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The Brevard County “Gestapo.”

Wayne Ivey is NOT the head of the “Gestapo.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We have been told that there might be some confusion as to whether we are saying that the Brevard County Deputies and therefore Wayne Ivey are or acted like the “Gestapo.” We want to make this clear because even though we say it in this post, some people are missing what we are saying. Claiming that Brevard County Deputies in their arrest of Janice Crisp were somehow, as she claims, “the Gestapo” is not only wrong, it is an insult to those who suffered at the hands of the real Gestapo during the Nazi Germany era. Crisp’s claim is factually wrong and morally reprehensible. Hopefully this clears up any comprehension issues.)

When we went back and reviewed the footage of the arrest of Janice Crisp and associate prior to a Brevard School Board meeting, we realized that we had missed something. Something which is important in our eyes.

As Crisp is being led away, she calls the officers the “Gestapo.”

From here on out, Crisp has lost the discussion and debate on masking or whatever point she was trying to make. One theoretical reason is what is called “Godwin’s law:”

This Was Inevitable.

Two people planning to speak against the Brevard Public Schools mask mandate were arrested and removed from the property before a Tuesday School Board meeting.

Janice Crisp, a conservative activist who staged a mask burning protest at the last School Board meeting, and an unidentified man were led away from the district headquarters in Viera in handcuffs before the 5:30 meeting and put in Brevard County Sheriff’s Office vehicles.

BREAKING: Brevard School Board Votes For Mask Mandate.

In an emergency meeting, the Brevard County School Board passed a mandate that will require masks on all school properties as well as buses.

The meeting lasted nearly four hours and featured and announced 142 public comments.

Board Chair Misty Belford was up to her old tricks of threatening people who made unflattering comments, but she never had to enforce that. Even so, her statement before comments is unConstitutional as it prevents people from saying what they want.

She did, however, clamp down on the incessant clapping between speakers and we support that. First, the clapping is disruptive to the meeting itself, and her clamping down is therefore not legal. Secondly, while not in this case, people can and often are intimidated by speaking out “against the crowd.” People who clap, hoot and holler may not be willing to let other peoples’ voices be heard or shut voices off.

Brevard County Schools To Host Meeting On Masks.

Today at 10 AM, the Brevard County School Board will host a meeting to discuss masks and other COVID responses within schools.

Emergency School Board Meeting Called for August 30th at 10:00 a.m.

Brevard School Board Calls Emergency Meeting to Discuss Face Mask Policy

Viera, FL – An emergency meeting has been scheduled to discuss BPS’s face mask policy, the Brevard School Board announced Saturday.

BREVARD COUNTY: Someone Help Us Out. We’re Confused.

The Brevard County Commission recently approved bonuses for employees that have gotten the COVID vaccine.

Brevard County commissioners unanimously approved a proposal by Commissioner John Tobia to provide a one-time “premium pay” stipend to county employees who have received their COVID-19 vaccines.

The amount of the payment will depend on how many employees take advantage of the program. But it is likely to be more than $1,000 per employee.

Under Tobia’s proposal, county workers who are not vaccinated would not be eligible for the premium pay.

Tobia proposes that workers who are not vaccinated when the program begins be given 30 days to get vaccinated, and then be able to apply for the program, which is voluntary.

If you are wondering where the money is coming from:

Florida Today Slings Mud At Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

There are times in life when people have to defend those they feel are not good people from attacks of other people that are not good.

One of those times is now.

Reporter Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon wrote what is essentially a hit piece on Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey entitled “‘Constitutional Sheriff’ Wayne Ivey says he’s a patriot. Others see something more menacing.”

We want to be clear here. We have problems with Ivey because he and sometimes his deputies do not uphold the Federal and Florida Constitution enough – not that he is disavowing the Constitutions altogether or thinks that he is above the Constitutions.

“Fixing The Lagoon Takes More Than Septic Tank And Muck Removal.” Well, Duh!

Two opinion pieces concerning the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) and its restoration recently appeared in the Florida Today.

The first is written by new Brevard County Save Our Lagoon Citizen Oversight Committee member Susan Hammerling-Hodgers entitled We All Have A Role To Play In Saving Our Precious Indian River Lagoon. The second is written by Matt Fleming, who the Florida Today describes as “[a]ctivist Matt Fleming of Satellite Beach was the 2018 Democratic candidate for the Brevard County Commission, District 4.”

(For the record, while Fleming was on the ballot, he did not win a single precinct in the 2018 which may say a great deal as to how people regard him, his positions, and his knowledge of subjects.)

Fleming’s opinion piece is entitled “Fixing The Lagoon Takes More Than Septic Tank And Muck Removal.”

The two opinion pieces deal with the same subject, but are remarkably different in approach.

Hammerling-Hodgers’ piece deals with what the average person on the street can do.

Critical Race Theory In Brevard County Schools.

As we noted the other day, State Representative Randy Fine and representatives for the group “Moms for Liberty” held a press conference discussing the idea of Critical Race Theory being taught in Brevard County Schools, something the School District denies.

We want to reiterate that Fine’s barring citizens from events where he is speaking as a Representative on issues that deal with the public and bestowing more rights to the press while denying those right to citizens is wrong – morally, ethically and legally. We have stated that previously and will continue to state it going forward.

That being said, just because Fine is wrong in how information is presented, doesn’t mean the information that is presented is wrong.

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