Can Someone Explain This To Us?

Officer Amy Caprio

There are two stories that are going around concerning police and citizens. One you may have heard of. The other we don’t think has made a ripple.

First, after a incident over a parking violation, Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was tazed by members of the Milwaukee Police Department during his arrest.

The Mayor of Milwaukee is worried about the release of the footage of the incident.

On Monday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he has seen the video and was concerned about public backlash over the officers’ conduct. He said Police Chief Alfonso Morales also had a similar reaction.

“I’m going to let the release of that speak for itself, but yes, I definitely have concerns after watching that video,” Barrett told reporters Monday.

Sources who have seen the body-camera footage told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Brown was not at all combative before officers used the stun gun.

“This could be bad,” a source told the Journal Sentinel of the video. “The player doesn’t appear to be provocative at all.”

Police have shown the footage to some local officials, including a closed session of a Common Council committee.

For his part, Brown said he is suing the City.

We hate lawsuits like this. We really do. No one in their right mind thinks that the City of Milwaukee has a policy of police tazing people willy-nilly. If the officers violated policy and tazed Brown, they should be fired and sued as individuals.

We suspect, however, that when the video hits it will be used to show that all cops are horrible people, that they are racists, and that they are thugs with badges.

All cops will be labeled that way.

Well, all except Baltimore County Officer Amy Caprio.

Officer Caprio is no longer with the police department or this world for that matter after a 16 year old ran her over with a Jeep during her investigation of suspicious activity in a neigbborhood.

A 16-year-old boy — whom a judge called a “one-man crime wave” — is in custody after being accused of first-degree murder for allegedly hitting a Baltimore County police officer with a car, according to charging documents.

Three other suspects — all teenage boys — were also taken into custody in connection with the Monday killing of officer Amy Caprio, police said.

The incident began as the teen sat in a Jeep Wrangler while the three other suspects burglarized a Baltimore County home, according to the documents.

Caprio responded and the teen, Dwanta Anthony Harris, fled down the street, according to the documents.

The officer followed the teen down the cul de sac, drew her weapon and gave commands, the state’s attorney said in court today. The teen then opened the door of the Jeep, looked out, then shut the door, ducked down and drove directly into the officer, said the state’s attorney, citing body camera footage.

Someone saw the Jeep Wrangler drive directly at Caprio, striking her and then fleeing the area, according to the documents.

The officer was able to fire her weapon, the prosecutor said. The suspect then drove another block, got out of the car and tried to leave the area, the prosecutor said, but was caught nearby.

Caprio suffered “traumatic injuries” and was later pronounced dead, according to the documents.

She would have been a four-year veteran of the department this July, police said.

We know the reactions to Caprio’s death and the tazing of Brown are going to be radically different.

With Brown, there will probably be protests, and people screaming, calling for the heads of all cops. There may even be riots that will destroy property and injure other innocent people.

With Caprio, she will be buried in a solemn ceremony where people dressed in blue will offer condolences and tales of her selfless devotion and service.

There will also be some who will say that the four people involved in her murder are nothing but thugs and animals and perhaps they might even try to paint all blacks with that brush.

Shame on them.

Just like shame should be heaped upon those in Milwaukee who will paint every cop with charges of racism and brand them as pigs and all that. Shame on them too.

Someone has to explain to us how the vitriolic and hateful reactions of people to these two incidents are making us better as a society.

We truly don’t understand.

Can’t we as a society hold the individuals who perpetrate these acts accountable without always attributing the same acts to a group of people? Rogue actors such as the officers that tazed Brown and the murderers of Caprio should be held accountable. Yet when we continually label everyone as part of some group, we solve nothing.

To put it another way, did Sterling Brown try to run over Officer Amy Caprio? Did Officer Amy Caprio try to taze Sterling Brown? Or were these two good, decent people who were caught in the wrong situations?

There are going to be people and groups of people out there that are demanding that you say that Brown deserved to be tazed and / or Caprio deserved to die.

If you believe that, please explain it to us, because we don’t understand.

We just don’t understand.

One Response to “Can Someone Explain This To Us?”

  1. Cowpill says:

    This one is easy. It is OK when a person who is white is injured or killed, it not OK for a man of color to be tazed. There is nothing financially to gain with the rioting of the deceased.

  2. […] Yesterday we mentioned two incidents that are in the news. The saddest is the death of a young female police officer by the name of Amy Caprio who was run over by a 16 year old who was part of a gang robbing homes in Baltimore County. Caprio will never return home due to the stupidity and selfish acts of the teens who will probably spend much of their adult life behind bars (if not all of it.) […]