A Lie Or Dementia?

From our friend William Teach over at the Pirate’s Cove comes this post concerning Joe Biden and a statement he made in a Presidential Townhall:

We. Don’t. Care. …. And Neither Should You.

The above is a screenshot from Google’s search page.

What racist and woke person decided that “Search for Black-owned shops near you” was a good idea?

Businesses should be “judged” on the basis of how well they do a job and bang for the buck. Whether a business is owned by a black person, a white person, an Asian person, a Hispanic person or Marvin the Martian shouldn’t matter. We don’t care the race of the person who owns a shop or business.

We just don’t.

Bluefield College. Kneel During Anthem, Deal With The Consequences.

Bluefield College is a liberal arts college in the town of Bluefield, Virginia and is located 150 feet from the Virginia / West Virginia boarder in the southwestern part of the state.

Before the start of the basketball season, the college made the decision that athletes would not be allowed to kneel during the National Anthem. According to a statement by school President David Olive:

The basis for my decision stemmed from my own awareness of how kneeling is perceived by some in our country, and I did not think a number of our alumni, friends, and donors of the College would view the act of kneeling during the anthem in a positive way. As I conveyed this to VP Walker and Coach Morgan, I denoted that anytime a student athlete puts on a jersey that says “Bluefield College” on it, the message is no longer just the student athlete’s message but that it becomes the message of Bluefield College. Pointing to the already fractured and divided nature of our country, I did not want Bluefield College contributing to the further divide; rather, I wanted the College to bring people together in a united effort to address issues of racial injustice.

Players were advised that kneeling during the anthem would result in consequences.

Trump’s Lawyer Goes After Talking Head. Good For Him.

There’s no need for us to discuss the acquittal of President Donald Trump for a second time.

Michael van der Veen was one of the Trump lawyers. He spoke with a member of the media from CBSN and instead of accepting her talking points, van der Veen went after the media in general and how they presented a narrative that was not accurate. In addition, he called them out for not highlighting the fact that the House managers had fabricated and doctored evidence in the impeachment trial which the media did not cover to any great extent.

It is a beautiful thing to watch and instructive that the interviewer kept trying to make her points, rather than asking questions and dealing with the answers.

However, no good deed goes unpunished and van der Veen reported that his house and law practice office was attacked:

It’s Back! Our Controversial Valentine’s Day Stance.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are still people who don’t get what we are saying which is basically this: show the love of your life your love more than just on Valentine’s Day. It shouldn’t take one day a year for people to know that you love them.

Today is the day.

The worst holiday known to mankind is here: Valentine’s Day.

It is not that we think the idea of love and romance is a bad thing. We are all for it. (Nice to know, eh?)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

But here’s the thing. Here is why we hate Valentine’s Day so much.

Who Needs A Magazine That Holds More Than Ten Rounds?

WARNING: This may be the most NSFW video we have ever posted. The footage is violent as it shows a man being shot by an officer. The language is also disturbing.

You have been warned.

This past Saturday at approximately 8 PM, Laytonsville, Maryland resident decided that it would be a good idea to repeated attack an 18 year veteran of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office by the name of Sergeant Pruitt

Pruitt had been called to the area after the police had been notified that there was a man, later identified as 52-year-old Kevin Costlow, was driving his Volkswagen erratically. He had stuck at least two cars when Pruitt arrived on the scene.

Penn And Teller Take On Vaccinations.

This seems relevant….

(NSFW due to language.)

Dallas Mavericks Decide To Spit In Face Of The United States. UPDATED!


The NBA Dalla Mavericks have decided not to play the United States National anthem before their home games.

The Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing the national anthem before home games at the direction of owner Mark Cuban, he confirmed to ESPN on Tuesday.

The Mavericks do not plan to resume the tradition to play the national anthem before games in the future.

Cuban, who declined further comment, made the decision after consulting with NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The Mavericks did not announce the change in policy, but the national anthem has not been played before any of their 13 preseason and regular-season games at the American Airlines Center this season.

No players, coaches or staffers from other teams have mentioned the change, according to a team source.

It has been speculated that this decision by Cuban is related to “social justice” issues in the country.

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