Calling COVID-19 The “Chinese Virus” Is Not Racist – Especially Given This.

We here at Raised on Hoecakes have deliberately stayed away from calling coronavirus the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan Virus.” It is not that we think that those terms aren’t accurate, but for us the term “COVID-19” is more scientifically accurate so we have been going with that.

We did not care one iota about those using the terms “Wuhan Virus” or “Chinese Virus,” even though some have labeled the term “racist.” We certainly did not think that Chinese food is racist, anymore more than “California lifestyle,” or “New York state of mind” or “Georgia Peaches” are racist. The terms all describe geographical locations and not a determination of value or prejudice toward people in or from those regions.

Of course, the World Health Organization (WHO) and China were complicit in the initial lack of information getting out to the world, which means that the WHO doesn’t want people to remember where the virus originated:

In a tweet, the WHO wrote:

DO – talk about the new #coronavirus disease (#COVID19)

DON’T – attach locations or ethnicity to the disease, this is not a “Wuhan Virus”, “Chinese Virus” or “Asian Virus”.
The official name for the disease was deliberately chosen to avoid stigmatization
— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) March 2, 2020

President Trump rightfully tweeted this is response to the criticism of the use of “Chinese Virus”:

Spanish Flu. West Nile Virus. Zika. Ebola. All named for places.

Before the media’s fake outrage, even CNN called it “Chinese Coronavirus.”

Those trying to divide us must stop rooting for America to fail and give Americans real info they need to get through the crisis.
— The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 18, 2020

We would never advocate blaming average people of Chinese descent for the virus. That’s nuts and people that do that should be beaten with wet Chinese noodles. Yet the opposite is true as well. You cannot be so politically correct as to put others at risk as Italy has discovered:

Earlier this year thousands of Chinese immigrants from the city of Wuhan traveled to North Italy for work.

After the new residents got settled some of the local lawmakers noticed the Chinese immigrants weren’t being totally accepted by native Italians.

That’s when the mayor of Florence decided we should have “Hug a Chinese” Day.

The death toll in North Italy has now surpassed the death toll in Wuhan.

Now, in an attempt to deflect from their part in this global disaster, the Chinese are saying the United States created the virus.

On Thursday, a prominent Chinese diplomat tweeted a false conspiracy theory that the novel coronavirus did not originate in Wuhan, China, but in the United States.

“This article is very much important to each and every one of us. Please read and retweet it. COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US,” Lijian Zhao, the deputy director-general of the Information Department of China’s Foreign Ministry, tweeted. In a follow-up tweet, the diplomat wrote, “Just take a few minutes to read one more article. This is so astonishing that it changed many things I used to believe in. Please retweet to let more people know about it.”

The tweet linked to a story on conspiracy theory site Global Research that falsely claimed the novel coronavirus originated in the US. Experts at the World Health Organization have concluded the disease first appeared in the Chinese province of Hubei. As of Friday, [March 13] the disease has infected 137,860 people and killed 5,074 around the world.

Once again, this is not about average people of Chinese descent. This is about the Chinese government, their lies and their attack on the truth.

Now, the Chinese have gone so far as to do this:

The Communist thugs in charge of China have been trying to have it two ways on coronavirus: Playing the aggrieved victim of racism/biological-warfare/whatever, and acting like the international bigshot who, having solved the crisis at home, is now eager to help other nations around the world.

Beijing’s antics are making everything worse everywhere, this time in the Czech Republic.

The Czech newspaper Irozhlas (I-Radio) reports that the bigshots in Beijing sent 150,000 coronavirus rapid testing kits to Czechia which return false results up to 80% of the time.

Forgive the rough Google Translate results, but I don’t speak Czech:

“We checked them on Saturday at the University Hospital Ostrava, but unfortunately the error rate was quite high, so now we are waiting for the results of further testing across the country, they have never been tested positively because it works with antibodies,” said Svrčinová.

She added that the tests showed false positive and false negative results. “We tested those who searched for a sampling site. Fortunately, we were so far-sighted that samples were immediately taken for the classic examination and that just proved the error rate of the tests,” said Svrčinová. Even if tests are used in end-of-quarantine patients, hygienists will want to check their reliability first.

Jan Hamacek, the Czech Republic’s deputy prime minister and interior minister said, “I don’t think it’s a scandalous revelation that it’s not working,” but it’s difficult to see how he reached that conclusion, given the huge failure rate and that the bad tests return both false positive and false negatives.

#China must pay for all the evil it’s spreading across the world, it is obvious that this #ChinaVirus spread because of their actions, and now they are making massive profits selling useless masks, test kits …….
— T (@Calm_T) March 24, 2020

If someone can give a moral or ethical reason for the Chinese actions, we’d love to hear it.

As it is, the Chinese government is lower than pond scum and the world should hold it accountable.

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