Brevard School Board Passes New Decorum Rules – Immediately Adjourns Due To “Obscenity” Concerns.

The Brevard County School Board passed sweeping new rules on meeting decorum yesterday by a vote of 3-2 (Balford, Campbelle, McDougall yeas. Susin, Jenkins nays.)

“At least now we can have meetings where people are not allowed to tell us anything that is disagreeable,” Board Chairperson Mindy Belford told the assembled group.

However, the meeting was thrown into chaos when attorney for the group “First Amendment Is a Right” (FAIAR) handed the Board members and the Board counsel a legal notice. Belford immediately adjourned the meeting.

Garry D. Moon, the attorney for the group later said, “the Board passed rules saying that obscene comments can not be said. Ms. Belford and other Board members made it clear that they thought that meant not allowing certain language. We notified the Board that as they were using the ‘community standard’ definition of ‘obscene,’ the community standard is that rules restricting the First Amendment are obscene.”

“I don’t think we have much of a choice,” Board Member Matt Susin told the Board. “We can’t have a meeting with no rules and yet we just passed a rule barring obscenity such as the rules we passed.”

Belford said afterwards that she was glad the meeting had to be adjourned. “I wasn’t aware of the extent of the First Amendment so we are going to be cautious. At least I can get home at a decent hour. There’s a new episode of ‘The Bachelorette’ on tonight.”

When asked how the Board will be able to rescind the new rules without being able to hold a meeting, Belford said the Board would appeal to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for an emergency order to roll back the rules to before they were passed.

“We expect Governor DeSantis to receptive to our request. The Governor and the Board have always had a great relationship. We have always supported him in his plans for the education, health and safety of the students of Brevard,” Bedford said.

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