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It Is Hard To Keep Up With The Madness.

Here’s an elementary school guidance counselor talking about genders, gender identity and avoiding the science:

The poster notes that they would never let this person near their children, and we agree. Educators should teach, not bring falsities into the classroom.

Babylon Bee, The Freedom Convoy, And Justin Trudeau.

The folks over at the Babylon Bee are killing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his response to COVID, and just as importantly, his response to the “Freedom Convoy” that is protesting in Ottawa. Trudeau has refused to meet with the truckers to discuss the truckers’ concerns and gripes. Trudeau contracted COVID and left Ottawa, but didn’t designate a representative to talk to the truckers. In short, the government is saying “we don’t care what you think or feel, we are going to continue to do what we want in response to COVID.”

Those measures are questionable now as even with Trudeau being masked, triple vaccinated, etc., he still caught COVID and went into isolation.

But back to the Bee….

Dropping Mask Mandates Results In Media Whirling Dervish-like Spin.

When Republicans lessen or eliminate mask mandates, they are portrayed as evil, non-caring dictators. When Democrats lessen or eliminate mask mandates, they are seen as heroic and “following the science.”

If we could only harness the spin from the media, we could have an unlimited energy source.

Even White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki tried to spin the difference with head shaking, mind numbing results:

State’s Attorney Says Police Were Right To Dismiss Complaint On Masked Child. Fine Responds.

We have posted concerning the case of a Down Syndrome child in Brevard County who parents and Representative Randy Fine accused the teachers, staff, School Board and School District of “child abuse” by taking approved measures to secure a mask on the child during school.

The parents are suing the School District for $100 million.

There are several things we know. First and foremost, the Indian Harbor Beach police did investigate the claim the parents made and found the claims without merit. We also know that the parents misrepresented / lied concerning the masking of the child, the methods, and when pictures of the child were taken.

The parents, their lawyers, and Representative Fine demanded that the State’s Attorney look into the matter.

The result was not good for them.

Same Issue Leads To Opposite Decisions From Two Different Courts.

Two different courts and judges have come to different conclusions as to the masking of kids in school. Specifically, the issue is whether requiring masks on all children is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which requires places to make “reasonable accommodations” for those who have a disability. With COVID and masks, the question is whether the ADA forces all children to be masked in order to protect those with compromised immune systems or are immunodeficient.

From Judge Marilyn Horan’s opinion Monday in Doe 1 v. N. Allegheny School Dist.

The timing of this TRO motion has left this Court with limited options. School was set to resume tomorrow [Jan. 18] with a masking optional policy. The Court’s ability to conduct a full TRO analysis has been limited to the briefing and argument of the parties. This case and claims are better addressed following a period where the parties have conducted discovery and/or potentially undertaken the proper administrative routes. The prudent and practical approach, given the potential negative impacts on the putative Plaintiffs’ health and education, is that a reasonable period of maintaining the status quo is necessary.

This Is A Tough One.

A Canadian family with a 4 year old son suffering from leukemia has been told that they must be vaccinated against COVID or leave the Ronald McDonald House in which they are staying at the end of January.

The family is upset, to say the least.


Irish Bar “Fines” Customers For COVID Talk. We Like It.

Like many, the managers of The Alt Bar in Killea, Ireland were tired of all the COVID talk.

The publicans were joking with customers how Covid seems to be the only chat nowadays and pub goers agreed.

Speaking on Radio One, manager Conor McDevitt said: “No matter what they started talking about, it was back to the virus.

“So we just thought we’d try and bring in an atmosphere that people were talking about common things.

“It’s quite strange that people aren’t chatting about the weather in Ireland anymore.”

The bar instituted a two euro “fine” for anyone that mentions COVID while in the bar.

A Dad, A School Board And Masks.

Jeff Perrine, a parent out in Lincoln, CA., took time from his holiday preparations and on December 21, 2021 to address the local school board.

Here is the text of his comments:

When I see the members of the board in the schools who are in control of our children and the way they think, I’m disgusted. This is exactly why my children are at home, homeschooled, staying away from people like you. You want to poison their minds and think there’s something they should fear. You guys are like the bogeyman. You’re creating hysteria and you’re creating a generation of children with social anxiety. You’re going to create an entire generation of pill-popping junkies.

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