Biden And “Voting Rights.”

A few days ago, President Biden gave a speech in Georgia where he tried to gin up support for ending the Senate filibuster – the filibuster that he supported when Democrats were in the minority in the Senate – and what he says are voter suppression laws in states. Biden wants to federalize local and state elections in spite of the Constitution saying the States run their elections including that of elections for Federal offices.

We won’t delve into the filibuster discussion, but we sure as heck are going to delve into Biden’s statements lies on the proposed Federal voting laws.

First, we need to remember that Biden ran on being a “uniter.” He constantly made the comparison to how he would unite the country while Trump was dividing it.

Apparently, that belief in “unity” only applies to if you agree with him.

I ask every elected official in America: How do you want to be remembered?” Biden asked rhetorically. “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis? This is the moment to decide. To defend our elections. To defend our democracy.”

We know where history is standing in regards to Biden, as he stood with George Wallace:

But those were not the only whoppers Biden told:

Biden also lied about people getting water while standing in line to vote in Georgia:

The water claim is equally disingenuous and false. The law does not prevent people from giving water to those standing in line. The law allows “self-service water from an unattended receptacle” for voters waiting in line. It also allows anyone to give water or food to any voters outside of limited area around the polling place.

It is common to bar any political campaigning or activities within a certain number of feet (often 150 feet — or a shorter distance from any line extending beyond that area).

Here is the provision:

“(a) No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to an elector, nor shall any person solicit signatures for any petition, nor shall any person, other than election officials discharging their duties, establish or set up any tables or booths on any day in which ballots are being cast

(1) Within 150 feet of the outer edge of any building within which a polling place is

(2) Within any polling place; or

(3) Within 25 feet of any voter standing in line to vote at any polling place.”

The bill then allows for “self-service water from an unattended receptacle to an elector waiting in line to vote.” It also does not limit any poll workers from supplying water to voters.

Georgia officials said that the impetus for the rule was that various political organizations in 2019 circumvented the no politicking rule by handing out food and water with actual food trucks set up for this purpose. The rule is designed to close that loophole. If campaigns or others are really concerned with just getting water to voters, they can still do so. They simply cannot take credit for it or directly engage voters in the limited area next to polling places.

When called out by members of the press and elected officials on the tone and facts of the speech, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki doubled down on stupid:

Yet, the White House’s skin only grows ever thinner, even in the face of criticism from those they used to label “good ones.” Jen Psaki lashed out at Romney with one of her most childish, nonsensical responses to a controversy yet.

Last I checked, Romney voted to impeach Trump twice. Putting aside arguments over the wisdom of those votes, that pretty firmly puts the Utah senator in the category of not sitting “silently” over the “last four years for the former president,” right? I mean, can you get any more outspoken than attempting to remove a president from office and barring him from ever running again?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell weighed in as well on Biden’s speech and on Biden being less than a “uniter.”

In a rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s claims of “Jim Crow 2.0” in Atlanta Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell held nothing back during a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon.

“The President’s rant yesterday was incorrect, incoherent, and beneath his office. He used the phrase ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ to demagogue a law that makes the franchise more accessible than in his own state of Delaware. He blasted Georgia’s procedures regarding local elections officials while pushing national legislation with almost identical language on that issue,” McConnell said. “The President implied things like widely-popular voter I.D. laws are ‘totalitarian’ on the same day Washington D.C.’s Democratic mayor told citizens to bring both a photo I.D. and a vaccine card anytime they leave their house.”

“There was no consistent standard behind anything the President said. He trampled through some of the most sensitive and sacred parts of our nation’s past. He invoked times when activists bled, and when soldiers died. All to demagogue voting laws that are more expansive than what Democrats have in his own home state. Georgia has more days of early voting than Delaware or New York. Georgia has no-excuse absentee voting which Delaware and New York do not have. If Georgia or Texas present Jim Crow emergencies, then so do a whole lot of Democrat-run states,” McConnell continued. “The Senate Democratic Leader is going on cable TV and saying Georgia is ‘greatly restricting or eliminating early voting.’ This is a lie. Provably false. Georgia has more early voting than New York.”

He went on to blast Biden’s efforts to eliminate the filibuster, something the president said he wasn’t in favor of during the 2020 presidential campaign, and held him accountable to his promises to unify the country.

“Twelve months ago, this President called on Americans to ‘join forces, stop the shouting, and lower the temperature.’ Yesterday, he shouted that if you disagree with him, you’re George Wallace. If you don’t pass the laws he wants, you’re Bull Connor. And if you oppose giving Democrats untrammeled one-party control of the country, well, you’re Jefferson Davis,” McConnell said. “Twelve months ago, this President said that ‘disagreement must not lead to disunion.’ But, yesterday, he invoked the bloody disunion of the Civil War to demonize Americans who disagree with him. He compared a bipartisan majority of Senators to literal traitors.”

We remember when people accused President Trump of being a liar and surrounding himself with sycophants that only told him what he wanted to hear and in support of his beliefs.

How is that different than the Biden administration?

Trump was accused of attacking those who disagreed with him.

Biden called people who disagree with him “domestic terrorists.”

We see no “agreement” or “uniting” in Biden’s remarks and actions.

(We take that back. Biden has united the main stream media in protecting him, his administration and the people that surround him.)

We are barely two years into the Biden administration. We’d like to think that it can only get better, but we have never doubted the ability of politicians to take the American people further into the pits of despair.

2 Responses to “Biden And “Voting Rights.””

  1. Hometown says:

    These folks just embarrass themselves and our Country. Might as well be a bunch of bratty kids running things, none of them can seem to tell the truth (at least the whole truth) and stop the name calling. Maybe I’m just being naive, but is it too much to ask for a public servant to actually serve the public and not just themselves and their ego’s.

    It would be nice to see some folks with integrity and character in politics. We need to demonetize being an elected official. Maybe if we start cutting their benefits only the public servants that truly want to serve (not just enrich themselves) would want to run. NHMB

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  3. Wally Warbles says:

    Dose Biden want t be a Dictator like Hitler,Stalin and Mao after all one of the first things they did was to disarm the people then round them all up into Concentration Camps,Gulags