Can Someone Explain How This Is “Hate Speech?”

Professor Eugene Volokh over on the Volokh Conspiracy brings to light this tale of Facebook declaring something to be “hate speech.”

A user had his account locked down for 30 days because he posted this:

Facebook deemed the image / meme “hate speech.”

PALM BAY: How Do You Stop Corruption When You Don’t Follow The Laws? (Part 2)

As we said yesterday, Randy Foster is running for Seat 3 of the Palm Bay City Council.

He, like most candidates, have stated they want to end corruption within the City. In fact, in response to some questions on another site, Foster claimed he wanted to:

Restore integrity to Palm Bay City Council and City Government and making Palm Bay to the best city to live in Florida.

In 2015, Foster qualified to run in the 2016 election for Seat 3 of the Brevard County Commission, an election that Foster eventually would lose to John Tobia.

After qualifying, candidates are required to make a financial disclosure statement on what is called “Form 6.”

An ethics complaint was filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics contesting the accuracy of Foster’s Form 6.

It’s important to understand the process of a complaint like this.

PALM BAY: How Do You Stop Corruption When You Accept Support Of The Corrupt While Seeking To Suppress Rights? (Part 1.)

Randy Foster is running for Seat 3 of the Palm Bay City Council.

After the debacle of corruption that has plagued City Hall, many candidates are running on an “anti-corruption” platform. They are all telling the voters of Palm Bay that they will work to prevent corruption and not allow it in the City.

In 2016, Foster ran for Brevard County Commissioner and lost. However, during the campaign, Foster received an endorsement from Alcee Hastings who is the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 20th congressional district.

It is impossible for a candidate to control who endorses them as individuals or groups. There have been cases at the national level where radical groups have endorsed candidates. Candidates generally say “thanks but no thanks” to that type of endorsement, distancing themselves from the group or individual and what they stand for.

In this case, Foster gladly accepted the endorsement of Hastings saying that he, Foster, “could learn a lot from” Hastings.


Hastings has a long and sordid past.

You Can’t Trust A Guy With Graphics Like This.

Every political ad ever….

How true… true….how true….

Reagan Vs Rioters.


That sound you hear is us applauding.

Flag Mask At Food Lion.

Gary Dean is a 69 year old Air Force veteran who was working in a Food Lion in Havelock, North Carolina.

As part of the concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, Food Lion required that all employees wear a mask.

Dean decided to wear a bandana type mask with the American Flag. Someone complained about it which made Dean angry.

It was that anger, Dean says, that caused him to quit his job at the Food Lion’s Havelock location Tuesday. Dean says a manager approached him that afternoon, telling him he could no longer wear his face covering with the American flag printed on it.

“Apparently corporate came down and said ‘somebody was offended by the image of the American flag on the face covering,'” he said.


And All The Church Said “Amen!”

(h/t Ace of Spades)

Who Let The (Police) Dogs Out?


The video below shows the violence of police against peaceful protestors who are only trying to have a quiet, meaningful, respectful conversation…..



We can’t even write that as sarcasm.


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