Brevard County: Some Commissioners Comment On Lober’s Comments.

In an article in Florida Today, some County Commissioners have commented on Commissioner Lober’s recent comments and spats on Facebook.

Let’s start with Commissioner Curt Smith of District 4:

County Commissioner Curt Smith said Lober’s comments are “disappointing.”

“This kind of conduct drags us all down in the gutter,” Smith said. “I find what he said very disturbing. I don’t think the comments were befitting the professional conduct people hold us to as elected officials.”

That’s fairly strong and while Smith later says he is not sure what they can do about it, at least he is out there saying Lober’s comments were wrong.

Commissioners John Tobia and Rita Pritchett commented more indirectly when they were asked about Lober’s comments.

“While honest disagreements are part of a thriving democracy, personal and divisive language from elected officials do not further the discourse that provides for a healthy lagoon, improved infrastructure and a safe community for all residents,” Tobia said.

Pritchett said she is concerned in general about the tensions between commissioners and members of the public.

“I’m just hoping everybody calms down,” Pritchett said. “I think everything has gotten reactive at this point. In all fairness, I’ve seen the shots from both sides. It’s just not a loving situation here.”

In political discourse, Pritchett said, “everything is getting so hateful.”

We find Tobia’s (District 3) and Pritchett’s (District 1) to be the type of mealy mouth non-committal heifer hockey that drives people crazy.

The question being asked was not about “elected officials” in general, or “shots from both sides.” It was a questioning the actions and words of one particular elected official that sits on the dais with them.

As for Isnardi’s comments, we are going to discuss that later on.

Lober, for his part, couldn’t help himself and dug the hole in which he created deeper:

In responding to Smith’s comments, Lober told FLORIDA TODAY in an email: “I can say only that it is disappointing that it appears conclusions have been prematurely drawn based upon one-sided information so lacking in context as to essentially render its implied meaning false.”

Translation: “Gee, it is too bad that Smith drew the same conclusion about my comments as everyone else. It can’t be my fault so it must be his fault and the rest of the people’s fault.”

Lober said his Facebook comment was “satirical,” and that “while the comment regarding abortion may have been in poor taste,” he claimed that Patel in the past has made a “blatantly sexist and racist post which seeks to discriminate against qualified individuals solely on the basis of race and gender.”

Lober was referring to a Facebook post by Patel that said: “Friendly reminder: Under no circumstances should the final Democratic ticket be two white men. Thanks. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

Translation: “Mommy, they did it first!”

Patel is not an elected official. Patel does not represent all of the people in her area.

Also, if you look at the differences in the “shots,” Patel’s was a generic “shot” while Lober’s abortion “shot” was directed specifically at Patel.

We would agree that Patel’s post was wrong in many ways, but as we keep trying to point out, “they did it too!” went out of most people’s reasoning in the second grade.

What is amazing is that while Lober wants to criticize Patel’s comments (and make no mistake, they are worthy of criticism) he rebuffs any criticism of his comments.

He is wrapping himself in claims of the First Amendment, without realizing or more likely denying that the First Amendment doesn’t shield him from criticism from others.

He doesn’t take responsibility for what comes out of his mouth and off of his fingers.

We have said this before. Americans (that includes people in Brevard) are amazingly forgiving.

If Lober had come out and said “I messed up,” people would have gone about their business. Instead, Lober keeps digging and trying to defend the indefensible and trying to blame others for his actions.

And speaking of defense,…..

County Commission Chair Kristine Isnardi declined to comment on Lober’s Facebook posts.

Some members of the community previously raised concerns about Lober, an attorney, briefly representing Isnardi’s husband, Dave Isnardi, in a felony case before Dave Isnardi secured another law firm to handle his case.

We are shocked….shocked we tell you….that Isnardi declined to comment on this issue. (That was sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired.)

This is the problem with Lober’s defense of Dave Isnardi.

Isnardi has been a vocal critic of citizens that have made comments about Commissioners. She had commented from the dais about how the hateful and nasty rhetoric needs to stop and be condemned.

Yet when the comments of the fellow County Commissioner who represented her husband are being discussed, she says nothing. No comment. No “this needs to stop.” No condemnation.

The specter of “appearance of impropriety” hangs heavy over Isnardi’s silence.

Like it or not, the collusion and intertwining of Isnardi and Lober will forever taint any votes, discussions or business in front of the County Commission as long as Isnardi and Lober are there together.

That’s why officials are always told to avoid the “appearance of impropriety” and not just “actual impropriety.”

Where are we now? What does this lead to?

Well, 1 out of 5 Commissioners condemned Lober’s actions and words. Commissioner Smith should be applauded for that.

Two out of 5 Commissioners gave generic statements that failed to address the issue about which they were asked. We might have expected that from Commissioner Pritchett as she has always been somewhat of a “kumbaya” Commissioner, but we didn’t expect that from Tobia who has a history and reputation of being a straight shooter.

One commissioner decided that silence was the best tact to take. That silence, given the totality of the situation, is deafening.

Finally, the one Commissioner who started all of this mess and made not only himself, but Republicans and Brevard County look bad locally and nationally, keeps right on digging the hole which he created.

One Response to “Brevard County: Some Commissioners Comment On Lober’s Comments.”

  1. Truthful says:

    The statement “they did it too!” should have been left behind in second grade, but for the majority of people I’ve met, that is definitely not the case. When it comes to responsibly owning up to one’s own behavior, there is often no limit to excuses or the assignment of blame to others. Politics successfully showcases this behavior.

    Such poor judgment on the part of a sitting, elected official regarding subject matter that has zero to do with good decision-making in government affairs, while serving only to degrade, says volumes about that person.