washington “Natinals” (not a typo) in the late game while earlier, the St. Louis Cardinals traveled to Atlanta to face the Braves.

The Dodgers, Nats and Cardinals were all focused on baseball. After all, as we said, the losers of these two games were going to go home for the season.

The Atlanta Braves were concentrating on something else – the so called “tomahawk chop.”

Ever since the early 1990’s the team had used the chop as a rallying cry for fans in the stands. Thousands of people doing the chop in unison as well as the accompanying music and cheer was a unifying message to the team, as well as to opposing teams.

Editor’s Note: We aren’t fans of the “chop” as it seems rather silly to us and was stolen borrowed from Florida State University. That’s just us, however.

Prior to the game – arguably the biggest game of the season for the Braves – the Braves announced they would be scaling back on the “tomahawk chop” because a member of the St. Louis Cardinals was offended by it.

Dental Hygienist Stripped Of License For Sexually Assaulting A Patient.

This is a story out of Canada, but it illustrates the all too often lunacy of regulations.

A dental hygienist in Canada has been stripped of his license and labeled a “sexual abuser” by an Ontario regulatory body because he engaged in sexual relations with a patient. That patient was his wife.

The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) has barred Alex Tanase from the profession for at least five years, and online records will indicate that he was terminated over sexual abuse.

Someone tell us how this makes sense?

Alexandru Tanase, who has been working in dentistry for nearly two decades, said his wife suffers from dental fear and anxiety “like so many other clients,” and he cleaned her teeth on several occasions between April 2015 and August 2016.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, it’s considered professional misconduct if a dental hygienist “has sexually abused a client,” according to the Regulated Health Professionals Act. This can include sexual intercourse or other types of physical sexual relations with a patient. This also includes a spouse.

“The definition of sexual abuse includes the treatment of spouses even if there was a pre-existing spousal relationship prior to dental hygiene treatment being performed,” guidelines posted on the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario website state. “It is important to note that a client’s consent to treatment in these cases is irrelevant; it still amounts to sexual abuse as defined in the legislation.

Currently, the only health care providers in Ontario who are exempt from the law and are allowed to treat their husbands or wives are dentists.

Minneapolis: We Know Better Than Actual Property Owners.

The City government of Minneapolis, Minnesota has passed new laws regulating how rental property owners can screen applicants.

Under the inclusive screening process, property owners are forbidden from rejecting a potential tenant for having an insufficient credit score, or for having insufficient credit history.

Landlords are also forbidden from turning down potential tenants for any misdemeanor convictions older than three years and for most felony convictions older than seven years. The law does allow landlords to reject applicants that have been convicted of murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, or first-degree criminal sexual conduct, but only if those convictions were within the last 10 years.

The inclusive screening process also prevents landlords from rejecting tenants for evictions older than three years.

In other words, the City Council thinks it knows how best to tell landlords who to rent to despite never having managed a rental property in their collective lives.

Fact Checked.

This goes back to where some social media companies are using the site Snopes to determine whether something is “fake news” or not.

Snopes has a history of being more biased than we like so the concern of relying on Snopes is somewhat justified.

(There’s even an homage to the original Star Trek series “I, Mudd” and HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey

Grace, Love, And Mercy Met With Vilification. Of Course.

The other day we wrote about the remarkable story of Brandt Jean, the 18 year old younger brother of Bothom Jean who was shot and killed by off duty police officer Amber Guyger who thought Bothom Jean was in her apartment when in fact she was on the wrong floor and in the wrong apartment.

Guyger was rightfully convicted of killing Jean.

Yet during the sentencing phase, Brandt Jean made a remarkable victim impact statement which brought many to tears and ended up with Brandt Jean and Guyger embracing.

In many ways, we thought “this is how it should be. A wrongful act. A conviction for that act. Prison for that act. A statement from family a family member who cannot change the past, but can change the future. A remorseful defendant.”

If only all criminal trials were like this, we’d have a better society in our opinion.

However, we have seen articles that have attacked Brandt Jean, his statement and the support he has received as that support is racially motivated. The idea is that if it were a dead white male shot by a black female cop, people wouldn’t feel that way. That’s a lot of projection onto other people and we can’t and won’t agree with that. To us, the issue is not the color of skins, but the actions matching the words of an 18 year old who is much wiser than many of his older peers.

Now a new group hating what happened in the courtroom has emerged – the “Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

Their complaint is based on these actions by Judge Kemp.

Chewy Deliveries Are Definitely Bear-able.

Package thief!

A family in Lackawanna County was expecting a delivery of dog food from the online pet store Chewy, but a hungry bear had other plans. Video from the Newman family’s security camera caught the thief in the act.

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