Bill Nelson Hits New Low.

This may be a new low for Bill Nelson or even for politics.

Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson sent out an email and a tweet asking for people to help in the form of donations to the people affected by Hurricane Michael. Certainly there is nothing wrong with anyone – including politicians – getting the word out that relief organizations can use help after devastating events such as a hurricane.

Here’s the tweet:

There is a problem, however. A big problem in our minds.

When one clicks on the “Help People Rebuild” link, it doesn’t take you to the Red Cross, United Way or any other charity, it takes you to a company called “ActBlue.”

ActBlue is a political action committee that raises funds for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.

Even as Michael was bearing down on the panhandle of Florida, Nelson was sending out emails asking for donations which could be sent through ActBlue. (Notice the dates on the emails – the 8th and the 9th – days before Michael hit on the 10th.)

While we think it is a little smarmy for state-wide Florida candidates to be sending out emails before a major hurricane hits, we also understand the idea while the rest of Florida and the country will act to help people in the Michael affected areas, the rest of the state and country don’t stop.

The issue with us is that by sending your contributions through ActBlue, you give are giving the Democratic fundraising PAC your name, email, etc. That’s something that neither Nelson nor ActBlue will tell you on the so called hurricane relief page. You don’t see Nelson or ActBlue disclosing that you are on a fundraising sites for Democrats when in fact you are looking to help people regardless of political affiliation.

We understand that politicians will often use disasters for political gains, but this seems different to us. At least when we see some picture of a politician walking around in the middle of a disaster area we can draw our own conclusions. However, when a candidate hides a political connection between asking Americans to support their fellow Americans in need, to us that is low.

As in “lower than a snake belly” low.

One Response to “Bill Nelson Hits New Low.”

  1. Truthful says:

    Is this legal? It certainly isn’t ethical. Misusing one’s political office as a pretense for helping the victims of a hurricane with the clear intent of collecting dollars for personal gain in the light of a disaster is just plain wrong.