Bill Nelson Proves He Is A Partisan Hack.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) stood up on the floor of the Congress and gave a speech concerning the State of Florida’s attempt to purge voter rolls of those who are not allowed to vote.

Later in the week, Nelson sent a copy of the speech to newspapers around the state:

Mr. President,

As I was heading to the Capitol this (Tuesday) morning, I couldn’t help but think about the jolting news from my state: the Justice Department will sue Florida over its purge of voting rolls.

Being a native Floridian whose family came to Florida 183 years ago, and having served the people of my state for years, I simply cannot believe the state of Florida would deliberately make it more difficult for lawful citizens to vote.

But the governor did sign the new law last summer to reduce early voting days and blunt voter registration drives.

Then he launched this massive purge of the voter rolls — hunting for suspected noncitizens. And in so doing, he’s now defying federal authorities who say you cannot conduct a purge of voter rolls so close to an election.

The governor and his administration should ensure the credibility of our voter rolls. It should have a program to suppress fraud.

But above all else, the state must ensure that every lawful citizen who has the right to vote can do so without impediment.

It was a long time ago, but something Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said about voting rights seems appropriate again. Dr. King said, “The denial of this sacred right is a tragic betrayal of the highest mandates of our democratic traditions. It is democracy turned upside down.”

I hope the governor will heed those words.

Mr. President, I yield the floor.

Let us say it here: Nelson is a partisan hack who doesn’t care one iota about the right to vote. Nelson only cares about Democrats winning elections by any means necessary.

The State of Florida has been actively trying to purge illegal voters from the voter rolls for the last year. In that many illegal immigrants and voters use stolen identities, and in order to insure the debacle of the voter roll clean up that led to the 2000 presidential election mess, the state asked for access to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) SAVE database. The SAVE database is paid for by citizens and DHS must legally allow states access to the database for purposes such as cleaning voter rolls. The database has more information and can prevent people who are legally eligible to vote from being removed from the voter rolls.

The DHS violated the law guaranteeing Florida’s access to the database, causing the cleanup of the rolls to take longer. It has taken so long, in fact, that the state is within 90 days of its August 14th primary elections. The “Motor Voter” Act does not allow rolls to be cleaned or purged within 90 days of an election. It also should be noted that the general election is 84 days following the primary, the state is effectively barred from cleaning the rolls until after the Presidential election of 2012.

The Department of Justice sent a letter to the State of Florida telling it to stop purging illegal voters from the voter rolls. (Think about the lunacy of that position for a moment.) Florida has responded with a lawsuit against the DOJ and DHS which basically says “you screwed this up. We are fixing the mess you made.”

The DOJ has now initiated a lawsuit against Florida.

The stakes here are high. There are potentially 180,000 people on the voter rolls of Florida that have legal right to be there. Florida is a swing state in the upcoming presidential election. Obama carried the state of Florida by a slim 2.8% margin (236,148 votes) in 2008 in his victory over John McCain. In 2000, Bush carried Florida by 537 votes. According to most experts, those who are on the rolls illegally are more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans.

We can only surmise Nelson’s stance is not to protect the rights of people to vote, but rather to protect the election results where people have voted illegally. While some will try and tell you this is not an issue, or that voter fraud is not seen anywhere, the fact of the matter is that of 86 people removed from the rolls of Palm Bay County, 46 of them had voted illegally in prior election.

While we here at Raised on Hoecakes do not want any legal voter to be disenfranchised, neither do we want to see legal votes wiped out or negated by people voting illegally.

Nelson’s attack on the State of Florida’s legal attempt to ensure the elections are fair demonstrate the type of partisan, win at all costs – democracy be damned – hack Bill Nelson is.

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