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CARES Funds Go To County Employees Who Are On The Job And Being Paid.

Last Tuesday we watched as the Brevard County Commission presented grants from the Federal CARES funds that had been sent to the County.

According to the US Treasury Department:

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020. This over $2 trillion economic relief package delivers on the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

The CARES Act provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserve jobs for our American industries.

We want to take a small look at the proposals made by Commissioner Bryan Lober.

Video Of Police Chase In Melbourne.

This is from a chase on November 2, 2020.

We are always amazed that people think they can get away from the police in something like a minivan / SUV.

Luckily no one was hurt in this chase which is totally on the driver who as you will see at the end of the video, is less than a model citizen.

Brevard County: Just Stop It.

The people that we are supposed to hold our nose and vote for are at it again.

This Photoshopped image has been making the rounds:

This appears to be part of an attack that we talked about the other day where State Representative Randy Fine had volunteered with the Boy Scouts. In that the Boy Scouts are in trouble for workers and volunteers sexually abusing young men and boys, a post was put up saying that if someone had any information about being abused by Fine, they should call a certain number.

Frankly, this is a disgusting thing to say or do. First, there is no indication that Fine did anything wrong. Secondly, it denigrates and cheapens the experiences of actual survivors of sexual abuse as it ties them into a cheap political attack. Third, Fine’s opponent Phil Moore has said he is not a part of this attack, but at the same time he has not condemned those who made the accusations and this Photoshopped image of called for them to stop.

On Friday, this post made the rounds from Randy Fine:

BREVARD COUNTY: Randy Fine Steps In It.

Representative Randy Fine sent out a text that contained the logo used by the Brevard County Public Schools.

While the main issue is the use of the logo, there is another issue at hand.

Fine claims that his opponent in the upcoming election, Phil Moore has “proposed legislation to close Brevard charter schools and end all voucher programs….”

That seems to be an overstatement. As far as we can determine, Phil Moore has never held an elected public office which means he has not “proposed” any legislation.

In addition. the charge Fine is making against Moore appears to go back to an interview in 2018 where Moore stated he was against funding of charter schools and voucher programs, but later walked back his opposition to not funding charter schools:

Florida House candidate Phil Moore says he misspoke last month when he said charter schools should not receive taxpayer dollars.


BREVARD COUNTY: Rules Don’t Apply To Sitting Mayors. (REMF’s)

Palm Bay Mayor William Capote is running for County Commissioner for District 5.

It is not unusual for people to see political signs all over the place this time of year.

Capote has signs out as well which is to be expected.

What is not expected is that he is placing signs in the city right of way which is against the current sign code. That would be the sign code that the Mayor voted for twice in the last year.

To our way of thinking, this leads to two questions:
1) Where the heck is code enforcement? These signs are all over Palm Bay in the right of way. It is the responsibility and the duty of Code Enforcement to gather up the signs when the signs are placed illegally. Is Capote getting a pass because he is the Mayor?
2) Even if we assume that Capote himself is not putting the signs out, is he so oblivious to them being in the right of way not to tell the people in his campaign to not place them in illegal locations? If he is not putting out the signs, is he just letting his campaign workers be on the front lines of breaking the code while he sits in City Hall with his feet up on his desk?

Palm Bay: Kenny Johnson Back In The News. Sort of.

Palm Bay Deputy City Mayor Kenny Johnson is back in the news for the wrong reason.

Florida’s Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran in a sternly-worded letter chastised the Brevard County School District for failing to report since-expunged allegations against Palm Bay Deputy Mayor Kenneth “Kenny” Johnson Jr. dating from 2015.

On April 24, 2015, Johnson, then an assistant football coach at Bayside High School, was removed from his position for having allegedly “sent a text message to a minor student that contained a grossly inappropriate picture,” Corcoran wrote in the Aug. 20 letter to Superintendent Mark Mullins, obtained Friday by FLORIDA TODAY.

“At that time, Brevard County Schools failed to report allegations of an educator’s predatory behavior to the Department of Education’s Office of Professional Practices Services as required by law,” the letter said.

While the police later cleared that case after the “victim” decided to not press charges, the fact of the matter is that failing to report the incident to the State as required leads to two interesting questions:

The Two Faces Of Commissioner Bryan Lober.

Brevard County District 2 Commissioner Bryan Lober is back in the news these days after an attempt to extort money from Health First Inc., for a project in Lober’s district.

A conflict is escalating between Health First Inc. and Brevard County Commission Chairman Bryan Lober over the health care company’s efforts to secure federal CARES Act money from the county to cover some of its expenses related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Health First Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Nicholas Romanello on Wednesday accused Lober of making what appeared to be a “quid-pro-quo demand,” by asking that Health First help pay for a project at a public park in Lober’s commission district, in return for Lober’s support on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act funding.

Late Wednesday, Lober wrote a response to Romanello, saying he was withdrawing his request “that Health First match any portion of CARES Act allocation for the benefit of the local community. To alleviate any concern, Health First will be evaluated without regard to my initial proposal.”

Part of this ongoing feud is that Lober asked doctors at Health First to appear before the County Commission to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and Health First refused.

The Mating Calls of Government: Photos And Taxes.

Today at 9 AM, a bunch of elected officials and employees from the City of Palm Bay and Brevard County will gather for a “ribbon cutting ceremony” for the infamous “Interchange to Nowhere.”

The interchange has been plagued by lies, failed government deals, failed negotiations, expired permits, money spent to keep the FDOT portion of the interchange open, and posturing between the County Commission and the Palm Bay City Council.

No intelligent human being could ever think that the exchange should be celebrated much less gathering people together for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The bizarre thing is that while both the County Commission and the Palm Bay City Council have been telling residents to avoid social gatherings and “be responsible,” last week Palm Bay Mayor Capote (the REMF) reminded people of the ribbon cutting ceremony and hoped people would come out to watch and celebrate.

How hypocritical and tone deaf can a group of elected officials be?

We realize that the mating call of a photo op is strong for officials, but what kind of message is being sent to the people of Palm Bay and un-incorporated Brevard County?

“When it comes to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, do as we say, not as we do?”

We can’t wait to see the photos from this ceremony because when the ribbon is cut, the person doing the cutting shouldn’t have anyone within a 6 foot radius, right? That’s what we have been told and warned, right?

To us, it is also a case of money. To some extent we may be being petty here, but we guarantee that officials aren’t even buying the ribbon. After wasting tons of taxpayer money, the final insult may be “taxpayers need to buy the supplies so we can celebrate how great we are.”

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