Birds In The Playoffs!

When the Texas Rangers beat the Los Angeles Angels in the second game of a double header, what many (including us) thought was impossible this year happened: The Baltimore Orioles are in the 2012 Major League Playoffs!

No matter what happens with the three game series with at the Tampa Bay Rays this week, the Birds are in. The remaining question will be whether they enter as a wild card team, or as the winner of the American League East.

As we write this, the O’s are tied with the Yankees for the top spot in the division. The Yanks have a three game set at home against the Boston Red Sox. Normally, we would think the Sox would be a tough series for the Yankees, but the Sox have been mailing it in this year. We can only hope their hatred of the Yankees will help them play better.

The O’s magic number for the division is four (4).

We never would have believed this at the beginning of the year.

Go get ’em O’s!

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