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Party Affiliations On Local Ballots.

State Representative Randy Fine has introduced HB 531, which includes the following text:

The bill requires the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections to print party designations on the ballot for all candidates other than candidates for judicial and school board elections and provides that the members of any governmental unit in Brevard County that are designated for election in districts or other geographic designations may only be elected by qualified electors of that district or other geographical designation in the relevant primary, general, runoff, or other election.


The Stupidity And Shortsightedness Of Randy Fine.

State Representative Randy Fine is at it again.

Like a dog unwilling to give up a bone, Fine is proposing that the school districts that did not go along with Governor DeSantis’ mask “no school masks mandate” lose upwards of $200 million in total funding.

Here in Brevard, that amount is over $4.5 million dollars that would be stripped from the state funds the Brevard County School District would receive.

The education budget proposed by Florida Rep. Randy Fine, R-Palm Bay, removes money from the budgets of Alachua, Brevard, Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Indian River, Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach, Sarasota and Volusia to 55 school districts that did not impose mask mandates on students. Brevard would lose out on $4,502,342 under the proposed plan.

Fine’s plan places a “Putting Parents First” adjustment that reduces the budgets of the 12 districts by an amount equal to the salaries of about 16,000 administrators who make $100,000 or more per year. Fine called these people “bureaucrats” who are “administrating in a central office far removed from students and from schools.” Fine made the statementWednesday while discussing the budget at an Appropriations Committee meeting.

This move by Fine comes off as exactly what it is – a petty vindictive action.

Here’s why:

State’s Attorney Says Police Were Right To Dismiss Complaint On Masked Child. Fine Responds.

We have posted concerning the case of a Down Syndrome child in Brevard County who parents and Representative Randy Fine accused the teachers, staff, School Board and School District of “child abuse” by taking approved measures to secure a mask on the child during school.

The parents are suing the School District for $100 million.

There are several things we know. First and foremost, the Indian Harbor Beach police did investigate the claim the parents made and found the claims without merit. We also know that the parents misrepresented / lied concerning the masking of the child, the methods, and when pictures of the child were taken.

The parents, their lawyers, and Representative Fine demanded that the State’s Attorney look into the matter.

The result was not good for them.

Teen Tries To Kill Jogger. The Reason Will Make You Gag.

Logan Smith, 18, was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in connection with an attack on a jogger.

COCOA, Fla. – A Florida teenager was arrested after deputies said he concocted a scheme to kill a man and keep his body in a closet “to fulfill his sexual fantasies.”

Logan Smith, 18, of Cocoa, is charged with attempted murder after investigators said he attacked a jogger in the area of Batavia and Kings Highway. Smith’s plan was foiled when he was overpowered by his victim and detained until deputies arrived at the scene, according to an arrest report.

Moms For Liberty V. Brevard School Board.

We have been trying to stay out of the controversy with the group “Moms for Liberty” and their continuing, often contentious disagreements with the Brevard School Board.

The reason is simple: while we agree with many of the things Moms for Liberty stands for, their alliance with State Representative Randy Fine has become one of theater rather than substance. Fine uses the group to gather headlines, and then once the issue goes away, he will abandon them. If an issue cannot advance Fine’s re-election or power, he sweeps it under the rug.

While we will support the ideas Moms for Liberty espouses, we cannot lie down with the flea ridden Randy Fine.

Then again, a group that had a hit piece written by the Gannet News Services can’t be all bad.

Our favorite part of that “article:”

“This Is Not A Bad Request.” (It’s A Horrible Request.)

It started out innocently enough – a simple call to discuss how Brevard County Schools are named and or renamed.

Board member Matt Susin called upon the board to begin discussing changes to the district’s policies for renaming schools in light of a dispute over the proposed name change of Melbourne High School to Joseph M. Acaba Melbourne High School.

Acaba is the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to become a NASA astronaut candidate and taught at Melbourne High School for two years.

Susin said the petition had attracted significant opposition to the name change. An online survey received two votes in favor and 1,037 against. The 18-month process to gather community feedback continues nonetheless, and the petition won’t come before the board for a decision until March.

Get Your Money Back.

As part of the continuing saga of the 7 year old child with Down Syndrome whose parents are suing the Brevard School Board, the attorney for the couple, Nicholas P. Whitney of the law firm Anderson Glenn, LLC., released a statement concerning the release of the Indian Harbor Beach Police Department’s investigation into the incident where the parents, supported by State Representative Randy Fine, allege the child was abused by the school district and teachers at her school.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Although we have done so in the past, we are not going to continue to use the child’s name in our coverage of this. No matter how this all shakes down, we feel the child is a pawn in a political game and we will not further any damage to her or her reputation going forward. In that some states do not allow the publishing of the names of minor abused children, we are going to err on the side of caution and not use the child’s name as there are charges of abuse in this case. We won’t edit the statement by others)

Here is the statement as seen on Fine’s Facebook page.

As we often do, we want to fiske Whitney’s response.

UPDATE: ““Special Place In Hell.”

Below is the actual police report from the Indian Harbor Police Department concerning their investigation into the incident where parents accused the Brevard School District of “abusing” their 7 year old child who has Down Syndrome.


It is a long read at 35 pages, but if you have an interest in this case for whatever reason, you should read it.

Here are some of the “highlights.”

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