Cat-astrophic Lawsuit.

(this is not the cat from the story, in case you were wondering)

Lacie is a cat who was owned by a Syracuse woman named Carol Money.

Lacie liked to sleep in the bed with Money but when Money was having medical issues due to cancer, she put Lacie up for adoption. It seems that due to the cancer treatments and associated medical issues, Lacie was not able to sleep in the bed with Money who put the cat outside of the bedroom door.

Lacie was not happy with that arrangement and proceeded to meow, whine and cry.

This broke Money’s heart so she put Lacie up for adoption. Money claims that sleeping in the bed with her owner is important for Lacie’s “mental health.”

Enter into the picture one Danette Romano, who was introduced to Money by a mutual friend. Romano ended up adopting Lacie.

It is here the stories diverge. Money said she agreed to let Romano adopt Lacie on the condition that Lacie sleep in the bed with Romano. Romano says no such agreement existed and has adoption papers that do not have any special clauses relating to where the cat must sleep.

Money is now suing Romano.

In her lawsuit, Money accuses Romano of intentionally misrepresenting her intention to let Lacie sleep with her prior to adoption.

The lawsuit demands that Lacie be returned to Money, and also asks for money damages in an amount determined at trial.

We can’t wait for the cat to take the witness stand.

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