Boo! Humbug!

Mike O’Neil of North Fulton County, Georgia has had a unique Halloween display seen above off and on for the last ten years or so.

Unfortunately, the “Grinches” that are out in force for Christmas came visiting his display.

But over the weekend, O’Neill decided to cover a certain part of that display with this sign, after the HOA asked him to take the display down.

“So we said we’ll make it less offensive. And that’s when we put the sign up saying it’s been censored,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill said he’s put up the same display outside his home in the Grogan’s Bluff neighborhood off and on for the past decade.

“Great feedback. People laughed. Lots of picture taking. People stopped their cars,” O’Neill said.

But this weekend, an HOA board member told O’Neill in an email, “We have had more new neighbors with small children move in… and they are finding it offensive.”

Get a life people.

We would bet that there is not a kid who looked at this display and laughed. They might even have thought “now that’s a house that is going to have good candy!”

Clearly, it wasn’t the kids that were offended, but the parents who think that two pumpkins in a pair of jeans is somehow “offensive.”

We would ask “what exactly does this display ‘offend’?”

What sense of morality or entitlement does this display “offend?”

Be specific.

This is an HOA and they have the right to make the rules and have them interpreted the way they want them to be, but at some point in time “being offended” becomes “being tyrannical.”

The HOA should have laughed not only at the display, but in the faces of those curmudgeons who were “offended” by a light-hearted and creative Halloween display.

Boo Humbug!

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