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Brevard County: Why Lober’s Comments Are Not Only A Party Issue.

(image courtesy of Florida Today.)

As with many things, it started small….a spark….a bad “joke” and stupid comments on Facebook.

The comments made by Brevard County Commissioner Bryan Lober has left many scratching their heads.

Then this one:

Brevard County: Children’s Services Council On The Agenda For Tomorrow.

(note: The logo in the image is from the Florida Children’s Council which is “an association of Children’s Services Councils statewide.” If the Brevard Children’s Services Council has a logo, we couldn’t find it.)

We have written far too much about the interaction between the Children’s Services Council (CSC) and the Brevard County Commission. To say the least, some of that interaction has not only not been pleasant, it has been down right acrimonious.

When we last left the coverage of the battle, the CSC was suing the Commission for what the CSC claimed was the illegal “dissolution” of the CSC by ordinance saying that as the CSC was created through public vote, it has to be dissolved by public vote. The Commission, for their part, claims they could dissolve the CSC at any time and take any money the CSC had in their coffers.

The County Commission authorized the County Attorney to go after the money which was being held by other organizations until the legal dispute was resolved.

We have never taken a position on the existence of the CSC itself, but we have taken positions on the legality of the ordinance and the County literally threatening individuals and organizations. While the people and the organizations have to use their funds to defend themselves, the County is using taxpayer dollars to essentially sue charities. We don’t think that is a good look or smart on the behalf of the County.

However, the CSC is back on the agenda for the Brevard County Commission this Thursday at 3:30 PM.

Here’s the agenda:

Brevard County: Well, That Went Swimmingly.

This past Tuesday, May 21, 2019 the Brevard County Commission held a regular meeting. You can find the agenda and the video here.

This was the first meeting after the arrest of David Isnardi, the husband of Commissioner and Chair Kristine Isnardi. It may have been kismet, but she was out of town attending the graduation of her son from a military school in Virginia. That left the meeting to be chaired by Commissioner Bryan Lober.

Lober represented David Isnardi for bond hearings in what many people consider to be the appearance of impropriety.

We suspected the topic of the appearance of impropriety and the alleged corruption in Palm Bay would come up during public comments, and it did. What we did not expect was the level of animosity coming from the audience and from Commissioner Lober.

An article in the FloridaToday tells the tale:

Barrier Islands / South Of The Pineda: Heads Up!

People on the barrier islands south of the Pineda Causeway should be aware that starting today, May 20, 2019, Brevard County will be conducting “sanitary gravity sewer assessment” via a contract with RedZone Robotics.

The boots on the ground will have a South Beaches Authorization Letter stating they are the “real deal,” and a number to call if you have questions.