Brevard County: Leadership By Hypocrisy.

We are not shocked. Not in the least.

Yesterday, the Brevard County Board of Commissioners had on the agenda Item H-7 which is described in the agenda as:

H 7 Adoption of a Resolution Establishing User Fees for FY 2019-2020 for the Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District.

The issue deals with an increase in fees to people within the district. The amount of fee increase is rather small, but that is not why we are bringing this up.

Commissioner Tobia voted against the proposal which due to procedural reasons, killed the item.

This incensed Commissioner and Chairperson Christine Isnardi who repeatedly said the Melbourne-Tillman Water District had “slogged along for years” without an increase in fees.

She asked Tobia his reasoning for voting against it.

Tobia stated that Isnardi had made several comments on social media that he had voted in the past for a tax / fee increase (depending on who is defining the term) that was above the maximum. Her comments were in response to Tobia’s letter and comments on the increase in the Sheriff’s Office. Tobia did not see it that way but in order to stay consistent with his beliefs, he would vote against the fee increase.

In response to Tobia’s comment, Isnardi said they were discussing this:

“…because we have a Commissioner who is too stubborn to act like an adult.”

As we noted on Monday, the Commission was looking at a proposal on “decorum” which reads in part:

2. Rules of Decorum

a) The County Commission declares it to be Board policy to promote the maximum participation in County affairs by affected or interested citizens in accordance with the First Amendment protections guaranteed under the United States Constitution However, it is also the Board policy, to the fullest extent possible, to protect individuals from comments that assault their character. In furtherance of that policy, no person who addresses the County Commission shall make slanderous, profane or other remarks that are not protected by the First Amendment, with full recognition that public figures are not subject to the same degree of protection from critical comments as other individuals. (emphasis ours)

It is hard for us to see how Isnardi’s comments would not be considered an “assault on the character” of Tobia.

Isnardi has long been a “proponent” of “more civility” when it comes to the Commission and public interaction.

Yet her comments are directly contrary to idea that she has been railing about.

It is also against the very sign in the back of the Commission chambers that she and other Commissioners constantly refer to.

“We will avoid personal attacks.”

That’s what the Commissioners and specifically Isnardi tell others they must do.

It would be great if elected officials actually lead by doing what they want, demand, and ultimately try to legislate others to do.

We aren’t holding our breath for that to happen.

As for the actual item agenda on the policy issues, that was tabled until the next meeting due to the length of the Commission meeting.

Hopefully that will give Commissioners to reflect on whether they are being hypocritical or being poor leaders.

(It’s actually both.)

15 Responses to “Brevard County: Leadership By Hypocrisy.”

  1. Carla says:

    Good point. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Truthful says:

    Another clear example of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    A definition of this phrase is as follows: “the condition of a person pretending to be something he/she is not, especially in the area of morals or religion; a false presentation of belief or feeling.”

  3. Martin says:

    I wonder how much this has to do with Isnardi’s husband (the pending felon with charges essentially against the government) sitting on the board of the District. How has that yet to be addressed and how is it not a conflict of interest for her to be voting on a tax increase on an entity her husband sits on the board? This commission cares nothing of ethics.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      We would be concerned with the vote if the Melbourne Tillman Water Control District Board of Directors were paid for their services.

      They are not.

      District board members are appointed by local city and county governments and are not paid. The board’s Aug. 27 meeting will be Isnardi’s last under his current term.

      Usually a conflict of interest involves some sort of “quid pro quo.” For example, Lober’s representation of David Isnardi was seen as a conflict of interest because of their votes in the future. (ie “Please represent my husband and I’ll vote for something you support.”) That may have played out in Isnardi’s failing to call out Lober for his behavior while acting in the capacity of a Commissioner. We covered that here, and it is not the same as the ridiculous social media mess when Lober was not acting in his capacity of a Commissioner that everyone harped on.

      One of the things that came out in yesterday’s meeting was the policy proposal came out of D2. That’s Lober’s office. It was written with the approval and input from Eden Bentley, the misnamed “County Attorney.” (The title is misnamed as she doesn’t work for and is not responsible to the citizens of the county, but to the Board of Commissioners.)

      So you have two people with law degrees, who swore to uphold the Constitutions of Florida and the United States basically saying they can do what they want and the rights people don’t matter.

      Isnardi, on the other hand, has said she wants more decorum and no personal attacks on people. Her comment about Tobia shows how deep her convictions in that area run.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.

      • Pam LaSalle says:

        No doubt those who are on the Melbourne Tillman board serve altruistically; however it is prudent to remember not all compensation is monetary and it is not always easily apparent where influence is directed.

        • Crooked commissioners says:

          Remember the things alleged the FBI indictments against wasn’t money,directly, it was changing zoning etc. That would lead to long term gains…not always about instant $

        • AAfterwit says:

          Pam LaSalle,

          Thanks for the comment.

          We realize that not all compensation is monetary. That’s why we said some “quid pro quo” would be needed.

          We can’t make a link between Isnardi and this vote just because her husband in on the board. We could be wrong, but even with the Isnardi indictment, there was a clear path to what Isnardi would be getting in return for what he was doing.

          We aren’t saying that there isn’t a link or compensation, only that we can’t see it at this time.

          Hope that makes sense.

          A. Afterwit.

  4. Naomi Matson says:

    I *was* shocked while watching the meeting. It was like she took a page out of the Lober playbook on how to be petty and spiteful. But then I guess I’m not surprised. It’s why she was able to ignore her Community Affairs director’s atrocious online behavior and why she never stopped Lober when he’d lay into speakers during the BCC meetings. She has that streak, too.

    • Crooked commissioners says:

      Her community affairs director has threatened and harrassed so many of her own constiuents,with no recourse from her or the county…its almost reminiscent of Boston when nobody would speak against certain politicians or thier “lackies” (which this guy is). Her “public affairs director” belongs behind bars..after hes made so many terroristic and violent threats, yet he continues to “serve” her constituents, as her husband, who’s accused of RICO violations, does… It’s fairly obvious who controls this county, and even more obvious Govenor Desantis, was not truly honest when he said he would root out local corruption!!

      • AAfterwit says:

        Crooked Commissioners,

        Thanks for the comment.

        We too have an issue with her community affairs director.

        It amazes us to no end that she wants to control what citizens say, but says she can’t do anything about her own staff or herself. There is very much a disconnect and a “don’t do as I do, do as I say” mentality with many of the Commissioners.

        We just want people to know that the proposal is unConstitutional and they need to speak up about it.

        A. Afterwit.

        • Crooked commissioners says:

          Problem is…you can scream it from the mountain tops of Brevard, but no one seems to hear it, at least no one that can enact change…we are stuck with unbelievably corrupt politicians and civil servants, who serve at leisure of the unbelievably corrupt politicians.. Its awful… seems change is impossible…unless the FBI/FDLE surprise us with follow up indictments to the Isnardi case…lets not forget,according to the Floridatoday story, the self proclaimed informant, stated that the investigation started with the Husband of commissioner Isnardi, “coercing” contributions to his wife’s (commission chair Isnardi) campaign from people within PB city hall..hopefully she will be swept up in the hopefully soon to follow indictments…

          • AAfterwit says:

            Crooked commissioners,

            Thanks for the comment.

            We think people do hear it and we think the people matter and can enact change.

            Sadly, too many people think they can’t make a difference. They stay at home and let people on boards, councils and commissioners take from them what they will not protect.

            We don’t care if they follow or if they speak up. We hope they do. We encourage them to.

            But the group that started this little part of the blogosphere decided they could be angry and frustrated, or make their thoughts and comments known in the attempt that others will hear and stand along side. A chorus is always louder than a single voice.

            In the end, people are going to have to decide whether they want to be silent and get run over, or speak up.

            We are choosing to speak up.

            A. Afterwit.

        • Martin says:

          One would have to ask why she is so protective of what is nothing more than an employee who is out of control and embarrassing her office. Any normal employee of the County would be fired for 10% of what he has done. It would not be stood for attacking the very people she is supposed to be representing. It’s amazing the county hasn’t been sued yet. There is obviously much more than just a professional employer employee relationship there. That’s the only explanation for such passionate defense from her over anyone who criticizes him. She defends him like you would think she would defend her husband, which she doesnt. Maybe that’s just it. Appears to be more than just a professional relationship going on there. What exactly does he really do anyway and how much is she paying him for essentially nothing?

          • AAfterwit says:


            Thanks for the comment.

            (Please use an actual email address that we can contact you with if there is an issue with your post. We don’t sell, compile addresses, or anything like that, but if there are issues, we want to deal with them and the only way we can do that is to contact you.)

            The excuse that Isnardi has given is “they do it too.”

            We agree with her that her office receives emails and comments that in their own way are legal but reprehensible. If the Commissioners want to be taken seriously on the issue of “decorum,” they must lead in that area. They must not make attacks on people like she did this past Tuesday. She cannot have her employees attacking people in the name of her office.

            As to why she is not defending her husband as compared to the “out of control employee,” we don’t think it is an indication that something else is going on, but rather upon the recommendation of their attorney who would tell her and David not to say anything about the case. Any decent attorney would say “if there are any statements, I will make them.”

            That’s normal and we don’t think there is much there to insinuate anything.

            Her lack of dealing with the comments and attacks coming out of her office and her mouth is a different issue.

            She needs to stop being hypocritical on this.

            A. Afterwit.

  5. Crooked commissioners says:

    What does the commission chair have to lose at this point? The only people who support and/or defend her are the ones swept up in her web, the community as a whole knows whats shes really about. Whatever position she runs for next will be a gift to her opponent. It will be as easy a posting the mugshot of her husband, after his arrest for racketeering charges, a few quotes from the FBI recordings, referencing (the possible murder of a PB city councilman, or the planting of drugs on a PB city councilman, or the entrapment of PB city councilMEN using hookers and drugs, or the providing of the narcotics to use in the set up of a PB city councilman, the options from her husband’s indictment are endless) and a couple quotes referencing her helping found the Homes for Warriors charity, that her husband allegedly pilfered. The scandals that surround her are so numerous and deep, she’s basically on her last term as a public rep. And hopefully on her last term as a non-convict…but thats up to the FBI/FDLE… Either way hopefully in a few years no one will have to even hear her voice, other than testifying at her husbands trial/sentencing hearing…