Beating Our Heads Against the Wall That is a Ron Paul Supporter.

The other day, we were “friended” by someone on Facebook. Being congenial folks and always looking for new friends, we accepted and got this message back:

PaulBot: Nice to meet you Anthony ! – Ron Paul 2012 !

(The person was nice enough to include a link to a Ron Paul video as well! Oh joy!

The conversation went downhill from there.)

AAfterwit: There are upsides to Paul’s ideas. However, the downsides outweigh the upsides. ๐Ÿ™‚

PaulBot Number 2: Anthony, its hard to get it all in one package but the closer the better. My only serious concern with Ron Paul is where how his stance on foreign policy would effect Israel. But I do not see him as anti-Israeli, by any means, and I’m confident we have sufficient support in congress and the public to ensure the US will continue to do whatever is necessary to assist the Israelis in preserving the homeland.

AAfterwit: I wanted to get back to this but forgot. Please excuse the delay. I am not concerned about Paul’s approach to Israel. I am concerned about Paul’s approach and ideas to foreign policy and relations en toto. Part of that is Israel, but there are so many other nations as well. It is clear that we cannot be the world’s policeman, but the same time Paul’s “laissez-faire” attitude means that we become the little old lady who locks herself in her house, hoping that the thugs and the creeps won’t bother her. In the meantime, the neighborhood goes down to the point where there is no one left other then the thugs and criminals. We can’t put our heads in the sand and think that the rest of the world will leave us alone. For all the Paul supporters that are Christians, do we not have a moral obligation to stop injustice? To at least attempt to stop wrong in the world? Are we willing to protest abortions because it is “safe” while millions die in other parts of the world? Good presidents and good leaders know when to “go to the mat.” You can’t fight every fight, but you can fight the fights worth fighting. Paul’s approach is to pull back, let whatever happens, happen, and until the thugs come knocking on the door, do nothing. That isn’t practical. That isn’t smart. The fact that Paul advocates such a position is worrisome to the extreme. If that is part of his thinking and his character, I can’t support him and I suspect others feel the same way.

PaulBot: Anthony – the rest of the world DOES leave us alone. How do you think we have gotten away with being the world’s biggest terrorist group?

AAfterwit: In that we are not the “world’s biggest terrorist group,” your question is ridiculous and cannot be answered. It is a question with no basis in reality.

PaulBot: keep drinking the kool aid my friend

AAfterwit: Gee, why do I feel like I just lived this video?

I am sure you think you won this debate or discussion.

We respect people’s right to their opinions. We really do. But when they start to say that the United States of America is the “world’s biggest terrorist group,” they not only have lost touch with reality, they have no clue as to what the word “terrorist” means. Such charges of the US being a “terrorist group” is more akin to leftist thinking. It has no place in the right side of the political spectrum.

If this person is typical of those who support Ron Paul, then not only will we not vote for Paul, we will be glad to hold the emigration door open for the people who believe as this person does.

Oh, and we are no longer “Facebook friends.”

Good riddance.

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